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4x4 Closure wig: ZILING Straight Lace Front Wigs Human Hair 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs for Black Women Pre Plucked 150% Density Brazilian Straight Lace Front Closure Wigs Human Hair 18 Inch

Body Wave wig: LAPONDAI Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked Body Wave 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig with Baby Hair 100% Human Hair Wigs for Black Women 150% Denisty Brazilian Real Hair Natural Color (Body Wave 30Inch)

Straight wig: 30 inch Straight Lace Front Wigs...

613 wig: 613 Lace Front Wig Human Hair 13x4 HD Body Wave Blonde Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked with Baby Hair 613 Frontal Wig 150% Density Brazilian Virgin Hair for Women 22 Inch

Water wave wig: HD Water Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked Wet and Wavy Wigs Human Hair Lace Front 13x4 Curly Lace Frontal Wigs for Black Women with Baby Hair 28 Inch 150% Density

What is up to my youtube channel back again with another [ __ ] video, i would say another banger, but i'm not like you other youtube: [ __ ]. Today, i'm coming at y'all with a video about how to find cheap, affordable but high quality, ass amazon wiz, because you [ __ ], need to help and i'm here to help so right now we got one wig right here and then we have hold on give Me a thick then right here, oh we're, looking a little maddie, i've been bad, but it give it a book today right here we have the kick - and i said what's better for me to do than to help y'all look like me i'll, be fighting anyway. To get my wigs anyway, so i'm here to help y'all but y'all, know y'all know the girl got the um hair brand go shop that [ __ ] stop playing with real [ __ ], but let's get into the video okay, so number one! What you want to do is think about the way that you want to wear so for me right now, i'm using my macbook aka mckenzie's macbook anyway. So right now we haven't pulled up. I have put up the wigs so right now when i search up on amazon was hold on one second guys. This is my first time using something. That'S extensive. All right. First up was straight human hair, frontal, wigs 30 inches. That'S what i look up so next. You can usually go on here too, and click sort by and um sort out, like the price range you want to be in and stuff like that. But me i just look because you don't want nothing to disappear or not to be added, always always look at the stars to y'all so right now we got this 13 by four a little spring, hair straight with 13 by four for black women with baby hairs. Grandma, why am i saying like that, this one right here so we're gon na click on this one? First, because the real taste real good y'all, i'm trying my second day out here using this so guys we put on the hair, the hair, says: lace, front, wigs human hair straight 13x4, lace front two: wigs for black women with baby hairs, 150 density, brazilian version, human Hair we pre-plucked for a natural um, color 16 inches. So a lot of y'all cause mama mama be doing the same thing y'all. So a lot of y'all think i don't search a wig up and wait inch i want and that prices y'all see is the price for that 30 inch wig, no ma'am! It'S not! That price that you see. First that'd be right here over here to the side was the 89, that is only the price for the littlest inch that they have exactly anyways um. So what you want to do is scroll all the way down to the reviews. Well, let me tell you and check out first: they got 16 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30.. The 30 inch wig is 259 for 150 density. 150 density is the less thicker one like the the density in the wig depends on how thick you want. Your wig me, i don't really care about how thick a wig is or stuff like that. Unless the longer it is so the longer you go, the more density you should go up on the wig, but for this one's right here i promise y'all it's gon na. Come out good because i'm gon na show y'all uh um. I got a coach away from amazon yeah. I got this closure from amazon y'all that girl went through it up all up and through there i'm gon na show y'all someone on one of these sides. Y'All. I'M just getting used to the youtube stuff i'm gon na show one. Besides, how do we look? I'M gon na show y'all all the things i did to the wig and i only spent like 179 on a 30 inch closure wig, but anyways back to the topic. Now what i do after i got the wig pull up, is i scroll all the way down and you look at the reviews? What i look for when i look at reviews is pictures and videos all right. Let me tell you something when y'all looking for hair these videos that pop up right here when the hair looks really really really really really really good. That'S not the wig, i'm being completely honest with you, that's not how your wig is going to look. When you get, i mean that's going to look how that's that's, how it's going to look when you get it and you get it styled professionally, styled and stuff. Like that, but that video that they have ready from the vendors that the vendors are showing y'all - that's not the um here for real for y'all, as we see right here, it's the pretty girls and it's their hair. So when i all right so when i'm looking reviews, i just want to look and see how the hair don't look real, quick, because here we get so it's a turbo of her hair. Oh, let's see how i would look very pretty really cute. So when you're looking at the hair, don't never knock the hair. If it's on somebody - and it don't look right because just cause, they don't look right on them, that's because they didn't have they don't know how to put it in their hair correctly, not saying that the girl on a video don't hurt, but don't ever look at The reviews and be like uh uh this this, the girl ugly, this um wait, look ugly, but look at her edges. That'S