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Hair Info: 24 inch p4/27 highlight lace frontal body hair wig 180% density

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Hey y'all: what's up welcome back so we're back with another Banger baby, and this is from Sterly hair, get into it honey. This honey blonde is calling my name. I can't wait to share this unit with you all, but anyway it has two key Combs one on each side, one at the top and one at the back. It also has lace. So if you choose to lace this thing down in the back, you can put in a cute high ponytail and possibly a bun. Now you know how I am like the lace around the edge line and that's it so we're gon na get into it. This is what the color looks like close up. I will put a color on the screen as well as down below and all the links that you need for this unit. This is what the lace looks like currently, and I want you to show. I wanted to show you how full this unit is. It is 180 density and it's just extremely soft and gorgeous hair. This hair has a huge parting space huge I was like you could park the middle decide. What do we want to do so? I just decided to do down the middle, just something simple um just to get the unit on. I went ahead and cut the lace off screen, so you can just get straight into the review of this hair. Now, I'm using the same spray that bed head spray because it's amazing it locks that unit in I can sweat, go to the gym in this hair, and I don't have to worry about it, slipping and sliding off my head. Okay, now this unit does come in other lamps and, of course, other colors. But I can say this: I have like a small medium sized head and it fits me. I did have to adjust the band in the back just a little bit. So if you have like a medium size hair, I think it would be perfect even like a if you're on the smaller end of large. I think you'll be perfect with this unit, because if it's really really good now I went ahead and pulled out the hot comb just to Define my um parting space just a little bit, because I didn't want to put a bunch of mousse on this hair. I'M getting ready to go somewhere. This is basically a get ready with me. It'S so funny how I just feel like some of the tones in this hair. It'S like the same tone as my skin tone, but I love it. It'S so so beautiful and, like I said I haven't worn blonde hair in so long. I just feel like wow, okay, now what I decided to do was I just put the hair in two: I'm just gon na go ahead and put it up about the way. So I can get this unit on, like I said, I'm using that spray because it locks it in really good and it um it just freezes the hair to wherever you blow dried in at um. I went ahead and sprayed a little bit of The Parting spray. The Parting space that way, I can Define it a little bit more. I just feel like it's a little thick in that area, but when a unit um actually came, there was no part, so I had to Define it of course. So, as usual, when I do the spray I just use, a cool temperature on the dryer do not use hot, just use cool, it takes a few seconds and it locks it in I'm gon na go ahead and lock in this side of both my temples. Now my hair does come out pretty far my hairline, so if you're new to the channel welcome to the channel, if you've been around for a while, then you already know your girl is hairy. So anyway, I'm gon na go ahead and cut these sideburns off a little bit, so I can have a little. You know, definition on the side there and that way. Um. Let me get this unit on. I can show you what it looks like now for this unit to be an affordable unit. There was not a lot of manipulation at all. Y'All just cut the ear tabs. I just kind of did a jacket cut on that lace around and that was it all right, so that process is done. We have the where I put the clip here's one we put the wig on and I just use the spray, as you saw with the um blow dryer on cool all right. So this is what this unit looks like right now, so my Edge line is a little light in color um. I think it's because uh well, I'm wearing hats. A lot outside, so my face is a little bit different from like my scalp right now. So I'm just taking like my sponge, what's left over from when I did my makeup and kind of go along my um Edge line so that um we don't see the lace um colored different from my um scalp or whatever from my face. I should say now: this is one of those lace. Um probably put like a little tint to it, just to match my color because of the color. It melts just fine, but um yeah. I would just put just a little bit of tint for the color or go along your ears line with the actual, whatever makeup you're, using on your face. When I'm done, I'm probably going to use a little bit of concealer um for my parting space, but for right now we're gon na get into this hair girl. I'M just saying she is pretty oh girl. Oh, it's wonderful answers of beauty. Okay, I'm just singing! Now! I'M probably gon na add a little bit of um like an oil change to this, because it is a blonde color. Sometimes blonde can look a little uh dry. I would normally like. I would rather use like some mousse, but it's not the type of hair. The mousse I like to use sometimes just makes it so pretty, but I'm gon na go ahead and put a little oil sheen. I'M just gon na put a little bit oil. She on take away some of the dullness. It'S just a little dull. It'S not a lot and it doesn't even need a lot. As you see um. I like the fact it's already kind of like pretty much layered for me. I don't really have to do too much to this unit but, like I said, probably add a little tint to the lace. If you want to um, Define your air sign a little bit more, you probably could just pluck a little bit on the sides. I'M not I'm not a plucker, so I won't be doing that I'll. Just show you the unit what it looks like without doing all those extra things to it, because that's what we do over here, all right, so I'm going to power. Put a few curls in here: I'm never gon na get some close-up shots of this hair all right! So I'm just going to take! I don't want to take away from up here too much, I'm just kind of just trying to bump the ends a little bit to take away some of that frizz at the end and we're just gon na bump. All the way around that way, we'll have a little something to it, but so question of the day um. What is your preferred myth of hair? That'S the question of the day, I would say for me I would say anywhere from 18 or 20.. 