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Hairvivi Bob wigs:

Length & Density: 10inches & 160% Density

True Scalp Tape & HD Lace color: Cappuccino

Cap size: Medium


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08:25 - PROS & CONS (CONS)

09:08 - PROS & CONS (PROS)


10:17 - FULL 360 + LENGTH CHECK

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Get away from me, thank you you to stay. Maybe if you asked me yesterday, I would handle this differently. That'S not gon na happen, but that's not gon na happen. That'S not that's not gon na happen, so even if you're asking even even if you're asking cause I do what I do, it is change. It is thank you and it's time for something new yeah. I don't appreciate the chase now, there's nothing here for me yeah. I got ta go I'll Fly Away to one new space, okay y'all, so I'm obviously finished styling this wig - and this is what I got if you're interested in the details and specs and all the good stuff about this unit, then please continue to watch okay. So the you, the new year that I am rocking, is by hairdv shop. You hair BB for a centimeter. She want to add sponsoring this video. I truly do appreciate it. If you guys have not been rocking with me for a minute, then you may or may not know that this company always come through with the come through. Okay y'all, they always come through with the come through. So they sent me out this little script and you guys know um nobody's actor. Okay. My memory is like this, so I like to read off the script, so it says um. We noticed that there is only one color choice of silicone stickers on the market and the color is too light for most Black Beauty. Customers always need to put the foundation to match their own skin tone. After many adjustments and tests, we developed two colors of the true scalp tape with which most customers can get the right colors. So they did send out two different tapes and I'll show you guys that on the screen it says um during the development process. We also found new material, thinner and more breathable breathable, more breathable uh, which makes the true scalp can replace the traditional face scalp. So, basically now you can use this tape instead of it. Having that standard, this is our fake scalp method method. They come with two different tapes, so you can put that tape here like I did, or you can um, you know put it wherever you want to wherever your part is at. It says after many attempts we researched and developed multiple different colors of the HD lace. Choose the right: color get the most natural hairline no Foundation, need it more invisible than original HD HD, Swiss lace, so I'll, be showing you guys all of the teams and the colors come in mocha and cappuccino. And honestly, I use the cappuccino one and I feel like it looks good. I feel like it Blended. Well, I didn't use the mocha one. I still have it, although Angel is determined to tear it up, okay, so this is mocha versus the cappuccino and you can choose which one you feel like is the most appropriate. I feel like the cappuccino goes best with my complexion, but they also have this Mocha. One as well, which is a little bit darker, it's a darker, shade, uh. So those are the laces that they sent me. It says uh new wig, cap construction. It says larger than normal, 13 by 6 on The Sideburns which can achieve the true Deep Side, parting style. So I did an extreme deep side part as you guys can see. I was able to do that. I was able to do that with no problem. Um and it says, give more security with the glueless install, prevent slipping of the band and they're talking about this elastic band, and I showed you guys that beginning I'll also insert that, so you guys can see. Well, they have this like the elastic band. They have it, has this no slip type of grip on it and all of those things are pluses okay, so that is basically it as far as the details and specs that they sent me about this unit, if you're interested in any more just check the description Box, because you guys know child, I don't have them on hand, but they'll be listed down below for your convenience. Now as far as shed and tangling, there has not been any of things like look at this hair. It'S super short and it's more of a body wave sort of texture. I did not expect any Shin or tangling. If I had got it chat, she would have returned to Sender, okay girl, so I did not get any of things with this unit, which is always a plus as far as it being big head friendly. In my opinion, it is um I did have to adjust the straps and I did adjust the elastic band. I would recommend like with this unit, I'm not sure if it comes in different sizes, but I honestly believe that you can make this unit work at any size, because it has that elastic band. You may have to cut off more lace if you are or um. If you are a smaller cap size, but I feel like even with this cap size, you can still make it work and as far as the hairline as far as uh bleaching and all that honey honestly, she woke up like this okay girl. She woke up like this Flawless because I did not have to touch her. I did not have to do any of things so keep that in mind as well when it comes to this unit, and that is pretty much it as far as the details and specs on this unit. If you're interested in my pros and cons, then please okay, so let's start with the cons, because I like to end on the high note. The only kind I could think of with this unit is is when using the tape. I don't know if it's reusable, I think it is, but I could be wrong and, if, like when you get units like this, when you get in the frontal, the whole purpose of getting a frontal is so you can change the party if you can't move the Tape and reuse. It then is it beneficial like. So that is the only con that I could think of with this wig, because there are no other kinds: honey. Okay, there are no other kinds. My Pros are. I love the tape. I love the idea of the tape, but I also just love the overall unit um, I don't feel like tape is necessarily necessary, but it's a added bonus because I feel like the hairline is perfect. I feel like the lace is perfect. I feel like they really did their due diligence as far as this unit goes. So honestly, I don't have any kinds. I love the lint. This is great mom, everyday sort of hair. You guys know if you watch me, I am Mom okay. I am mom every day all day, so I love a good mom wig. So to me, the wig is everything the color, the style all of it. I love all the things all the things. Yes, I would recommend not only this unit, but I would recommend this company overall. This company always come through with the come through. Yes, it leans more, so uh more so on the expensive side, but I feel like it is worth the expenses. So yes, I definitely would recommend this unit all right y'all. So I'm giving you guys a 436, so we can wrap this thing all the way up. So this is obviously the unit in the front. This is it on the left side. This sit in the back and this is it on the right side, so yeah y'all. Let me know down below what you guys think about this channel. Let me know if you're feeling it. Let me know if it's your your jam or no. Let me know Down Below in the comments. I am interested in your thoughts and opinions once again shop. You have BB for a centimeters unit and sponsoring this video. I truly do appreciate it and yeah y'all. That'S all that's all! So if you like this video give me a thumbs up. If you have any questions and if you're already follow me on all my social media platforms, I am just beat them both IG and Tick. Tock. I'M helping me see on Snapchat us. This is

