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Pre made Curly frontal Wig

Effortless 6*6 closure wig

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ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Super Hold Spray


Ors Olive Oil Fix-It No-Grease Creme


Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer


Edge Brush


Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color 41 Medium Brown


Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Permanent Color, [57] medum golden brown 2 boxes


Dark N Lovely Permanent Color 378 , Honey Blonde 1 box


Razors For The Lace


Favorite Tweezers


Blond Me Bleach


Quick Blue Bleach


30 vol


40 vol


Silicon Mix Deep conditioner


Cantu Mousse


Flat Iron: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron


Wig Stand: GEX Heavy Duty Canvas Block Head Tripod


Affordable Wig Stand


SINGER | Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine


ZigZag Scissors


T-pins & Needle Set


Nylon Thread


Wrapp-it Styling Strips


Mesh Dome Caps

Shapie Metallic marker

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Me myself best friends: what's up so asteria sent me some curly hair, i have a frontal in three bundles. The longest length is 26 inches and i am going to go in and make a wig now i noticed that the frontal was a bit looser than the bundle, so i it had me worried, but after i made the wig, it turned out perfectly fine. So this is what the wig looks like this lace is medium brown, so it's good for dark skinned. Girls, if you are lighter, you might want to request, lighter lace for this installation. I am going to use my olive oil fix it now. I got this because i heard great things about it and this is to apply your lace front like got to be glue, so hey best friends. Welcome back we're going to apply this wig using this olive oil oars collection. This is their specific product to hold down your weave and wig lace, front application. So we're going to use this so i have the gel and then i have the super hold spray. It'S supposed to be better than got to be glue. Um. You know. I'Ve been using got to be glue for some time now, especially when i don't want to use actual lace glue. So i'm using this. It'S like quarantine day 20, i'm in l.a - and i am going crazy in my house. So i was like ugh girl get up, get dressed, get put some makeup on throw some lashes on and let's do some tutorials for youtube. So i showed you my wig from asteria that i made at first. I thought the bundles and the frontals wasn't going to match, but after you know putting putting them together, making the wig - and you know putting products on it - to style the hair and to make it entertaining the hair, it actually blends in really good. So you cannot even tell a difference, there is no demarcation whatsoever and it is a bomb okay. So this is a lace front. I did make this and we're gon na apply it to start off. I am going to take some of the gel and holding spray, and i'm gon na put it some in a little like little container or something you can use a plate or whatever. Oh it does. It has a protective seal which is bomb. A protective cell comes on there, so you want to take that off. It smells really good. It smells good. Yes, it smells good good. I do know that my got to be don't come with a protective seal, so i am going to go ahead and put some. It has like a light. Yellowish greenish color to it, and it's already thick. You can tell the stick like it's already in a thick consistency. It'S like it's kind of like jello, but i look. I love the way that this smells. What is it it's infused with castor oil, olive oil? It doesn't have the actual like scent, but whatever it is, it smells good, okay and then i am going to take my super hold. I'M just doing this. The normal way that i would normally do got to be blue. This doesn't smell as good as a gel. So i'm gon na just spray some on there and then i'm gon na just go ahead and mix it all together. This is the consistency i feel like this is a bit more looser than what i'm normally used to, especially when using my got to be so. This is a bit more runny. I am going to add a little bit more gel because the gel was on the thicker side. Like the consistency i like, so i'm gon na put a little bit more in there mix it up, and then i'm gon na apply it to my hairline. So i can just push everything, so i can just push everything back there. We go. This kind of looks like snot, i'm not gon na lie, but it smells good. It smells really good and i'm gon na just put it on my actual hairline just to push uh, it's so ready. So i can push it back and get my natural hair out. The way cause you want your hair as flat as possible when it's coming when it comes time to lay your wig down, you don't want your edges to be a part of the scenario. So all right, so this is my wig again. I did go ahead and put the residuals of the makeup that was on my brush on the actual inside of the hairline. You do want to go in with a holding spray and you want to spray it lightly and then dry it with your blow dryer. Just to make sure like you would do that if you're using lace glue because oils and lace glues wouldn't mix but because we're using gel, you don't have to worry about that so um i do have makeup on. This - is what the inside of my wig looks. Like it is a sewing machine made wig and i'm gon na just pop her on and we're gon na try to adhere okay. So this is what my hairline looks like. I didn't have to do too much to it. It looks pretty good all right so now, after looking at this consistency, it definitely got a little thicker, i'm nervous to use it because if i mess up this application, i'm gon na have to wash my wig again and style it, and i'm just not here, for That so i'ma still try. I will still try all right, so we're gon na do thin layers. Only one - and i have my handy, daddy silver bird - is it this. Is this called the silver bird yeah my silverware blow dryer? This is my favorite blow dryer. Ever i'm gon na link this in the description box as well, for you guys: okay, um yeah, but this bad boy will dry your wigs super fast and your hair, your natural hair, whatever you need to use it, for it will dry it fast. So i'm gon na pull my wig back to expose my natural hairline and then i'm going to apply my gel along my natural hairline. It'S gel! If you put it on writing you, take it off right. You should be fine and something like this is water-based. So it'll be easy for you to just wet it and it'll slide right on off okay, so i'm gon na put it on my actual hairline and a little bit on my skin and i'm gon na do a nice layer, and when i mean layer i mean Like thickness going backwards, so it could just hold on i'm gon na do this in sections, because since this is on the runnier side, i don't want to try to like forcefully hold the entire frontal down and try and dry it. So i'm gon na do the middle section first and then i'm gon na do side