just how she installed her. We got to think about it. Your wig is not going to come cut like cursive, but why you got to cut your own? We can put your own baby hairs down, so this wig right here personally, i will most definitely buy this wig. Let'S be one of the girl reviews. Miss passion mrs patchell, said it's affordable and the density is literally amazing and the wig cap fits my skin color. I wish they had a more darker tone, but you can always buy one for a dollar at the beauty supply store. But honestly, you can put heat on it. The baby hairs are pre-plugged, the hair barely does any shedding and it lasts for a long time, blah blah blah blah. She recommends you by the hair. That is what i look for another thing. I don't really care about either is if it says the hair is shedding real bad, because, to be honest, nonsense out of 10 anywhere you get is going to shed eventually some shed worse than others. But you know right here, miss passion. She bought a 30 inch wig from there, which was 259, which i think 259 is not really a bad price, but well not a bad rest for a 13x4 frontal. So this is hers period she's eating down as she should as y'all see. Miss passion got her hair professionally installed because her install is wet eating down about to show y'all um how to find the good heat wave here, because my mama got scam job. Oh, she got i'm about some 28 inch deep, wave hair off with amazon and um. She bought oh, don't mind my soup either y'all, i don't know y'all. Looking at me like, is that a weird girl? This is my real hair, anyways um, i'm gon na have about some bundles for off amazon. It was an ombre fat look and when she bought it, i'm like girl that do not let no man she paid 150 for four bundles 28 inch hair yeah. So let me tell y'all something: you really think that you finna get four 28 inch bundles for 150 dollars, let's, let's let that sink in. That was that y'all you got to really think about stuff before you buy the stuff too. Am i going to get scammed like think about it, because some of y'all, like it's some good wiggles on here for cheap 30 interest for cheap one here, but you have to think about it. Y'All be getting the hair but cheap off amazon and then i'll be leaving bad reviews and the reviews, because y'all only paid like 150 for a 30 inch, wig and y'all mad, because it's shedding real bad and sometimes the weight don't come true to length either. So you got ta look out for that too, but y'all be mad, but it's just like the cheaper. You pay, the cheaper. The quality of the hair is going to be. So. Keep that in mind i'm going to show the girls how to find good, deep, wave hair too okay. So now we have what i just look for. The deep wave here is deep wave lace front, wigs hair 13 by 4 30 inches. So basically, this is what comes up. You got bundles right here, wig wig, wig wig. This video is more and around my wig girls. If y'all want a bundle, video put in the comments, let me know dm me, let me know so. I got y'all so right now, like i told y'all, look for the stars and y'all first of all hold on. If y'all wear bullets right there and you're like deep wave, get that one. You never got ta lick it. Everybody look at the stars: y'all anyways, so we're gon na click on the well look at this right here. It'S the 18 inch for 84 dollars, which is not bad at all and nothing to y'all. If we don't got prime on it, don't order, it don't see your money so this week right here is a brazilian, deep, curly, transparent, oh transgender lace. I mean it's going to eat down um. I look for asian that suit cause. Ageless is gon na always do the word justice, brazilian, deep curly, transparent lace, wig wet and wavy, hair 13x4, ear to ear lace, front, wigs, deep, wave, curly hair for black women with baby hairs we put 100 on processed version, natural black hair. I don't process virgin. Hair is good because it doesn't have no chemicals or anything on the hair. So the hair is very natural. It'S as natural as all for the person's head. It came off. Oh and yeah. I just got 11 um percent off the weight to say i want some deep weight for summertime yeah. I better go order this one, because this might be a good one, so this one here has 16 inches 18 inches 20 inch. 22 inch 24 inch 26 inch. 28 and 30. so for the 30 inch wig on this one, let me see: y'all hold on the 30 inch on this. One is 261.99, which is not really bad for a 30 inch, 13 by 4, deep wave here or a water wave here in this one - and this is right here - this is 150 density, so, like i said on the other one scroll down to the reviews, because First of all, this is the first picture in the reviews. Y'All all right now, y'all better get the pocket. A thousand out of ten. This hair is amazing, does not shed no tangles. I brush through it with the wig brush mousse and it does not tangle at all. She recommends you to get the hair. I would get the hair i would get the hair. Another thing to look for to y'all is try to look for videos of the people showing the lace to y'all, because sometimes you may order a wig on here. You might have a big-ass bobble head and the wig might not fit your big ass head. So you might want to look out for that. But luckily me i have a nice skinny narrow head, so my wigs can fit honey yeah. So, oh and it said it right here, she's up for five stars. She said nice wig. It does shed a bit um. So be gentle, but she should not. She sewed it on the strap, blah blah blah blah. She recommends the hair, and this is her video exactly as y'all see the hair is eating down. Lastly, i'm going to show y'all how to know actually i'm going to show you how to find a no by the way here do the same thing with the bodyweight pair sue. But let me show y'all how to find the sixth start scene here too, because so many houses 13 girls be on it, and one thing i'm going to say with 613 