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24” 13x4 HD Lace Frontal Wig (texture: Body Wave)

Direct Link:

Products used in this video:

Ruby Kisses Cream Foundation (Level 16)

91% Alcohol

Skin Protectant

Bold Hold Active Lace Glue

Fantasia Heat Protectant

Conair 1 1/2in. Curling Iron

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer

Liquid Mousse Mega Hold Spray

Edge Booster Wax Stick

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Dotted line method when installing laces:

Give Me Chance (instrumental)

Szymon Szarpatowski

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Here, to do my job, hi everyone and welcome to get into a beauty TV um. This wig that I'm going to be installing today is from Amazon. It'S A Wig from a company called papixia hair um. If I'm not mistaken, my sister only paid like less than a hundred dollars for it, so that was definitely a steal, because this 13 by 4 24 inch wig was a pretty good deal like they really did a good job, even though it wasn't a full frontal. It had ample parting space on the sides. Thank you for pixia hair for not putting the tracks right next to the hairline um. It wasn't pre-plugged, but the knots were very, very small on this wig, which I can always appreciate, because it makes it very easy to bleach um. There was very minimal shedding, but that's to be expected when it's straight out in the pack um, they had an adjustable band. You can take in and out a hair card, some wig caps and they also had some extra clips and some bobby pins for it. So yeah this is a wig before it was colored so right here this is my sister y'all um. As y'all see. I have her ball cap already on and right here, I'm trying to see how I was going to adjust the wig on her hairline. She does have one of those low high, hairlines or, however, you say at the sides are low um by her eyebrows and like in the middle area, is higher up um. This wig was kind of fitted to her head. I probably just because of her hairline would have had her get a 13 by six um, just to give that extra space being that where that braid is, I'm gon na have to cut that part off anyway, but regardless she has a smaller head. So we were able to make this wig fit, even though it was on the tighter side um for all the girls who have hits that are of a bigger circumference. I would definitely say for you to message them to give you a size up so anyway, right here, I'm making a dotted line shout out to Felice. I think her name is Felicia Ducey on um YouTube. I'Ve been watching her for years. She does phenomenal installs and everything on her Channel um. Definitely if you want to learn how to do some good installs. Are you just like watching them? Her channel is so bomb and everything I'll tag her in the um description box anyway, um. I'M copying her method of like um, using the dotted line to give you a guideline of where to put the glue at, and I do this specifically for my clients with high low hair lines and everything just because it can be a little difficult to know where To place it, especially when you have to cut some of that extra hair and Lace off so I cleaned off her forehead with 91 alcohol in a cotton swab, just cleared it off and then um. I also put some skin protect and now I'm going in with this Bullet Hole active I'm going to tag all the products in the description box that I use and the direct link to this wig in the description box, because I know I didn't show everything. But if I can remember all the products that I use, I will definitely list it below and as y'all see, I'm using this oversized spatula because I couldn't find my little um um Edge brush that have the spatula on the end. But this works just as well. I feel like this is really good to really smush in that cap and get it really flush with the skin and everything when you're putting the glue on. But this layer of glue that I put on is strictly just it's very thin, very light because I'm just getting that cap really melted in and everything and then I went in as y'all see with the bigger layers and stuff I use. I use very wide um layers of glue, so it can really get on the cap because those really thin small lines. Don'T do me Justice. I need a thick band so that wig will stay stuck and everything and I do like this brush. I did like using this brush because it really helped get that um glue, really nice and smooth, because you don't want any lumps and bumps because it can make it where the glue will dry uneven. As you see I, even though it's not really close up as soon as I smoothed it out, that glue was already clear. That'S what you want! That'S what you want, because that means that it will be a nice, even layer, ready for the um next layer of glue. I didn't show all the layers that I put on here, but I think I put four layers of glue for her install so yeah. I'M just spreading it out, so this is me putting her lining those dots back up with the ones that's on her skin and laying that um lace into that glue. Y'All. We was straight clowning in this shop like it was a mess like this is just the beginning, though anyway I used some medium to high heat with my blow dryer um. This is the baby list, like um BaByliss Pro something something I listed in the um description box, because I can't remember the name, but I know it's like the Ferrari style made it literally brand or whatever that's why you see that little flag on the side of It and stuff - I really like this blow dryer because it does the job it gets hot honestly that blow dryer will burn you just like a hot comb. If you, if you don't use it right and stuff, but it gets really hot and it dries the hair. Really really good and melts that lace in really good. I use my hot comb just to pretty much get that hairline, nice and smooth back. So when I put the elastic band on it, all those little hairs won't be in the way and stuff so yeah right here, I'm just clipping up the hair, so I can go ahead and put on her elastic band and everything making sure everything is nice and Smooth underneath that bear by then we would we had cut on the music um and everything we was jamming making tick, tocks y'all, I'm working on being more like up on social media and posting more and everything. If y'all follow me on Instagram, what y'all should do get into it? Beauty, um on Instagram and pretty much all my other platforms and stuff like that. I'Ll tag that in the description box as well go follow me, but yeah, I'm trying to post more get up on making tick, tocks and reels, and all that other stuff. We have made a tick tock for this um install too so definitely go check it out, and I tag my sister in and she have her business too um mental aroma so check her out so yeah. I was sleeping the hair back with my wax stick: um, making sure the tracks in the back was covered and, oh, I I said her company, it's mental Aroma. She sell candles y'all. So if y'all like candles, definitely go check her out and then she has um uh Mental Health page as well so yeah right here, she was showing me the