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Hey girlies and guys!

Today I will be going over my BEST AND WORST Amazon wigs yet again with you all. These videos seem to do great and I always have more wigs to share. I will be rating these based on longevity, quality, and price. I also, will be sharing why I am ranking them as what I did below.

The direct links are attached to the description of the wigs below along with the order of how I rate them from BEST TO WORST. In the video I will be going from WORST TO BEST.

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1. LEhan 5x5 closure Wig Body Wave $106 (22 inch)

2. Aaliweya Highlight P4/27 Wig $146 (20 inch frontal)

3. Cutai Body Wave Pre-bleached HD Swiss Lace Wig $173 (16 inch frontal)

4. Labhairs Deep Wave Swiss HD Lace Wig $199 (16 inch frontal)

5. Supernova Chocolate Wig 5x5 Closure $138 (18 inch)

6. UNICE KINKY 4C EDGE WIG $300 (24 inch frontal)



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But you know once you cut your wig into a vibe, it's up with it's totally for you, so this you might as well throw the wig in the trash. What'S up guys and welcome back to my channel if you're, new, hey girl and guys, I'm Alicia, I've been doing this video style of video on my channel for a while. Now does really really well, and I appreciate that if I was someone who was purchasing wigs on Amazon like I was at one point, I would want to know what are good wigs and what aren't. So. I don't have to waste my time, so I enjoy really making these videos and plus I have a lot of wigs that I'm always constantly trying for you guys on Amazon. So why not give y'all the tea and let you know which wigs are good and which ones are not so disclaimer? This is my personal opinion. If you don't agree, that's fine, but this is how I feel about these units and yeah. Let'S go ahead and get straight into the video, so I'm going to be going from the worst to the best wig so make sure to keep on watching all the way. To the end of this video to see what my favorite or my best wig is on. Amazon right now, at this very moment, and when I say worse I mean um, as in there's reasons why I don't like the wig. I wouldn't necessarily say I hate them, but there's a lot of reasons. Why I don't like the unit - and I will be speaking on - why shout out to Divine she left me a comment on one of my videos and wanted me to do a rating scale based on longevity quality and price. So what I'm gon na be doing in this video, I feel like it will be easier to interpret for you guys as well, because I know I can ramble and continue on. So that's how I'm going to be deciding these wigs today. I have six that I'm going to be rating three are my best and then three will be in the worst category. All the best ways can be found on my Amazon storefront under best wigs, all the ones that I just tried will be under wigs. I'Ve tried, I don't necessarily love them, but I don't necessarily hate them or I do hate them, but you'll have to watch the videos to find out. That'S why I hope you guys really subscribe to my channel, because I go in depth on how I feel about the wave when I'm actually reviewing it, I'm not getting paid to use Amazon wigs, I purchased them on my own. These are my own opinions, even when I do get paid they're my own opinions. I know you guys say that a lot like, oh well, influencers get better wigs than us. No, they don't like. I don't know - maybe the other ones do, but I don't - and I can just say that I get shitty wigs too. So that's that I have my MacBook here. So I'm going to be looking down to the side. You know throughout the video, so I can um just look up. Look at my notes here that I wrote about the units, but let's go ahead and get into the rating okay. So for my worst wig that I'm putting on this list, so six out of six is the wig that I got from you nice hair. This was a kinky 4C Edge wig. Now I actually turned this wig into the band unit. That y'all saw on my channel. This wig was supposed to be a 4C wig. The wig was actually you know a silky texture, but the edges were supposed to be 4C. I'M gon na rate this wig on a scale of one to ten as a five, because it was tangly like it tangled. So bad didn't even feel like good hair. After a couple of days - and I love you - nice hair they're, one of my favorite companies and I was really really disappointed in the quality that was on that wig. So yeah it tangled a lot as far as like the quality of the hair, it was poor, so I would give it like a four it tangled. It was not shiny for real, like I had to make it look how it looked. If I want to say that when I pull a wig out the pack, I feel like it should look nice and then after a week or two, it should still look nice, like it's just still, looking like nicer like a month longer than that that wig was Given throw away after a week or two that was really really bad to me, also the 4C edges. As soon as I went to go bleach the wig, they were gone, they they they washed out. They were straight again, so I really don't know what their process is to the 4C Edge Look. I haven't even been able to really try it, because that's the only wig that I've even had to show the 4C edges, and I couldn't even show because they were gone so as far as the price goes, the prices of zero out of ten the price is So high like it is not affordable and what you're getting for the price is not worth it. The price on this unit was three hundred dollars for a 24 inch wig, I'm sorry, I don't know what they're doing to that wig. It'S not raw hair. It'S nothing! Special there's really no reason for it to be that expensive. If I'm being honest with you, I understand that it's a long wig but there's long links that you can purchase for way less than three hundred dollars. So yeah she's bottom of my list are not worth it if you're gon na buy it. I just wouldn't even buy this one from this brand, maybe from somewhere else. I don't have anything to recommend to you guys because, like I said, I've never tried a kinky Edge, wig to even know so yeah moving on to number five on my list is a wig that I got from Supernova hair on Amazon. It was a chocolate wig. 5X5, closure, transparent lace and to run back on that unite Swig with transparent lace. This wig was transparent lace as well. The only reason why I'm ranking it a five on my list is because the hair was so thin. The wig was so so thin like. I don't even know it's like giving two bundles bundle and a half if that it was so flat and there was no volume, and you know me, I'm gon na cut layers into my wigs and even with the layers it didn't look right overall, I would give This wig a 6 out of 10 on the fact of it was flat. The