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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it is Brittany, so in today's video I have this beautiful, kinky straight wig here that has the kinky edges. If you want to see how I got this look together from start to finish, then just keep on watching. So today's video is brought to you by I like hair, shout out to them for sponsoring today's video we're going to start out with some unboxing. These are all the goodies that they sent a lot of stuff to make the application a lot easier. So this is their hyper, realistic, kinky, edges, HD, lace, frontal wig here, so this does have that the kinky edges that are very popular right now. So it's supposed to mimic our natural hairlines and I have kinky textured hair. So this is perfect. For me, this is the inside of the cap. You have three Combs two Combs on each side, a comb in the middle, a comb in the back and adjustable straps, and this is what it looks like fresh out the pack and, as you can see here, it does mimic my natural hairline pretty well. So I'm just lifting that up and showing you guys what it looks like before any manipulation um. This looks really good. I don't feel like they like put too much of the curly edges on this wig, where it would not look realistic. I think they did a great job, so I washed his hair off camera, and this is after I bleach the knots uh shampooed and conditioned it. So I'm going to use my Revlon blow dryer brush here to go ahead and further dry. The hair before I start to apply the wig and flat iron it. So now I'm going to be cutting the lace with my Razor, I usually use my cuticle scissors, but I wanted like a really close cut with the lace, so I went ahead and used my razors here and I did cut off some of the edges just because I do have a larger forehead, so I wanted it to make sense with my hairline, so I would recommend doing that, but also you want to keep the kinky edges because I'm sure that's why you are buying the wig in the first place. So you know just go a little bit in front of the curly edges and I'm using my Juvia's Place, concealer in the shade j13 to tint the lace, and I don't have my studio lights on, because I want it to make sure the color was right in Natural lighting and I'm going to do a glueless install for you guys, so you guys can see that you can do this glueless or you can do it with some adhesive foreign. So I'm going to take my Nairobi foam and I'm going to put that over the front of the hairline. It kind of molds the um kinky edges a little bit and it also acts as a adhesive, but not, as you know, serious as the even adhesive sprayer or anything like that. It'Ll still be like completely glueless and I'm going to take that milk band that they sent and I'm going to put that on there, because it's going to create some tension, like it does with adhesives in general. And it's going to make the lace really flat. For a glueless install, so I've already done my makeup, so it's been on my head for about 45 minutes or so, and I'm going to take my heat protectant here before I start to flat iron, the hair and I'm going to be using my baby bliss flat Iron, this is really really good um. I do have it on quite. I think I have it on the highest setting with this wig, which is like for 65. I think, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that, definitely don't, but I feel like this hair can take it. Oh foreign, so I took off my melt band and I went ahead and started to shape the hair. So I wanted to do kind of a side. Part so I used my hot comb. This is my Conair hot comb. I have all the supplies I use to get this wig together in the description box, for you guys, so I wanted to mold a side part. So I use my wax stick and I molded it with my hot comb there I just kind of kept my finger on the lace there, so it wouldn't pop up because it still is a glueless install. But this looks really really good and then I'm going to take my face powder to wake up the part in space there and that's going to be the finished. Look there. This turned out so so good like, and this is just a glueless install. So for those of you who don't want a full with adhesives, you can definitely do that with no problem, and this looks really good very impressed um and I did turn off my light. As I told you guys when I was applying the wig and tint to my lace um, so when I went outside it would be like a crazy difference and if you have the time to do that, I definitely recommend that, because studio lights versus like natural lighting, Um, it's going to give you a different effect, so here's that glueless, install and I'm very impressed looks very, very good, and this is kinky straight hair and it's so flowy, it's so flowy and soft and beautiful get into the adhesive install. So I'm just cutting back some of the lace a little bit before I install the wig. So I'm going to do that here with my scissors and then I'm going to pull a little bit of hair out of The Parting space to make it a little bit more wide and I'm going to clean my forehead with some alcohol because of course I have My makeup, so I'm going to use my even adhesive spray in the Black Bottle, I'm going to go ahead and spray that underneath a lot of times, I spray over the lace, but this particular day I spray underneath and then I use my blow dryer to um. Let that adhesive dry a little bit before placing the lace on top of it. And then I took my rat tail comb and pressed the lace into the adhesive, so it wouldn't melt more and I'm going to do that over the rest of the hairline. So I turned off my lights again, so I could add some more powder to my lace and make sure it was the right shade and everything and it looked right in natural lighting. So I'm going to go ahead and do that and it's already looking really really good and then I added more powder to my parting space to make it stand out again - and this is the final look y'all. This is so so nice I feel like this might be my favorite of the curly edges, wigs that I've tried so far like this looks really really natural. The hairline was not like too much of the curly edges. It was perfect and it's customizable if you have like a smaller forehead or a forehead, that's bigger, like mine. This looks good glueless or with adhesive. This looks amazing, yeah, so about shedding or tangling. I didn't really get any shedding or tangling with this wig. This is just super nice and great quality and of course I did a sunlight test for you guys and it looked great in the natural sunlight. So this passes on my test and, of course, because it has the curly edges, it's going to it's going to kind of camouflage any lace that you might see. This looks so good, like in both lighting situations, Studio light without the lights on and outside very impressed by this wig. If you are interested in this wig I'll have all the links in the description box, for you guys shout out to I like care for sponsoring. Today'S video and I will see you guys in the next one bye guys foreign