by side. I'M gon na give the hairline a little spritz like that. You know that that that that hairspray smells spicy like i don't i don't like how that smells all right. I'M gon na dry it a little bit, take my lace front and i'm gon na pull it in front of my hairline so like that and pull it in front and just lay it flat and then i'm gon na blow dry it down. So what i can say thus far is, i am getting a little bit of shininess around my hairline um, it's not as i'm not getting that tight hold like. I would normally get what got to be um, because it is a bit like le runnier and i just don't think it's as strong as it is. So i'm gon na continue to do the both of both of the sides of my hair line and we're gon na see the final results. I think i'm gon na just go in with the straight gel to see how it works and then maybe, on this side, just the straight um hairspray to see how well it holds down myself. Okay, so i got a better hold with just a gel. Only like i could feel the tightness like, so i think i'm gon na do the gel on this side as well, because i, like i'm liking how this is feeling like if you ever use the got to be glue and freeze spray mix. It feels like that with just a gel and maybe that's the reason why it's so thick, but i'm gon na go ahead and do it on this side. Make sure when you put this on you, you put it on thin because it is thick and it will glob on so like this is as thick as it is, and it's not falling off of my finger. So all right. So now that that is on it's not completely dry, i can feel it like it's still kind of cool or my head is still kind of cold around my hairline. So what i'm gon na do? What i'm gon na do is i'm gon na take my wrap and i'm gon na wrap my hairline down just to help it dry, and so i'm gon na take this, and i am just going to wrap it around. Imma use the spray like how i normally use the got7. I just do not like how this smells, so i'm gon na take that and i'm gon na put it around my hairline just to give it some pressure, i'm going to sit under the dryer for about 10 minutes. It shouldn't take that long i'll, show you what my dryer looks like, so i have a bag dryer. I use this dryer to dry my wigs too, and to do my deep conditioning treatment bomb. But you want to be careful because when this inflates it will get tight on your eye, and i like using these types of dryers because of the fact that i don't have room to have it. I don't have a. I don't have enough room in here to have a dryer like the the solid dryers, the under descent under dryers. I don't have enough room for that. So you take the bottom part and you stick it on your dryer it'll, fit any size dryer. You got and turn it on all right. So now it feels like it's dry. I'M gon na take this off and we're gon na cut the lace off. No, it's still sticky, it's still sticky all right. So what i'm gon na do is just cut the lace off and then put it back down yeah. I don't know about this spray, this hair stuff. I would have been snatched what got to be um all right, you guys so we're taking it all all right. So because my hairline is crazy right now and plastered the back down and plastered down, i'm going to take a towel with some 91 alcohol and what i'm gon na do is i'm gon na not soak the tile but like soak it area and then pat it Out and then it should be damp all right and i'm gon na just go in and rub around my hairline just to lift my hair, that's plaster down, because i don't want that and then we'll conclude the video myself all right best friend. So this is the final results, so let's conclude this video all right, so the or olive oil. I don't wan na olive oil, olive oil, the oars, olive oil fix it, there ultra hold spray and the grip it gel. Would i tell you guys to go out on birch to purchase this, and the answer would be? No. I died, though, like a simple fix, with a spray of got to be free spray did the job for me um. This does not. I don't think this would. Last anybody um this is super thick. It smells good. I think this would be good for closures. I don't think this does anything at all: okay, um, the my usual mix with you know the gel and the spray it made it super super liquidy um. I didn't like the concent consistency, but ultimately i feel like the tightest part of my hair is at the top, so it must have worked, but this is just not for me. I'M gon na stick to my got to be because it looks it just works way. Better for me, i'ma wear this for today for sure and then i'm gon na take it off. I'M gon na just wet my hairline with water. I'M am gon na reinstall this wig tomorrow, just because it's not installed the way that i will have it installed. So um i do need to cut a little bit more lace off, but other than that, let's get to this hair. Okay, now um, these curls are popping like girl. I'M love this hair, it's soft! It'S fluffy! You can definitely tame this hair, but if you wanted to make it bigger, you could definitely make it bigger and that's something that i really like when it comes to curly hair. The lace is actually really good on this unit. But if you're my complexion or darker, then this will work for you. If you're lighter than me, then you would definitely want lighter lace, i'm not sure if they sell lighter lace, but i'm just letting you guys know that i am a size 23 in or 22 and a half 23 in wigs, so um. I definitely use all three bundles of hair and my frontal all right and i actually love this hair. I didn't put any product in like the actual hair, besides water and some mousse. So this is how tame it is all right. Um, if you probably wasn't to put any of those mousse in there, then it probably would be a little bit fluffier, but as the day go on, i'm pretty sure that it will get fluffy. The knot was not bleached, i did go in and bleach these knots uh it bleached really easy. Hairline was pre-plucked, and so i didn't have any issues and also the wefts. The wefts were a dream. They were very flexible and kind of thin, but not too thick, and when you you want finish thick it like you want that in between weft, when it comes to sewing your wefts together when you're making a wig on a sewing machine so um, i did double All of my wefts on this wig, so i could fit everything in there. But, yes, i am loving this hair. I just need to install it better and i'm in my little moo moo and i'm about to go downstairs to clubs in house, because i can't go nowhere, but i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I will link the details to this hair. This is 26 inches and until next time, bye best friends,

Beautiful Dreamer: I have used the ORS Fix It Gel, I let the gel get tacky first and then stuck the lace down. Secondly to re-enforce the tightness, I topped it up with the ORS Fix It Spray.

Mooddyy Baabbyy: Yesssss the olive oil works way better than the got 2 b in my opinion, I made my first wig over the weekend thanks for your videos

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