picture of the style that she wanted as y'all see in the um beginner clip and y'all see at The end y'all see how the style was looking, so she was just kind of showing it to me. So I could be able to part as y'all see. I was parting out the ponytails, where I wanted to have it so that I could be able to section out her hair and get that ready, foreign and stuff like that. But I was at least sectioning out the hair, so I could have it clipped out the way. So when I went to style and curl, the hair would be up in the um different places. You needed to checking to make sure there was enough baby hairs, but um the style and right here I just took my scissors and cut some slits into um, the hair or into the lace yeah I'm not talking about, and then I took my little eyebrow razor And I cut the lace um as close to the hairline y'all. It'S this little church club for me like we was listening to all jams, y'all and this girl was up here, just clapping it on. I would slow it down and like turn on the volume, so y'all can hear it and everything and stuff, but I don't want my little. I don't want no copyright violation in this video and everything, but yeah it was a hot mess and this ain't even the worst part, all right y'all will see like she was really feeling these old school jams y'all. When I'm cutting her legs - and I was like she doing all that clapping well, I got these these scissors and stuff she was still, but she almost had me, went in to cut this whole video off, Get It All Height, all right girl. I cannot. Oh, my gosh and I'm trying to be serious for this voice over and she just but yeah y'all get into the lace. Do y'all see that and it yeah it's the fact she started acting like this bag with her tambourine like I cannot with her, but if y'all can see it, I'm putting some I'm putting some makeup on her lace and so just to get the little ashiness off And make sure it Blends in I use Ruby, kisses cream foundation and the color I used for her was the level 16 I'll use the lighter shade in that palette, but y'all look at that y'all I haven't. This is just Fresh Off The First like putting the elastic band on it. This ain't went out and did my second step melting process. Look at that if y'all can focus on it with this down bag she using as a tambourine. This is my second step. This is a Liquid mousse, um hair spreads honestly, I like the purple one better because it just smells like grapes, but this one is all right. I don't know what it smelled like, but it works good. Now it works good, but it don't. I I'm real big on smells. I love things that smell good, so yeah! That'S why? If y'all like things that smell good too, like I said, check out her check out her candle business, mental Aromas but yeah, so I was using a medium-high heat using that blow. Dryer again, I just blow dried. It really y'all for like 30 seconds to a minute, because I knew I was gon na. Let it sit so I could be able to um curl her hair, so I just did it so. I could dry up the little um drips that was coming through the elastic band, as you see over here too, I'm just getting those back tracks y'all. I was just so through with her in this little clapping y'all the little dance. What is you doing? Foreign just clipping some more hair out the way, so I could be able to um have that ponytail ready, because I was gon na um curl the ponytails at the very end which I did and yeah I had y'all the and then y'all ain't gon na be Able to see the ponytail apart because my phone had died, but we'll at least show this part we'll focus on this part. For now. So anyway, I sprayed some Fantasia heat protectant on the hair at first I started out with this small section of hair, but being that the curls that we were gon na do were bigger and we were going more for a loose curl to a wave. I was like, let me get a bigger section, because there's no point in me doing these small little tight curls for this um hairstyle when they're gon na be loose and not even defined anyway. So I clipped the hair that I didn't need out the way and I sprayed some more heat protectant in that middle section. Just for the hairs. I didn't get it so y'all right here, I'm gon na be curling with my um. I can't remember the name. I think it's the Con Air one and a half inch um curling iron, honestly y'all, I'm not the biggest fan of curling irons like I know the girls be doing the nice curls with it, and everything like that it'd be real cute. But in my personal opinion I rather use a flat iron to do my curls now, the flat iron that I use. I guess in some sense, looks just like a curling iron because I use the BaByliss Pro titanium. Whatever I don't know, the name is too long, but it's the one that has the metal metal plates on all sides of it on the inside. It has the metal titanium plates and on the outside. So it looks like a curling iron, but, as y'all see, I was kind of struggling with that curling iron and stuff, like that like it was. It was mainly because I I was trying to decide where I wanted to curl it. How I wanted to curling everything I mean the girl still was popping, but in my personal opinion, I'm a flat, curl type of girl. Let me know in the comments how y'all feel about it, because it it's always something to me how I'll be hearing. So many people say it's so much harder to curl with a flat iron, but I I do my best curls with those. If you click the link in my description box and go to my Instagram page, the client that I did recently with the orange hair. That was flat, curls like flat iron, curls and stuff. That'S how I do most of my curls anyway y'all see when I took that band off how that hairline is looking like yes, that lace with um this lace with this wig was very, very nice for this wig to be under a hundred dollars from Amazon. I was very impressed with this lace and it was not HD it it was, it wasn't even like transparent. It was like a medium brown to light brown. Really it was like a light brown lace. It was real good it I could tell it was that real Swiss lace, which I love Swiss lace. Honestly, in my personal opinion, I like Swiss lace better than eight D, because it can get as thin and look as thin as HD, but it has more durability than H, um than HD lace, so yeah as y'all see that hairline was given. It was definitely given and everything, but right here, y'all, it's pretty much where I have to leave y'all, because my poor little iPhone had died and everything like that when I was trying to record the rest of this video and so so anyway. Y'All can just watch out this ending of this last clip and everything I was about to really go in with them um, ponytails and stuff, but neither here nor there I'll definitely do better with charging my phone and everything like that um in my next video. So anyway, if you got something from this video, please give it a like comment and subscribe and hit the notification Bell. So you never miss out on another video and yeah y'all I'll see y'all on the next one. Bye. That'S right!


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