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If you're a queen, a king, put your hands up if you're a queen, a king put your hands up, because your girl is back back back with another video. So i'm about to get into this video and about to install this wig a quick closure, wig glueless! So i'm going to be using the dola here, it's a closure wig and i did bleach the knots and i did do some plucking. I did put some makeup on it. I use the l'oreal um, true match, pressed powder and it does have a piece of lace on the side, even though it is a closure. It has a piece of lace like on the edges part. So this is all the stuff that came with the wig two clips: it came with edge, brush wood caps, um and a wax stick, and this is the elastic band. This elastic band is so unique, so it's adjustable so you can adjust it to your liking and i feel like that's pretty dope, so now it's time to apply the wig and y'all, don't mind the makeup on my lash, like i totally forgot it was there. I meant to put like liner there, but i totally forgot about it, but don't mind it, and these lashes is by i'ma, put her instagram right here. Yana beauty, i love her lashes. Her lashes are bomb and good quality. Now it's time to part - and i want to do a middle part - you know what i realized. I don't know if the hair is uneven, or did i put the hair on uneven like should i have turned it more to the right? Oh, i think i'm about to fix it am i i think i think it is even right unless the hair is not the same length on both sides or i must adjust um or maybe i just needed to turn it more. But i realized that like last minute, but i like to part um - cut the lace in sections, it's just easier to just lay it down and anyways. Honestly, it's a habit because i totally forgot. I wasn't gluing this wig. It was a glue list, so i usually do the section thing when i'm gon na use glue, because it's easier to just you know, lay down the lace section by section, but i totally forgot honestly. I think it's just a habit and i decided to cut the lace off camera because it was just so complicated to um see everything in my phone. So i just did that off camera, but but now i'm just gon na be applying mousse just to flatten it down some and i'm gon na be using the hot comb and then after the hot comb, i'm gon na be using their wax stick. So right now i'm just trying to do some more plucking and whiten out that part a little more, don't mind my nails, okay, it's the quarantine, nails and i just take. I just took off my polish. I had painted my nails, but i'm gon na be getting my nails on wednesday, so you're not gon na see my dusty nails, no more. Okay, don't be hating on my nails, don't not come from me and don't come from my my hands. Okay, because i just got out the shower after this video and i didn't put lotion on yet so don't come for the ash, all right, don't hate, i'm just a regular smuggler person. I get ashy and my nails is dingy right now: okay, but yeah, i'm not! It was really hard trying to make the hairline natural, but it was really easy to pluck, like you know, the closure, the hair, the part time. So so i'm just going to be using the got to be gel just to put on the sides. So now i'm gon na be flying in the hair and adding a little bump to it. But honestly, i feel, like the part, is not straight in the middle. I don't know like something's wrong with my eyes. I don't know what's wrong with it, because even when i was taking pictures, like my part, wasn't completely in the middle, and i don't know my eyes just couldn't fix it to make it look like it was in the middle. I don't know something must be around. My eyes like maybe i need a stronger prescription or something, but that part i had trouble like trying to get it straight, like i don't know, what's up with me in my eyes, but i'm gon na i'm doing the trace method, but this hair is so soft. Uh um uh, so this is the finished look and we're gon na get into a quick, honest review. I'M gon na try and keep this short cute and simple so yeah, so this is 12 inches. The hair is super soft. My favorite part about this wig is the adjustable strap on the elastic band. I feel like that's pretty lit and it's pretty different. It'S dope, like i don't know, i'm telling y'all like i never seen a wig that had the adjustable strap on it. So you can adjust it. You know the way you like it so that it's and then so that's super flat and i feel like my hair. It feels like super secure, like i don't feel like it's gon na go no way like. I don't feel like you know. If i go on a roller coaster or something even though i don't have glue like i feel like my wig - is still going to stay on without glue, so it definitely feels very secure um. I think it's pretty interesting how they put um the like a little piece of lace around here, so it was it's like a very small, like this size, y'all seen piece of lace. It was like difficult to pluck it and make it natural to look the way. I, like it, um, because it's only so much lace like look it's like just a little tiny bit of lace like it's only so much plucking you can do. I'M gon na still keep trying to work with it. You know the more i wear it and stuff, but that's the only thing you know anything, i'm like it's not really natural right. There, like y'all mouth y'all, didn't even have to just put lace at all. Just keep you know, keep it as a closure. You didn't have to add a little extra piece of lace because it was pretty hard for me to pluck. I don't know if it'll be hard for y'all, but i'm still in learning. I'M still in you know, learning i'm getting better at plucking, though okay, i'm getting better at plugging shoot, i'm not about to downplay myself, i'm getting better at plugging, but it was definitely hard to make it so natural with that little piece of lace but um. This here is very full and thick, like i said, i've said it's like really thick at the ends: um very full. I love that you know we don't want no thin hair over here. I feel like this can pass as my hair. What y'all think? Okay. So then, let's pull it up and see. Wow y'all see how that like y'all see how it just melts - and i didn't even like tie my hair down with a scarf or anything. I didn't do. None of that and it like look how it just melts like into my skin, like it just melts but yeah. The key is and also i pl, um bleach the knots um. You guys don't have to bleach the knots you can just use a powder, the powder. I use is the l'oreal true match, pressed powder and just like a fluffy brush like this and y'all seen. I had put makeup on my bald my my wig cap and um put makeup also on the lace, even though i bleached it just so that it like looks more natural and looks more together, but yeah. Would i recommend this here? Yes, definitely. I would probably rate this hair eight and a half um yeah. So, like i said i just want to keep it short, simple and sweet. I don't want to do a long review, but yeah thank y'all for watching, don't forget to like, don't forget to comment and don't forget to subscribe for more videos. Bye,

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