Dola Hair Review | 6 Week Update | Part 3/3

Thank you to everybody that has subscribed to my channel. I hope everbody has been blessed. I am coming back with my honest opinion of hair I purchased from Dola Hair ! I currently have 3 bundles of 22 inch hair and an 18 in closure. The hair held up beautifully. For details please watch the video and if you have any questions at all feel free to comment below! I usually repond within a few minutes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Hi guys, I just fell that why so hard out of that front of my 3 to 4 week review on the this hair that I print is from a company called early hair. I just want to inspire by apologizing to all the viewers who've been kind of following me, because I knew I said I would come back in about 3 to 4 weeks, but it's been 6 4 weeks since I made the first two videos - and you know I'm Just doing with a lot of personal issues, my dad's health is declining rapidly and it's very hard and stressful for me, and also on my family. So I mean spend a lot of time with them, but I you know I was able to get a free hour and kind of come back with this video. So, if you're on this video - because you are interested in purchasing the hair from this company, I would just say - go ahead and buy it. This is an unbiased review. I did not receive any hair for free from this company at all. I purchased a hair with my own money, so this is going to be as iron stubborn as you can get it. I loved it the whole time I had this. If you know I just want to recap. This is 3 22 inch bundles in an 18 inch closure. I got a lot of compliments on his hair. If you look at my last video that was 6 weeks ago and honestly, this hair has held up so great that you would. You know absolutely think that I only had two hair in before a week, but it's been six full weeks and that's just because of how good quality this hair is a few good things about this hair. Is I experienced very minimal shedding I'm someone who likes to comb through my hair? You know every few minutes, so you know shedding is a big thing, because your hair sheds too much and you're always coming in big clumps it'll leave your hair, looking kind of ratty, but no, I didn't experience it with this hair, which brings me to my second Point the reason why you don't experience a lot is shedding is because the hair really does not tangle. I mean it does not tangle, and you know I take pretty good care of my hair. I try to wrap it up every single night, but there had been. Maybe it'd be nice out there, six weeks that I didn't put anything on it just fell asleep and even those mornings. I was able to get right up and you know comb through it, hair very very easily. So those are two very important things to me, and these is the way the hair sheds and how it tangles the closure that our God held up extremely extremely well. I know that around the two to three week mark you started experiencing itching. You know, under your you know, with your braids and you start kind of scratching and sometimes that'll pull out the hair from your closure and kind of leave your closure looking terrible, but this closure really looks good. I'M gon na give you guys a quick update on the closure. That'S what the closure looks like after six weeks. Honestly, this closure looks so good. I feel like I may even be able to get. You know another install out of it. So I you know when I take this hair out, I'm definitely not going to throw in his closure because it's held up pretty good as well it. You know good lace and you know the hair was not pulling out when I was combing it and I really really enjoyed the hair guys. I will be a hundred percent honest because I have to let you know if there was one bad thing I would say about the hair. It would just be that I did experience flyaways with the hair. You kind of notice that when you're going through and Flatiron in the hair, but again that's because you're like wanting two feet away from your mirror, if you're standing four to five feet away from me, you really cannot see the flyaways at all. I know you guys can't see the flyaways in this video and they're very minimal, and for me you know it's different strokes for different folks. I would take you know, minimal, shedding minimal tangling over a few flyaways any day, especially at the price that I paid for this hair. I got it for bundles. I only use three, but I got four bundles and an 18-inch closure all for under $ 200. It was like a steal and for the hair to be as good quality as this. I feel very happy that you know my precious hair from this company. A few comments about the company they're located in China. The shipping was very fast. I received the last batch of hair in about 45 days and that's coming all the way from China. They ship it. You know Express for you and they ship it for free. They always run in some sort of special. They always have some sort of discount always running a different holiday special, and I appreciate that because the hair is already super cheap. So if you could save in extra twenty and thirty dollars with a good 15 % off 10 % off, that's an eight plus two. You know they're really really affordable, and I really love that about the company just ate a hair. They didn't lie about it. This is really really good quality hair. I mean they were telling the truth about the quality of it, so it was almost like. I got it for a steal, I did send them a few messages on Instagram as well, and they're really really good with communication. That'S another thing that I like about them. They will respond to you within a few minutes a few hours. I will let you know that they exist they're located in China. The best time to hit them up is probably later in the evening, because it's morning in afternoon time, when it's evening here, it's like a 12 hour difference, so I experienced the fastest replies when I sent them and message them kana in the evening. So yeah, god is this - you know this hair, it's just a plus all around like. I love this hair so much so much so that I actually just purchased more hair from them. Last week I received it today and I'm getting that installed tomorrow and I'm gon na actually continue to purchase hair from this company exclusively because their hair is just that good and I'm I'm the type of person. When I find something that I kind of stick with it, so I'm going to stick with them until they send me some bad hair. It'S still a lot of movement with the hair, a lot of body very, very easy to maintain. I just want to show you guys all this same movement that I had in the second video. It'S still there, the hair still moves. Still, a lot of body is still very full and you know I'm just really really happy that I found this company two things that I want to share with you guys, I'm so sorry, but I cannot give you guys an opinion how the Eric Rose. I didn't even realize it until I came to record this video, but I never even attempted the curly hair and I one time in six weeks I loved street hair. Every time I put heat to it, it was just a flat iron man. I never even tried not one time to curl it, so I'm so sorry. I cannot give you guys an honest opinion on how the hair curls and also I didn't dye the hair either it comes in natural 1b and that's the way I kept the hair. So I can't give you a real honest update. You know as to how the hair dyes, but just going off of other reviews that they posted other YouTube videos, the hair dyes. Well from what I see - and you know just going off with my own opinion as well as it tailed up for me - I'm almost certain that the hair dyes will and that will not damage the hair at all. So guys, that's all! I can think of for right now, if there's anything that I didn't cover, please please please do not hesitate to send me a comment. Leave a comment down below I'm very fast. Where we respond, then I usually respond within a few minutes a few hours. If I'm tired up - but I really fast at responding because I know a lot of time - your questions are time sensitive. So, if there's anything I didn't cover, please feel free to send me a message. I will be more than happy to respond to your message with an honest opinion about it again. I did not get this hair for free, so I'm not going to be. You know giving any kind of biased opinions about it. I hope you guys have happy holiday. Have a Merry Christmas and have a blessed positive and Happy New Year and again, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. I'M here seven days a week, so you guys have a great night and you guys take care bye, bye,

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