color was supposed to be a chocolate color. It was a very, very flat Brown. It was really not chocolate. What I think of chocolate, I think of warm um. You know a nice warm tone, that's going to complement the skin every chocolate wig. Let me be honest: every chocolate wig that I've had has been a flat brown color like giving number four. It'S not giving chocolate or warm so maybe I'll try to make a chocolate. Wig on my own, where I'm actually coloring a wig, because I never can actually get the color that I want I'm thinking of like Honey brown, you know something golden: no, it was ashy looking if I'm being real, it was an ashy. Looking Brown, the wig was flat as far as longevity goes. I don't know how long it's gon na last, because I didn't wear it that long. I put it on realized. It was flat and was like this ain't even worth wearing. To be honest with you, it just wasn't: the price of this wig was um under 150, so I think it was decent. It was 18 inches, but for the price and what you're getting as far as quality? It'S not worth it me personally, it's not worth it. I wouldn't buy it, I wouldn't even buy it just for a special event. It just was not giving it was not giving at all yeah it just wasn't. It wasn't for me so moving on going to number four on my list, this will end off the worst. Wigs on the list or wigs that I really did not care for so this will have to be for the brand lab hairs. This was a deep wave, HD lace. Wig. I wanted to try to give you guys more HD lace options, because I really feel like HD lace makes a difference. I love HD lace from girlies who only wear HD lace. They want to know where they can get one from either fast or affordability. This brand is coming number four on my list, because not the lace, the lace was perfect. I would give this wig overall, a 7 out of ten. The lace was Immaculate, I mean like once I installed the wig. You couldn't even tell this. Video actually went viral on my other Tick, Tock page, all four or five videos that I posted of this wig went viral. The company actually has reached out to me to do a collab, but I purchased this wig on my own. I'M just gon na say that lace is obviously really good. I wouldn't even knock that I would give that literally a 10 out of 10.. It was so so good. Then they disappear as soon as they got on the skin and that's what I'm talking about when I get HD it should be doing that and it wasn't a fake HD. It was real Swiss, HD, invisible whatever you want to call it lace. It was gone. The reason why I'm putting this as a number four and in my worst category or why I don't like the wig, is because the actual curly hair was dry. It was so dry after, like two days, did shed not a lot, but it did shift so for Quality. I'M gon na give this like a four. It'S really not worth wearing. The only reason why I would wear this wig is because of the lace it can. Try to redo their formula, and I hope that's why they're reaching out because yeah. If not, then I hope they're watching this video and they they realize they need a new vendor like whoever they're getting their wigs from. They need to put put different tracks on the wig. The lace was great, but the tracks on the wig were not the price of the wig. Wasn'T too bad wig was under under 200 right at that you know stopping point four, two hundred for sixteen inch. I thought that was really good. It was a frontal. The frontal was a 13 by six. The sides were, however, like two: it was like 13 by two. They were really really short. You know how these wigs are. It'S like the laces disappearing lace are receding on these wigs. I don't know what's going on, but the price I felt like was pretty good for the lace that you got, but as far as the quality of the hair, it was not worth it. It was not worth it at all. Um overall, I, like I said, I'm giving this wig a seven out of 10.. It was good for the install, but it won't go. It'S not gon na last you long. The longevity is like zero out of 10 as well. It'S poor. I couldn't even wear this wig for a couple of days without cutting it into a bob. You know once you cut your wig into a bob itself away, it's totally for you, sis you might as well throw the wig in the trash the lab hairs. I need y'all to do better. It'S a great great company as far as the lace goes, but I'm going to go ahead and see what the um collab is talking about. Hopefully I can give you guys a better option or they have updated their wigs. If they do. I will do an updated video on this coming at number three, so we're going into the best wigs now is this brand called cut Thai c-u-t-a-i, and this was a body wave wig. This again was HD lace. I got a 16 inch frontal from them. I don't think this was a full frontal. None of these wigs were full frontals. Most of the Amazon. Wigs you get are Never full frontals. That was a negative point. A great thing about this wig was that it was pre-bleached, so the wig did come pre-plucked. It came pre-bleached honestly, you don't have to do a whole lot to this wig. If you are a beginner, if you're somebody who does your hair a lot or you're a stylist, I would say you're gon na have to go in and pluck the wig. So that's why I put it at number three, because I felt like the hairline could have been plucked better than what it was. It was very minimal as far as the pre-bleached knots. I appreciated that because you don't have to really do anything it cuts down on your time, but I think I did go in and re-bleach the notch just because I could still see them a little bit, but that's a preference thing you really don't have to. Overall, I would give this wig a 8 out of 10. Just for the fact of that it comes pre-bleached. It comes pre-plucked, it's pretty much ready to go for somebody, that's a beginner. The width price was great. It was a 16 inch and um. The price was right under 180, so I thought that was good as well. This is a HD lace, wig they're, going to be more expensive than the transparent lace wig. So some of these prices that I'm saying I know some of y'all, probably like that's too high. That'S too high. I got some of those on my first video, but look if it's too harsh, it's not for you! Okay, I'm just not speaking to you. You just skip over this video. If you are somebody who feels like that's affordable because to me, that's affordable, we're talking under 250 or HD lace, wig come on that's good, so, overall all for longevity. I think the wig held up okay again, why is that number three wig is like seven out of ten for longevity. I actually installed this wig on my friend my best friend. She lives with me. So I can speak on these things on, like the longevity, the lace, you know how it looked and everything I installed it. I messed with it. I customized it and then she wore it. So I was able to see how long it um, how long it lasted. She actually still has this wig she's one of those people who does not wear wigs long. I mean like a week or two she's, taking her wig off and putting it in a rotation with the rest. So she still has this wig. It still is able to be worn all right, we're coming down to the end of the list, guys coming in at number two, I'm giving all the color. This is a highlighted wig, it's a blonde color Shades. P4, slash! 