Amazon Wig Review!!! Is It Worth It??? #Shorts #Wigs #Fyp

So I want to take another one for the team and order a wig off Amazon. However, this company ended up finding me first and asked me that they would send me a free wig if I did a promo video. So I was like why the not so it was a 22 inch, but I wanted something shorter because I wanted to buy so yes, please don't be mad at me. I cut it into a freaking Bob but anyways I mailed to my cap um. The lace was a little bit darker than what expected, but it's okay, we're gon na work with it. Okay, as you can see, it's still a little bit darker um y'all. I think I over bleached a little bit, but it's okay, because you know we're gon na try to fix it right here. Um, I'm using the little. It'S called a wig dealer spray, so I can lay in my lace uh. It was all right. I kind of like my ebbing spray, a little bit more um, but here I am doing the do straighten my hair and you got to do the little Bob dance when you get your hair done, but it looks pretty good.

Anna S: Omg you styled it so nicely

KykaFitzfingers: That’s cute I like it

Tara Jonker: U look like cardi b

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