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★Wig Code: PW350

★Hair Type:100% Brazilian Virgin Hair

★Hair Length:22 inch

★Hair Texture:Body Wave

★Hair Color:Natural Color

★Wig Cap:HD13x4 Lace Front Wig

★Hair Density:180%

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Foreign, hey babes, welcome back to my channel, so I'm back today with another video and in today's video we will be featuring premium lace, wig shout out to premium lace, wig for sponsoring today's video. So, let's get into this look so today I have a Brazilian body wave 22 inch, natural color lace, frontal wig. This is HD, 13x4 lace. She is 180 density and this is in the natural color. So, prior to this video, I bleached the knots on this wig shampooed conditioner. I did let this air dry and I did squeeze the hairline. So I've worked with premium Lace Wigs before so, if you're interested in seeing any other wigs that they have to offer, I will put a playlist in the description box or I will link the videos towards the end of this video. So to get into this look, I wanted to show off The Parting space on this wig, so I am going to show you that this is a full 13 by 4 frontal. I find myself having to mention that every uh frontal video, because the frontals are getting a little creative in construction lately, this one is a full 13x4, a full four inches of parting space throughout the entire frontal. So I do love that another thing that I really love about this wig is the quality of this Leaf. I do like that this is 180 density as well, and then I like the fact that premium Lace Wigs allows you to fully customize your wig upon purchase. So, for example, you go to the website and you click on this wig. You can customize this to either a 13x4 or a 13x6. You can choose your leg and I'm talking from 10 inches all the way up to 32 inches. You can choose your intensity. The densities range from 150 to 250, your cap size, every single detail about the wig can be customized on this website. So we're just going to finish, laying the lace and then I will come back at the ends of the video I'm in the mega mood High Life. I need to roll, not me EXO what she sent to Mega mood I wan na see. You tell me what you want to do. 1999. Big things, tell me what you want to do: XOXO, foreign okay. So, as you can see, we decided to go with a half up half down, I'm loving the way this looks. I did lightly layer. The two front Pieces, Just So the curls weren't super long. I always think it looks weird on myself like when I see other people do the two pieces in the front and they're the same like as the rest of the wig. It looks fine every single time. I have to cut the hair, I don't know what that's about, but we did it and I love the way it came out. This hair is gorgeous. I want to thank premium lace, wigs for sending over this wig and sponsoring this video. I have nothing but good things to say about this week. Not only that, can we talk about the construction of the wig. I was able to fit this wig over tapings. I still have tapings in my hair under this wig. So if anybody had a question about sizing, there's your answer so big shout out to pretty lace. Wig shout out to y'all for watching another video. If there was anything that I forgot to mention as far as specs and details about this wig, you already know drop that in the comment section, and I will see you Beauties in the next video foreign, you should be in love and your life.

Premium Lace Wig: beautiful as always, thanks for sharing our wig

Shade Queen: This is a look

Layla L: Beautiful

Shirley Bien-aime: Shes beautiful and how yiu style it is beautiful

C Johnson: Princess is what I’m a name her

gwen27405: ♍️♍️ yes sis

Jackie Bang: Girl Premium Wigs posted this video before you. I watched it earlier though

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