How To Get Free Amazon Wigs With Zero Followers

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Hey best friends, it's your girl, Jenny G back at it with another video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and if you are new here, welcome girl, I'm gon na ask you guys to click the Thumbs Up Button comment. What you thinking below do not leave this video without commenting. Do not leave this video without giving it a big thumbs up, and let me just get into the video, because we're not gon na do too much yeah that part. Now, if you could send this video, that's because you want to know like how can I get free, wigs like what's the tea? What'S good like? How are you getting free, wigs with zero followers? How are you doing that anyways? So I have two ways: in order for you to get free, wigs with zero followers. Everyone wan na know. How can you get free wigs? How can you get free, wigs like it's a thing right? The first way is something that I'm gon na offer. The second way is how you could get it from Amazon if it's a case where you're just here for the Amazon aspect, you could like literally just scroll to that part, no hard feelings, but let's just get into the video. So the first way is, I'm currently getting a lot of free wigs. I don't have enough heads to actually put the wigs on and I am willing to give it away yay there you go girl. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Yes, sis, yes, sis, but it's not without a catch right. You got ta follow my Instagram. Follow me on tick. Tock, subscribe to my YouTube comment below and then I'll hit you up once you do. All of that and you comment below this video I'll hit. You up and I'll tell you like: hey how, like the ways to get the weight like how I'm gon na send the weight to you. You don't have to worry about paying anything. It'S a free, wig, some pay, shipping right and I'm just gon na. Do it for five people? So if you're not amongst the first five, then I'm sorry and then afterwards, because I get wigs often so afterwards I'll maybe go back there and you know pick someone else. You might never know. You might never know honey so test the waters. Do your thing, you know the vibe yeah and then the second way, the way that you guys are here for this is what we're gon na do. So if currently, you don't have like a lot of followers on Instagram or Tick Tock or just anywhere like you're, just a normal girl, you just you just want free Wigs, Wigs are just taking up too much money and trust me child. I know they tend to do that. It'S just crazy! I get it so what you're gon na need to do? Your knee you're gon na need to go on Amazon you're gon na find basically just anyone. That'S selling wig and you're gon na hit them up. You'Re gon na send them a message you're gon na. Let them know like hey, I could review your wig and um. All you got to do is just send me a free week right. What they're gon na say to you is like Okay, purchase the wig and then I'll sit I'll, sell you back I'll Pay Pal, you back your money right and you could say to them like hey, I've worked with other companies and they actually don't do that. What they do, they'll PayPal me half and then, when I made the review, they pay, probably the other half they will go for that. They will definitely go for that. It'S you're, like you, need to know it's a win-win situation. It'S a win for you! It'S a win for them, so you don't have to take the first thing that comes out of their mouth. Okay, another way that you can do it is on my Instagram you'll, see a lot of hair company following me and just best believe that all those hair companies that are following me or hair companies that are giving away literally three weeks, they're, giving away those wigs They'Re they're waiting for you to come by they're waiting, they just they just they're, giving away the wigs and they're waiting for someone to give these wigs to I'm telling you I'm telling you they just they're. Just like you get a freeway, you get a free week. You they're giving away the wigs for days, so it's pretty simple hit them up, say hey! I could review your content. I could review your wig on Amazon. You know I've done this review before and even if you've done a review - and it doesn't have anything at all to do with wigs, but you just did the review it's okay, you could show them like hey. I did a review before on Amazon. This is what it's like. I could definitely do a review for you and stuff like that right now for the people that actually have like followers right, you have you have a little, but you know not all of that, but you have enough. You have over a thousand like let's say you have a thousand and you qualify to open an Amazon store from girl, you're already 10 steps through the door. All you need to do is to review a wig and then afterwards the wigs will flow. All you got. Ta do is review one wig. I promise you and the wigs will flow like people would see like. Oh she reviewed awake. I want her. I want her to review my wig, that's literally how it is, and I'm not even trying to be extra because I'm known for being extra, but that's not the case like literally it's that simple, you don't like you, don't even have to go looking. If you already have an Amazon storefront, they will come to you. They will come to you. Obviously I went looking at first. That'S the reason why I could say to you message them: let them know like hey, I'm willing to do a review, etc, etc, and they're gon na be like okay, no problem. This is what I would like you to do, because that is how it started off. For me, you know I like they wanted me to pay for the wig and then they'll they'll PayPal me about the money and stuff like that. So I know, but now 2023, you don't need no pen pal, you back nothing, okay, honey, nothing! They need to give you half now half later or the full flange of money for the wig, so this wasn't a long video. This was just like a video to say yeah yeah man. So if you like, my video, you know how I'm keeping it sweet short spicy. Everything is very detailed straight to the point then give this video a big thumbs up and also honey. If you want to get a free wig from me, because I'm easily accessible, you could go ahead and do all the steps I mentioned below. Follow me on Instagram. Follow me in Tick. Tock, subscribe to my YouTube channel comment down below I'm giving in five free wigs. Even after you see five people, do it already, don't worry, don't worry. Wigs are coming. I get free wigs every week. Wigs are coming okay, okay, okay, so still do it still support babe still support. I got you if not now in the future. Okay. So it's your girl, Jenny, J back at it with the tips the tricks see in the next video peace. If I was a rich girl, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No

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