How To: 360 Wig Install| Updo Hairstyle| Ft Dola Hair

this video about: How To: 360 wig install| updo hairstyle| ft Dola hair

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Hmm, hey lovelies, welcome back to my channel in today's video. We are working with another hair braid once again we're working with Doula hair and I'm showing you guys everything that came in the packaging. It also came in this cute little pink, netted thingy, okay. So here's the Wiz straight out of the packaging - it is a 360 unit, I'm not sure what inch it is. I cannot remember, but I will have the inch located down below in the description box, for you guys and I will have the direct link to this. Wig also enjoy a 24 off with code j j, a y for 24 off your next order. Okay, make sure you add that code, so we're going down you, I said we're going down we're going in with our lace glue we're using crazy milk. Oh it's called meltdown. I'M sorry y'all always be saying the wrong stuff, but I used four layers of that glue and you wait until they dry completely clear and you would lay it down and each layer. You want to make sure it dries clear, because if you don't let it dry clear, it can definitely have the outcome come out wrong. Okay, so make sure you dry that hair before you lay a well dried, at least before you leave it girl. I'M messing up. All the words today, but I am not restarting this voice over because then I'm going to have to delete the whole thing so anyways, like I said we're going in with four layers of this glue. You want to make sure you spread it really thin. So it can dry even and I'm gon na, let you guys watch this like, I said four layers and then I will lay it down and I'll come in and explain when needed. You can leave before I cut the lace I like to pour out and map out how I'm going to kind of style the hair. So we are doing like an updo with a side part type of uh swoop thing, but the soup will be hanging. So it's gon na be like a hanging bang to the side, so I'm just pre-parting on my side part and I'm using my wax stick to help me. You know keep the hair where it needs to be, which is not perfect for uh, which is not perfect right now. I still have to fix the part. I was just hot combing it to see where I was at yeah. That part was a little messed up, but yeah. That'S all I came here to say: get you a wax stick. I love my lipstick and now we're about to start cutting off the lace. Beautiful pictures, serious ly, I'm now about to start cutting the edges. How short? I would like them to be: I am using a razor like a little eyebrow eraser that you could buy from the beauty store, any Beauty, Supply, sell them, and I'm also going to take some foam and put it behind the baby hairs just to Slick all this. You know the flyaways away, nothing that I don't want getting swooped up, I'm just you know pushing it back, which I did it with my hot comb already, but it's always good to go behind yourself with some foam or mousse or something just to get it all. Even hairspray just to get the flyaways away, but my favorite is foam or mousse, then we're gon na go in and curl the edges and I'm using got to be freezing spray to do the edges. I, like that spray better to do the edges other than the, even because the even works really good. For me, when I'm doing like my own edges on my own hair or like my real hair or if I'm feeling the least, but when it comes to that frontal head, do not put that evenly spray on them edges. Because I only do that when I really really don't have nothing left and I'm on my last plane or something I don't have time to go to the store, I will use the even spray, but with that you have to move like stupid fast, because that stuff Gets so sticky, so quick and it's just it's just a lot. I would rather not you know, so we using a black candidate, even okay, to seal this lace down. I am spraying it and then I'm going to completely dry it before we add the next strip. Well, it's not an extra it's a hair, wrap, I'm sorry and the elastic. I do this because I don't have to worry about the next strip. I mean the elastic getting stuck to the lace and it just being a hot mess. So we're going in we're molding. It back down y'all now, imma be completely honest. I was definitely struggling on this part like the back is not my best of work. Please be kind okay, but it was necessary that I showed me installed in the back, but y'all, I'm not really into doing. You know 360 frontals and stuff like that, so I didn't know that you can cut above the little black strip, and all of that I didn't know that until after I applied the wig so once I noticed that what you're gon na see me part in you Know how you saw me parting just now. I noticed that I was like dang. You can cut this off so y'all. I was just praying this whole time doing it back honestly, because I messed it up real bad, like I did my best, though so please be kind. Okay, foreign foreign me baby, like I said we are doing a updo hairstyle, so I'm going in and I'm just curling all of her hair and I'm pressing it out, because I want it to be as slick as possible and I was like why flat iron and Then curl it, let me just slick it out and I put the flat iron, not the flat iron, but I put the curling iron on all the way on 450, so it was flat, ironing and curling. At the same time, clearly, y'all could see. All I did was hit the roots with a hot comb, and then I went in with my curling iron. My curling iron is from ion, I'm not sure the barrel size of the curl, the curling iron y'all. I'M sorry, but I only have a few sizes. So you can really go into Sally's. That'S who sell it Sally's and get your size like you'll, be able to see it on a display. What size you would like. You know, and I love a good curling iron. Okay, lovey, so you're gon na see me hitting the hot comb on the edges and going in the upward motion. The reason I was doing that is because it helps lay the hair in the way I wanted to lay like I'm going to be pulling it up. That'S why I'm slicking it going kind of up like if I was to be doing her hair just regular hanging. I wouldn't have slipped it up like that. I would have slipped it like more to the back, but yeah. So we about to do this. No updo, like I said y'all, I did try my hardest on the back like. Please do not drag me in the comments because I honestly want to drag myself girl because I'm long I'm low down for that, but I'm gon na have to retry. I still had a wig so, like I feel like I should retry it because I feel like I could do it. I just was like soul in a rush that day, like I didn't have time to fully try it that, because I felt like that was gon na well, not I felt like that was actually gon na take hours y'all. So this video was actually split into two days, if believe it or not. I had to split it into two days because it was just so in detail. It sped up into a little 13 minutes but y'all like it took me a minute. It really really did, but we did it okay and we did our best. She ended up looking so pretty at the end like she was going to a party, so she just wanted something real cute. You know and um we doing a little quick Barrel, bun right, quick y'all. I don't know what the hell I was doing back here honestly. Do not take points from me when it comes to styling the back of this wig, because I did not do a really good job. I did what I could do, but I'm really low down for that really low down, but the rest of the hair. The hairstyle came out really cute and you know I'm gon na be real with y'all. Okay, the rest was really really cute, so I'm gon na be quiet and I'm gon na come back in when I need to, because I've been talking a whole lot right here. I'M just adding a little braids. You know that spice it up a little bit and we're gon na just fluff the braid out. It'S just a regular three strand twist. I mean three strand twists: three strand braid and then we're gon na just fluff the braid out. Just fluff fluff and it's easier when you braid the braid, really loose it's easier to fluff it out. So I'm just going in and defining my part. I did use the black spray and I bent a comb like an end of a comb. I showed y'all in the video before I'm not sure if y'all keep up with me, but that's what I'm talking about and it is kind of blurry. But here's the ending results of my girl, yeah baby. The front came out fabulous. Okay, because that's just what I do, that's just what I do period loving the outcome, loving a little Bree, I feel like it was pretty for what it was. I could have did way better in the back, but I feel like I killed it semi. You know some of my best ability all of the details for this hair will be listed below make sure you use code J for 24 off your next order: love y'all peace,

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