here is you're going to spend a pretty penny on that, regardless of where you get it From or how much you want to spend you going for 30 inch, um 613 here you're gon na spend some money honey. So you better get ready for that. But i'm gon na show you girls how to find that one too, because that would be kind of hard too, because sometimes um, since i've seen it become a liquid real synthetic like it'd, be real stringy looking and i hate that. That'S why i have yet to lose 13 wig, but one low and so y'all y'all see that i do one coming up so i'll. Just this is 13 week. I searched up 6 13 lace, front wig, human hair, and these are the results that came up right here. Yes, all of these are beautiful women. They all are eating down, keep in mind. You are not gon na look like them. What didn't mean like that? But a lot of people order here with the assumptions of is going to look just like how the girl has it on it's, not sorry, y'all were going through the same every for this um. This is 13 here we're going to click on the second lady, because this one is sort of everything. So i want to give out the right prices and she out of reviews and stuff like that. Gang and right here, says: 613 lace, front wig, human hair 13. By 4 hd, which means that list is going to be melted into that scalp y'all, be wanting metal laces always go with the h list over in lace. So well, not english, but you know: affordable, ac, laces, 613 lace, front wig, hair 13x4, hd body, wave, uh, blonde lace, front wig, pre-plugged and blah blah blah blah hundred and fifty percent density. It has 20 inches, 22. 24. 26. All the way up, the oh yeah! This tango, i went to 40 inches yeah yeah yeah. Another thing too um body wave hair always is going to cost more than straight hair. But for my girls that, like a more thicker hair, you can order 150 body wave hair and it's going to be nice and thick when you straighten it. So keep that in mind queen 30 inch for this 6 13. Here is 329.79, which, in my opinion, is not that bad sorry got my soup falling apart, don't mind this too bad. It'S falling price. Okay, i've been outside all day, so this right here says 30 inch for 29.79, which is not bad. You might can find it cheaper on ally, express we don't know, but ally express always comes with a catch, so y'all keep that one in mind. Well, don't always come with a cash, but you be careful because sometimes you might order a 613 wig from ally express and you might that we might only be able for you to work like two three times, depending on how good you can take care of smear. Here this is how the wig look when it first came to this person, which i think is very good for some body weight, hair because child when you get bodybuilding, you can run your fingers through that thing and it bounce back. You know it's so good here. This lady right here she ordered a 22 inch. She said omg. This is one of the best six thirteen wigs i've ever ordered on amazon. In a very long time, amazon has really come along with their wigs. Let me just say that i'm a hairstyle to work on slime, blah blah blah y'all get the thing. She said five stars amazing - and this is her video right here as y'all see she dyed the hair. So that's another thing to y'all: if y'all um buy 613 hair and you want to color it do it because it's going to be very easy versus you buying black hair and you're, trying to color some black hair. So, to be honest, i hope this video was informative to some of the girls out there um. I just want to help y'all out a little bit. I think you can say i think i touched on about everything um. Basically, if you and the thing with the affordable part, you really just have to look look look look because if you don't want to spend that much money on the way you have like, as you have to look a little, you have to look in the reviews For the cheaper, wigs and stuff like that, but for some of y'all um up front too, if you're buying a friends a week off amazon, you're at least going to spend about like 2, 2 20 and up for a front two week off amazon. But if you're like the clothes, i'm sure i'll close you with it real quick, if you get a coaching week, a four by four quotient shall it's gon na be cheap? Also, we got searched up four by four closure: wigs human hair um. This is what came up as y'all see already y'all see that the first girl right here - honey bun, that's a 24 inch for only 138 dollars and they got four stuff out of five i'll, probably get that. But for this one i'm going to show y'all the the third girl right here, the straight one, because my um coaching wig was straight to y'all and that's 86 dollars for 26 inch. That'S not bad at all! Eating down! This is a grace. Plush straight list closure, wig, human hair, brazilian 4x4, less front wig, um human hair for black 100 uh 150 density, glueless wig blah blah blah blah pre-plugged 28 inch straight wig, 150 percent density for closure. Wig is going to be 173.99. That is not bad at a uh, not for no 28 inch honey, because 28 inch can at least touch the rim of your booty. I was going to the reviews. Yes, we have this beautiful young lady right here. She popped up baby. She ate down. Her thing says: best: hair 20 20. I'M shook as [ __ ] y'all go get this stop playing with it now. Okay, this lady right here she show you how it on her mannequin here real good 10 out of 10.. I will order it too yeah. I get it just. I just gave y'all about the [ __ ] cheat codes to the system on the amazon wiz, because that's where your girl be getting here from. Sometimes this is not for my own, but just want to put y'all on inform y'all. That amazon is popping when it's locking and dropping i mean pop black and frosty hey anyway. So thank you guys for watching was very helpful to you guys and see y'all in the next video

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