JENNIE ROBERTS: This is gorgeous! And I love how you styled it! The highlights are everything.

Queen T: That’s the perfect length and style for me !!! Love this soooo much !as always good job sis you look beautiful!

OlenaRosanne: Hair Vivi be having everything! This hair is pretty! I love the way you styled it with that side part. It’s cute and a great everyday length

Charmin Rodgers: This color is gorgeous on you! The unit is everything!! I'm loving the length also!

lneal2800: Hey Sis! yes first off I'm love the style of this unit the highlights are beautiful and side part I love it hairline is flawlessly laud yes is growing out your scalp! It's the whole look for me is bomb!

Jackie Richardson: I love everything about it!! Beautiful

Marjorie b: This unit is hitting on all points, easy, flawless hairline, meaning no plucking and meltable and styling a breeze and color not too over done. As always, slayed!! And yes I would definitely wear this. 60 and don't want to be bothered by anything too long

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Hello sis, love this wig, your styling and everything , but I really do agree with you on the tape thing. I like to switch my parts, styles also wash my wigs often. I don't think the tape will survive all that, even though I heard that you can take it out and reuse it but I don't think it will last for your money.

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Chrissy! This wig is pretty and natural looking. A very well made unit.

Sybil Davis: Hey Chrissie, I'm loving this unit style, color, and highlights!!!!

Tina Wells: I'm loving this style on you Chrissy girl it's really you and you know I love short styles and the color is so beautiful looking amazing girlfriend!!!!!

crysten brooks: Hunni Hairvivi is one of thee Wig companies to see!!! Their units are straight up flawless. I love the everyday feel of this unit. The color pretty, lace is lacing and the parting space is giving. Thank you for this review!!!

patrice moore: This is pretty sis ! I love the color blend.

Linda Gibbs: Beautiful unit, it blends well with your skintone

AndUDon'tStopYo: Nice everyday hair and style.

Tina Wells: Girl that man got you smiling and so happy I'm so happy for you see you in the next video girlfriend!!!

Yolanda Boss: It’s beautiful

Tina BlackberryRose: the color and curly Bob style. You look Beautiful tyfs.

Tina Wells: Almost that time again girlfriend thanksgiving and Christmas coming up!!!!!! WOW how time flies!!

Barbara Lankford: Like the unit. The link shows 14" as shortest; no 10". Would buy if it was shorter

Jennie Martin: Heyyyy Lady this Unit looks very very Natural looking .. It blend right n you Forehead Line Rt... It should b a Keeper Wig... _# u b bless # stay Safe My Friend ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

Kee Love: I don't think the link is right. That wig start at 14 inch no 10 inch

Jacqueline Ware: Hi sis love the to colors do you think thay have in 99j

Tina Wells:

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