18. 20. I'M good because that's my everyday type of hair I do enjoy the longer lamps like this one's 24, doesn't feel as long especially once it's curled, it probably doesn't feel as long it's um very light and not too dense, and it feels really good and it's so Soft, so I can enjoy this, I think the longer it gets sometimes um. It just feels a little bit heavier and it's just more like cumbersome, but um you're going out. You need to slam friend grab you some inches, okay, all right. So what do you think? This unit is from sturdy hair, like I said, I think they really did an amazing job at um. The base color of the unit, as well as the highlighted uh blonde, that's throughout the unit, even though I consider it as a blonde unit. I do believe, like you, could see those streaks of highlights throughout the unit, so the coloring is superb. Definitely on this unit. I did uh film this unit in a different lighting, so you can see the close-ups of the air sign as well as the color and the hair um. The hair itself is one is 24 inches like we discussed, but it's very soft in texture. One of those units where you probably need a little hairspray to hold the curls or you might want to use foam rollers and like settings first, something like that to set your curls. It is a naturally beautiful body wave unit like beach wave. I woke up like this unit. You know what I'm saying really nice, just everyday uh sleigh unit. You could definitely dress this up and wear it out and it's gon na be your. You know your night out, summertime fun time hair, but it's a gorgeous unit. Um girl, I like this a lot, have a wonderful blonde in like over a year, so maybe I'm going on too, but um has me, you know, rethinking some things. I feel like a Barbie doll today I feel, like you know, this is like the Beyonce slay. You know what I'm saying very affordable um. A lot of these units on their website come in different sizes too, so you don't have to go for the 24 inches. So if you're like me, you I feel comfortable with, like the 20s friend, get you a 20.. I'M just saying: there's a lot of units on their website and um good customer service. Fast shipping, um hair has no smell straight out the package um really nice soft unit. What else do I have to say about this shirt? It color is gorgeous and lace is soft, so it doesn't have that hard, itchy, like lace or whatever and um everything looks good and the hair is just it's gorgeous friend I look cute. I'M just saying. I feel cute today give me that okay now cons, the only card I can say is, if you don't like this type of length, maybe you're not into these colors when it comes to like Jonas and or whatever. But if you like blonde or if you like, highlighted units, you will probably love this okay um. Another thing is the actual lace, actually like coloring lace or tinting lace. I'M not a fan of tint lace, I'm just not gon na do it. I just go back, like I said, with my little sponge and tap around the edge line to uh Bend IN anything that I felt like was a little bit light in color, and that worked just fine with me. I am going to go through and um probably add a little bit of this concealer to my parting space. It looks like almost like a natural part anyway. It'S just that. I believe you can see the color like discoloration in between here, because of the way my hair is braided underneath. So I am going to add concealer, but I there's not too many units, okay on the market that are affordable, gorgeous beautiful units that you're not adding something. I see people spend goo go out to Dollars and they just you know, spray that tint on their lace or whatever. So that's normal um. I think the pre-plucking on the lace is just fine. For me, it's not too thick it's not too thin or anything like that. I think it just works. Just fine um it Blends in great with my hair. You know my hair kind of sticks out a little bit on the sides. Um any cons other than 1010 lace um. I don't really have any other cons. I think it's just gorgeous hair and I um I will put all the information down below their social media all their handles. Instagram, Facebook. The website, of course, and the unit link, will take you straight to um the actual unit, as well as make sure you're following me on Instagram, but there will be a real friend she's back. It would be a real on this hair for sure this hair is gorgeous. Somebody can see this besides me, I'm just saying: don't girl to the grocery store, but she's cute, though I'm just saying y'all. This is this is like a little flirty today on this air. So if you have any questions, hit me up down below and I'll try to answer what, if I can, I'm sure they'll come on here and answer questions as well, make sure you're following me on Facebook and Instagram um. I do a lot of reels on Facebook and sometime I'll go through and just you know post these little. You know he's yelling his friend, but Instagram is where it's popping where it's at, and I will see you all in the next video thanks for hanging with me thanks for Sterling hair for sending out this unit for me to review. I appreciate you thanks for sponsoring this video. This hair is gorgeous friend and um. That'S all I had to say I'm just saying I don't got hooked on the hairspray. I I'm just feeling myself I'll see you on the next one peace and blessing

Cheri Cherry: You go Girl, you have no problem wearing this beauty.

Sassy: Let’s go Blonde Bombshell!!!! ❤❤❤ Peace and blessings!

Sterly Hair: This color is purrty on you!!!

Cynthia Judkins: That is such a pretty color on you

Belinda Coleman: Beautiful hair ❤

Khinks & Khoils: This color really suits you.

Kay Burris: You look so pretty , love the color.

Cheri Cherry: Beautiful, I believe you can wear any hair style.

Pat C.: Oh that color is on you. Go head now!!!!

Cheri Cherry: I would like to have a wig for my low forehead.

Cheri Cherry: I like shoulder length hair for me. My hair is wavy and curly natural hair

Candace Webb: Pretty honeyblonde

Dyann Wynn: No she is all me love her

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