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Hair details: 24 inches Ginger brown 13*4 frontal wig 200% density

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Foreign welcome back to my Channel today, I'm going to be installing this wig. I'M also going to show you guys exactly what I did to achieve this style. So, thank you to wig and tab for sponsoring today's video normally guys. I always get um curly hair from Wiggins, but they sent me this wig. This is a body wave wig. This is, I think, 24 inches, but look at how long this is. This is a long 24 inch and this is with a curled and it's still reaching my lap. So that's really long to see what it looks like from the back and then guys hold on, and then guys. This hair holds a really really good curl. This hair came like this. I did not color it, it almost looks yellow this is definitely giving fall Vibe, so you guys need to hurry up and get this before. This is even given Christmas and New Year's too, like it's just alive, the lace melted very easily, as you guys can see. For yourself, this is a full frontal which we love, because we can do whatever we want to with it. We can do a deep side. Part, which you always know, I always go for a middle part, but it's a lot of girls that love them a good side part, and you can definitely do that with this wig. So, like I said before, this is a frontal. It is a full frontal at that. You can part it anywhere. It is a 24 inch, it is body wave and you guys are gon na see what it looks like after I washed it and recurred it and everything and, as you guys see, it holds a beautiful curl and I put no effort into doing this. So it was very simple and easy, but let's just jump right into installing this wig and I'm gon na see you guys at the end. Okay, guys here is the wig. This is what it looks like after I washed and combed it really flat to make it um air dry. I like to air dry, my hair straight, because I like to put my own curls in it. I did have comb the front tool. This is what the inside looks like. We have a full frontal which we freaking love. The color comes all the way in the front, but look at how full this hair is y'all and look at how good the texture looks with it just air drying. This is really really full: okay, okay, I'm just gon na cut the lace off, and then you guys already know we're going to be using our guys to be glue hairspray to put this wig on and I'm gon na speed. This up and I'll be right. Back foreign foreign, as you guys can see, but you can also see like a little white casting and that's because I have a lot of hair um going around my edges. So I'm just going to spray some hairspray on a clip and then we're gon na dab. This in and as you guys can see right in this area where I'm dabbing it melted it it melts. Is it what so, as you guys can see where I'm placing the hairspray in this little area? It is melted versus right here. So, let's do the other side, so you guys can see and I'm just applying pressure. You have to apply pressure on it, guys: okay, okay, to give my wig more melted, I'm gon na put my scarf on. While I do my makeup. Okay, now that my hair is tied down, I'm gon na go. Do my makeup and we'll be right back to finish styling. Okay, guys, my makeup is done yeah. These are my real lashes. Okay, oh these are my real lashes. Can y'all see them? Okay? Oh, that hurt my ears y'all. This hair looks so good. I really could have brought the wig down a little bit more he'll. I feel like I brought it down a lot, but since it's blind it looks like um, it looks like um. It makes my forehead. Look big but um we're just gon na be taking this curling iron right here. This is my baby bliss and we're going to put some lazy curls in it just to make it look cute, and so I'm gon na start with the two front pieces and we're gon na, pin these pieces and the rest of it we're just gon na um. I'M gon na start with the two front pieces and I'm gon na, pin them because that's the pieces that I want to have the most curl and then we're just gon na curl around the bottom of the hair foreign foreign. So this is what the curls are. Looking like from the back, I literally just curled around the bottom of my clawbies, my lazy curls, you still get the exact same results. So let's take these out, so I'm just going to be taking some fruity serum, never run your fingers through your hair um. While it's dry, then I'm just gon na add foreign, okay guys this is the final product. This hair is so so full. I was kind of worried about curling it because it was so full, but look at how beautiful the curls came out, scared of so pretty and full. This color is very pretty it's almost a yellow, color, but okay, guys that is it for today's video. I hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure you click the links down below, don't forget to like subscribe and leave a comment and check out the links to this wig, and I will see you guys next time.

Auronia Jones: Come through color ‼️ The curls are on point‼️ of course you look so pretty Sweetheart

J J: Beautiful!! ❤

Shankila Hunt: Beautiful install…I would like to know what mascara you use

Shay: ❤️

HattieAnn1: Lovey heart and parts

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