27! That'S what was listed on Amazon. I like this wig a lot like this wig is number two. For a reason, the lace was so good. This was a transparent lace. Wig. You can turn your transparent lace into HD, like you really can with good technique. You know good products. I really feel like this wig was giving HD lace. I reviewed another blonde wig on my last video and you know sometimes you'll think a wig is great until you find another one. That'S how I feel this blonde wig is topping that one color of the other blonde wig was kind of like a dull color. It wasn't warm tones and when I talk about color, I want my wigs to look really really warm and complement my skin tone, not ashy, not Dull. This was a very warm blonde wig which, to me, is hard to find. I'Ve had a lot of blonde wigs sent to me. I'Ve had a lot of blonde wigs that I've bought on my own, and this wig was very warm toned colors. I love the color blend for Amazon wig. It was really like surprising to me to get one like that. The color blend was good. I did wash this wig with some purple shampoo to bring out some of those blonde tones and make them look a little bit more Platinum. The quality of the hair was silky, so overall, I'm giving this wig a 8 out of 10 for quality. I'M going to give the wig a 8 out of 10. The hair was silky, rarely barely like very minimal shedding. I don't remember the wig shedding at all. Like really and I cut layers into it and everything no tangling for real, I think I got a telling me. I got a 20 inch, but I don't believe that I had cut it into a bob. Maybe I did I don't know, but the price I'm giving it a 9 out of 10. For Colored wig. The price was right under 154 20 inch. You can't beat that to me. I really think it's good. The density of the wig was on the thinner side, but it was nothing like Supernova where it was just see through nothing like that. It was like a natural density. I remember what the density was. You guys can click on the link and find out. I, like this wig a lot. I think it melted really good on my skin and it looked good with my skin tone. Last but not least, we're coming in at number one on the best wig that I think is on Amazon right now at this current moment, and it is this wig that I have on my head. So this is from the company called lihan l-e-h-a-n on Amazon. This is a five by five y'all. Get to see it right in action in live view. This is a 5x5 closure, your wig body wave texture, 22 inches. I did trim this wig at the ends because trim your wigs ends. You don't want them to be looking scraggly. I always trim my ends on my wig. I just cut some face framing layers on this side. I have actually had this wig for a minute now, at least a month or two I haven't been wearing it consistently. I take my wigs off. We all know I'm promoting wigs. I do wigs. I install wigs on my Channel all the time constantly changing my hair or you know, wearing my real hair out. Swig has not constantly been on my head, but it hasn't even been washed. Yet it's about time for it to get washed, but this is one of my favorite wigs on Amazon, my number one one was Sun, Casa hair. If you haven't seen my other Amazon video go check that out it's coming up close to it like some constantly didn't. Come second to me - and this is first, this wig is so nice, it's silky for one rarely any tangling, it does tangle if we're being realistic, it does tingle. I would give the quality of this hair a 9 out of 10.. Only the reason why it's not a 10 out of 10 is because it does tangle slightly, not a lot, but slightly I mean this wig needs to be washed and it's tingling in the nape area. If anything, I can run my hands all through this hair. Very little snacks, like no hair, is coming out on my hand. The lace is really good. This is a 5x5 transparent lace, closure and the lace is melted. All the way melted I like to do like little pieces of baby hairs, nothing laid down. So I can look as realistic as possible. It'S so many things that I could say about this wig that I really really love from day one. When I got this unit, it was just great and the price is a 10 out of 10 for a 22 inch. 5X5 closure is coming in under 110 dollars. Where are you finding that at under 110, the price is good? The quality is good and Longevity, I'm giving it an 8 out of ten for right now. I can't go any higher because I have not had this wig that long and it still looks good. So as far as I'm concerned, the longevity is good. So far, again, I'm just one of them: people who, like unless the wigs Immaculate. I don't keep my wigs that long. I don't like to keep my wigs that long, they're Virgin Hair they're, not an investment to me. You know this is something that I'm probably gon na buy every couple of months anyway, even if I didn't do wig influencing, I would buy wigs like that. Anyway, I've always been like that. One day I will invest in a raw wig that I could just keep. You know for a good minute, but for now we're still at the Virgin Hair stage, and I would say that this is a great way to go ahead and add to your collection. If you are looking for a great wig on Amazon and that wraps up this video, I hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure to hit that like button for me and subscribe if you're not subscribed already, I will be continuing to make these videos, as I get More wigs, I have one sitting in the closet that I've been having sitting in there for like two months that I still having bleached to install for y'all I'll, be having a lot of wigs too. So leave me an emoji down in the comment section below. If you watch this video all the way to the end - and I also want to give you guys a quick little bonus that I am going to be making a video on how to find good Amazon wigs, my tips that I can give you guys to find Them on your own so make sure to hit that subscribe button if you're not already subscribed. So you can stay tuned for that video and put the notification Bell on so you can be notified when that video comes out I'll actually be filming that video directly after this one, so it will be coming out soon. Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see y'all in my next video

