How To Apply A Synthetic Wig With No Lace! Only $20 From Amazon Prime!

Hey guys!

This wig was only $20 from AMAZON PRIME

Dark Brown 24in body wave

Synthetic Wig

Very soft and able to Curl

Adjustable clip in


Eyelashes: QJ lashed ... my girl Tiaaaa

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All right, y'all, I'm coming with you today with another video of how I installed this wig, but no lace. Yes, ladies, were no lace, no lace! Yes, ladies from Amazon, prized for $ 20, okay y'all mad, we came in this beautiful pink box and they also came with two new caps, but the crazy thing is no. I did not know that my via came with no lace. Yes, crazy right. So that's why? I'M coming with a video on how to apply ov8 with no lace. For example, you see how Wiggy this wig looks and how bulky it is in the front. So on this part, I'm sure you have your rid of that and how you lay your leg flat. Okay, so y'all gon na bring your weight back and you're gon na realize that big old black part in the front. So what we're gon na do is take some hair scissors or somehow scissors even doses will work for it either or is fine and, as you can see, I'm trying to cut that part off. So I we can lay flat now is pretty simple: all you have to do is just find a thread they they have sewn with this big old bulky part, and you just cut in the thread. As you can see, I'm just taking thread piece by piece and just cut in it, and it's starting to lift okay y'all. Now that I got this bulky part finally to live. We'Re gon na cut that part completely off with the hair scissors or what kind of scissors that you have, but we're going to go ahead and cut that whole part off now. As you can see, I just started ripping it in my hands because it was a hard for it to come off at all and, as you can see, you finally can see that part where the hair is connected to the lace part and that's the part that We'Ve want to see all right, so we got one more part to cut and then, after that it should be laying us flat. But as you can see that black part, we still don't see the hair yet. So what I'm gon na do is lift the thread on that part as well as soon as we lift that part up. It should be good to go all right, so yeah. I can finally see the first of the hair coming through, so that letting me know that I am almost done cleansing now, as you can see, I'm ripping that part off again, which is so easy, since the synthetic y'all is not hard to rip off and we're. Finally, going to sieve the hair underneath it I'm just cutting off the little ends and the strangle ways, and we should be good to go. Look how clean that looks now, and it's so not bulky anymore. Okay, so I just put on one of the new caps that I had got out of the box and, as you can see, I'm just going to apply the wig. I am happy with the outcome because it is not so bulky in the front anymore in this land, I'm glad I'm just trying to reposition it in the right spot and, as you can see like I said it is already laying down flat, and I am really Happy with it, so I'm just taking the flat irons to lay it down even flatter system. Synthetic the heat is going to go so well with it and it's going to lay flat okay. So I'm just gon na take some guys to be glued lace glue and I'm just gon na stick it on there middle part. No, I'm not sticking the size today because once again is no length. We'Re just gon na be worrying about the middle part and plus I'm being lazy today. That'S all I want to do this. When I get back home, I am going to take it off anyways, okay, so all I do which is laid a metal part on the part that I applied to lace, go to and I'm just going to hold it up. Let and have my blow dryer on it, so it can drive really good and so that you can stay tech down all day. Also, ladies, this week it came with about four clips in it. Yes, I have it in my hand. I make sure that I use the clips this time since I didn't have no lace. I usually don't use the clip. Sometimes I even cut them out, but this time it came in handy. So yes, it is a good option to me to use your clips and make sure it isn't just in your head really good. So Dobby doesn't move alright. So I'm just gon na take my eyebrow brush and add some la color concealer to it and we're just gon na paint it over our lace. So it can blend in you know you got ta, make it blend in with your skin color. You don't want everybody to see your ladies y'all ready all right, so I'm just trying to get the hair going or whatever, and now I'm just going to make sure that my clips are in the right and comfortable spot. Make sure that your Eclipse is in a good, comfortable spot, you guys cuz, I don't want you to have a headache or it be bothering you just make sure you put the clips where it's comfortable for you and that's what I'm doing right now, all right. So all I'm doing is just gon na brush my hair through get it cute if the curls going one just to get a better look of how this week is coming out. Okay, so now I'm just gon na take my feet me Foundation and go over the concealer, some more and I'm gon na use my finger to blend really good in that front part. I love the way how this week has flattened out. Since I cut the bulky part out and it's laying flat, I'm really in love with this week, only $ 20 from Amazon. It is a good lick for me. Okay, I'm so happy about this great outcome. I love you and thank y'all for watching

Kimberly Davis-Wiley: I needed this! The last wigs I bought was not what I expected

Jessica Smith: Girl thank you I needed this and this is the only one I could find that was actually the same kind of wig

SHY.Y0UNG: we need a tutorial on this EYESHADOW look ASAP ❤️ .

Levitating Cause’ We Want To: This makeup is EVERYTHING!

Amanda T: I love this cause i have a wig at home that I’m sooo scared to put on but watching your video helped a lot

Brooke Wright: GORGEOUS LOOK!!! I love this make up !!! And hair !!!

Emily Nanthavong: And I really needed this I just bought my first wig and it was like $20 on Amazon so idk if it would look right since it was cheap.

Crystal Lee: Honstly I brought the same one just straight had the same problem thank you

Joetta flyascanbee: This actually looks better than all that lace around the perimeters where often times after you have flaunted yourself in front of people thinking you look like the shite on wheels with your classy sexy outfit and bomb hairdo then you look in the mirror only to see the brown lace edge sticking up destroying your entire vibe, your hopes your dreams and will have you questioning what is the point of life, why are we here?

Mar Arella: Exacly! I have just one and I really hate the bump in the front and for me it’s expensive

Brooke Wright: They have the best synthetic wigs !!

B: thank you so much you are so sweet!!

Anonymous: Just got one of ur videos in my recommended....YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GAWWWWGEOUS!!! ....I am bingeing all ur vids right now and u know I subbed ✔️ and hit that bell

LoloJen: This is good to see. I’m wondering if the wig slips backwards? Is there a comb at the front under the part or how does that work?

Treen: Nice❤️

Myra O.: JayBaby here in youtube did this a while ago.....this is her method. This looks very good tho!

Tess Beauty Bar:

Just Kayla Kae: Can you put glue on a wig with absolutely no lace???

Jessica Rollins: Did the got to be glue keep your wig down?

Sassylibra: Pooh I don't got to know what your doing and how does it not start to unravel from the wig if it was all sewn as one?

Emily Nanthavong: You are so beautiful dude

Niaratiara: What’s the intro song I got stuck in my head but I don’t know the words

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