Ari Li: This is the most natural looking version of the kinky edges wigs I’ve seen! I love that they didn’t do too much of the edges so that it looks more natural. Especially with this being a glueless install!

lneal2800: Britt hun this looks so Natural from the hairline , texture you can't even tell it's a wig.. I love the thumbnail can't wait to see the install!❤

StarriSkye: I like how you did the edges. It looks so natural

Veronica Wise: Brittney, you keep everyone up-to date on the latest hair trends. I enjoyed seeing the unit with glue and without; a necessary component when choosing a new unit. Twenty-five percent of codes is special. Tfs.

Angela Truly: Very pretty and you have it looking so sleek. I love when you do the natural light test!!

Pyt G: This looks so natural and oh so pretty! ❤ I'm always able to pick up some helpful tips. Tfs

CaroDesign: It's amazing and the end result is very good

Leticia C: I love it the edges are everything and this looks easy enough to do Thank God

QueenVModel84: Beautiful And So Natural. Love It Queen

வெண்ணெய் கேக்: I’ve been waiting for a wig such as this one❤

Tamika: Wow this looks very good on you, I love your makeup and nails as well❤

Ms. Shabria Gxo: This looks very beautiful

Krobi Ababio-Gyebi: Oooh this looks Incredible!

Maxine In The Mirror: Turn off the studio lights! Yes! I didn’t even think of that. I would run back forth from inside to outside to make sure I don’t leave home dusty and clockable! Thank you!

Kyesha Hamilton: I was about to go to sleep and then I was like hmm I’m forgetting something. Then I remembered I had to watch this video beautiful install! I think I wanna try one of these kinky edge units. This one is beautiful! ❤

Owldefinemyself: I actually have this unit and it is AMAZING!!

IsThatYourHairrr: BAE! I've been waiting for youuuu specifically to try one of these wigs!

Cynthia X: That looks good!

Maxine In The Mirror: And the wig is BOMB

Kara Cee: Love this! Is it a contender for your 2023 Q1 favorites?

keyia: Do you sleep in the wig when you use the Ebin spray or do you take it off at night? If it’s left on, how long does it last?

ILIKEHAIR: You look soo cute, youthful, and sassy.

Shi New: ❤❤❤ beautiful

Michelle H: BE-U-TIFUL!

Sammy Da Goat: Fantastic Wig Lovely Edges

Melissa Haynes: Will you be reviewing any other glueless wigs?

Megan Daniels: Do comparing to Amazon and Shein home home decor and accessories? ❤

MissHamilton: How long is the wig?

keyia: Do you have a night time wig routine video?

I AM ClearAsCrystal: I totally missed it

I AM ClearAsCrystal: I just threw this on in the cart. When it comes, I’ll be back to watch this again (coffee and tea lady from Instagram)

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