Yasgrl Curly Wig With Bangs Human Hair Realistic Look Hd Lace Glueless Wigs Review, Small U Shaped

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Okay, this is the human hair 10 inch wig natural color. I did Fork it out a little bit, there's minimum hair in the sink um in the middle. You have your your! U lace and I say that because it's only like a little shaped like a: u and that's lace as my fingers in there and then the rest is pretty much like wig cap. So that's about all the lace that you have it's right there in the middle right here along the forehead area. That is um. It'S really soft! Then you have your um Combs on the side, Combs on the side, and then you have this elastic, which they gave you another another uh one just in case something happens with this you'll be able to sew on another one. You have your comb in the back and then you have your adjustable elastic in the back. So if you have a smaller head, I will go here and here to make it really tight in those areas to have it tightened. That'S normally. What I do my head is pretty small, so I normally just bring this all the way up in here and then this side right here, so they both will be there and um yeah, really nice, soft hair um being that it's uh human. So you don't have to wear a curly, you can straighten it out and wear it straight and maybe wear a curly. I plan on straightening the hair out and then curl it and see what kind of look I'll get with that. You know once I'm done with the with the wet wavy look but yeah natural, when I put it on it, gave me like that natural look with the bangs in the front and natural on the side and the more I forked it out, uh the bigger it Got so definitely can do that afro thing if you like um, if you want to wet it up, you know so I'm trying to play around with it to see. You know how I will wear it, and you know that for us, ladies, that take some time. We have to get used to it, so um definitely um, definitely worth it. Definitely: human hair uh quality hair. It did some shedding. But to me, that's minimum: that's not a lot of shedding um and it was really tightly curled. So I had already been uh forking. It out, I thought I had showed you the video where I didn't mess with it, but it didn't take and I had already realized. I messed the video up and I had already forked it out. So I've been combing on it so other than that yeah um. Overall, cool wig, I think it's workable, it's soft! It'S fluffy! It gives you that afro that afro look once you put it on. You can add water to a gel, with setting lotion with having to give you the texture that you want, but yeah um. I really like it and I think it's worth it all right, and this also this is a 10 inch, if I didn't say that, so this is the 10 inch. Okay, bye,

yasgrl_hair: YASSSS!

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