The Easiest Wig Ever... Seriously!! Start To Finish Glueless Wig Install | Dola Hair

Hey you guyssss! Today I'm back with another wig video. This time I have a super silky glueless wig Install. Let me know what you think below (:

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the same wig in the video :

Headband wig :

HD Lace Wig :

Fake Scalp Wig :

Bundles With Closure:

Hair Length :22 inch

Hair Density: 180%

official web site :


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I guess they just don't know what you mean to me: hey you guys. It'S me rachel and today, i'm back with another hair video for you guys. So today's wig is coming from dola hair. They sent me their 13x6, transparent lace, front wig, and it came in 22 inches, which is actually a pretty long, 22 inches. That'S even after i trimmed it, and then the density was 180. So overall, as you guys can see in the intro, this wig is super. Silky, it's very very long. I would give it 24 inches. It literally goes down my back um. The lace on it is transparent, so you guys are going to see me put like foundation on you're going to see me put foundation on the part and all that good stuff. That'S why i filmed this one in the bathroom, so you guys could see more of like what my real routine looks like, because sometimes when i'm in my filming space, i have to like get up to go like part, my hair in the mirror, so that it's Like straight on - and i can't just do everything in front of the camera, so i brought in the bathroom this time and i'm gon na show you guys everything, but before i let you guys go, i just wanted to give my opinion on this wig. So the length of it i love. I also love that it's like almost jet black already like there's no weird pieces in it, as you guys could see in the beginning, the color is very shiny. The lace on it was also nice as well. It was a little bit lighter because it's transparent, but you guys are going to see me just put foundation on it and fix it, and then i think it looks really good in the end so yeah i give this wig a 10 out of 10. I have zero complaints, it laid flat. I love the middle parting space on it and yeah like i said, there's really nothing to complain about, and i didn't even really plug it that much. I plugged it a little bit and i did bleach the knots on it, but other than that it was pretty low maintenance for like a middle part, and i only laid the middle part. I didn't like you'll, see me, put like glue on the sides and stuff, but i didn't really lay it. Lay it slay it for real. You know what i mean so yeah you don't have to, but if you want to you, can i just knew that i was going to wear mine in like a sleek middle part, so yeah um? Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions for me, leave them down below and if you enjoyed please be sure to give me a huge thumbs up. Let me comment down below and don't forget to subscribe and i'll. See you guys in my next one bye, uh yeah is oh so easily. I got three words to say: never is why can't they let us live just like the rest and keep and when they talk. I think it's just a shame that all they do is say they think my name about my is

AwakenSoldier: Gorgeous ❤️

lneal2800: Very pretty!

Dee Luther: Road To 100k Lovely thumbnail tho You looking Hella Beautiful Makeup on Point Happy Early Mothers Day To Ur mom Hope you Having a Amazing Weekend Stay Bless n Be safe always

M P: Yesss girl

Jeweliana Marie: What’s your blow dryer called?

Deja Davis: This hair>>>> If you sell it, i want it lol


crett: You are SO. DAMN. BEAUTIFUL. I can’t stand it...

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