Aliah Aerial: My hair from company #1 wouldn’t hold a curl to save its life!!!

Tiasjah Atchison: I am so happy that you posted this video. I have been on Amazon for the past three days. Looking for a great quality wig that isn’t going to break the bank and I’ve came across several of your videos some they were old some that were new but this one came right on time, I’m trying to get my hair done before March 8 and when I say I’m stressed out man

Cherry Williams: Thank you nice video. Sn: please let user know how it turns out when you wash the #1 wig. Because I've had a wig from a Amazon company and after I washed it a couple of times it locked up like a pit on a thief. it's a Bob now . Also that happened when I wash my beauty supply store "human hair" wig. I was so sad about it because I loved them both. Now'm just scared to buy hair. Double SN: I don't ever sleep in any wig and I only wear them when I'm off or if I'm going somewhere. Also lol I don't trust the reviews on Amazon because... a seller once paid my sister to give them five stars about a product she purchased even though she had not even received it yet.

KellyJelly9976: thank you for the video...eyeing your #1 choice. I'd love for you to keep us updated about its longevity.

Fafa: Wow an honest hair reviewer ❤️

Tracee Thompson: Thank you for this H❤️NEST Amazon wigs review. Before I buy any wig from Amazon, I am sure to watch your wig reviews. I've been a subscriber of yours for months, as you save me the frustration, and money of getting bad wigs. Thanks again for all your hard work , ❤️.....

Najah: Would you say the last wig is big head friendly? Love your videos!!

Kay like: You so beautiful Alesha ♥️♥️

Janis Ford: thanks so much. I always enjoy these videos

Kendra Glowy: Hi what wig are you wearing in this Video? And the highlighted wig you recommended, is the brown a reddish color/ blonde an unnatural yellow hue? Thank you!

Young Beauty: You are so pretty . And the wig is beautiful

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