Sis Bought This 30" Lace Wig From Amazon For Just $150

What Amazon I need that

mzprettyrozea: Amazon have all the good wigs for a good price.

Bri Lindsey: Y’all late! Amazon is where some stylists get wigs and resale for $100 more ❤

Jasmine Victoriaaa: We need the link lol

Xena Blac: TAAASSSSHHHAAAA!!!! wats the link girl?! Come on now bless the game

Smoooth Synergy : I’m ready to get mad bc ppl making claims and not posting links

ella_island: Mannnnn I just spent almost five hundred dollars on some bundles to make a wig

Kysha B: I love Amazon wigs they are good quality for a reasonable price

It’s Reina Sade': It’s true I got my 28inch for 114 it was on sale normally I pay 245-265 for that length I’m wearing the wig now the BRAND or Store from Amazon Kaldion hair

Ciara 90skid: I get all my wigs off Amazon these days ...and yes girl I need that

Heavensent0602: Ummmmm, we're still waiting for that Amazon link! Don't make her cause you your followers because she ain't sharing that link! Share that link!

a diary of a black girl: Amazon has good wigs. Just have to look at the reviews and sometimes know what something's something is too good to be true

Aleiyah Horne: I was damn why shawty in the back staring like that then I looked and realized

Sonya Taylor: We need the link asap!!

Cynthia Rather Walker: That’s a cute wig!

Reece Star: Where the Amazon link at

Velasquez Carter: What’s the link ?

Dirty Vans: You mind telling us the link?

millenial_gyal: Make this a Tiktok sound can already see this sound going viral

ANGELA C: I hate that we have become too dependent on wigs and weaves. Stop it!

Tettra Gunn: Watch out for them Amazon wigs the ones I have gotten had a problem with shedding big time

cherie's mood l: Peach. Please drop that link for US ❤


Brittany Clay: Love it ❤️

Estella Ragdale: We still waiting on the link posted

Love and Happiness: What Amazon page plzzz

Brittany Jackson: Peach..."where the Amazon link at?!"

Sheril Davis: Yep my daughter's bye wigs every other week from amazon

kay sirjoo: Be quiet y'all PLEASE, we don't need Amazon raising their price bc demand has went up! Plz shut up plz. Lol

Andrea Sims: But fr where the Link @ tho?

Selina Glow: Neeeed the link

Mel: Where’s the link

LaQuesha Battle: Omg where the link girl!!

Aleshia Borskey: Link please

YourNewsPlug: 150$Shamriah

Lyfe With ELo: Gemme the LINK

Jasmine Adams: okaaay!!

Yvonne Smith: I see where that people are asking where is the link at and there is no reply. Down but I'm asking where is the link I need that

Kevin Sanders: Hook it up so peach can have a good time

Champu Returns: This can't be life

Sandricka Doucet: Yea where is the link??

Purple Buttafly: ❤

Lip Lashes: Just give up the link sis

Tanya Faust:

Phanessphaness: Where the link at

Selane Rogers: They do

TopGReese💜😈: The ends of the wig look like they’re going to be a problem very soon!

Diondra Guy:

nekayasmith24: word

blackqween: What where the link at

Ta Francis: I really in joy watching u but must you always u bad language because my kids watch your videos also keep u the hard work

CAROLYN SCOTT: Please Please Please link

tonio G:

Kimberly Griffin: Give it to me

Vibe With Nina: Nah that wasnt $150

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