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Thank you, hey y'all! It'S that girl Kita welcome back to my channel. So, as you can tell by the title, I am back with another wig install. Today'S video is in collaboration with re-cool hair, so let's get right into it. So this is everything I received with my unit. They sent a lot of goodies and this is the unit they sent me. This is their water wave 5x5 closure unit, and I have it in 20, inches check out this texture. It is so pretty so. The unit does come with three attachment: Combs and an adjustable strap in the back. The hairline is pre-plugged and the knots are already bleached and look at this lace you guys this is their HD lace. It is going to give you the most realistic, look and a Flawless melt, so the wig did fit pretty snug on your girl's, big head, but I mean it fits okay, I'm going to use those attachment Combs just for extra security and then I'm going to go Ahead and start my zigzag part, I know thank you, I'm pretty satisfied with how the part looks so I'm going to go ahead and use my wax stick and hot comb to lay down those flyaways and get the wig flat at the top. Thank you. Trips. Come back over and over again baby so now to apply the wig. I am, of course, using my even lace spray, I'm only using one layer of this heaven and I'm just going to place the lace right on top of that spray. Once it is tacky and I like to use a small tooth comb to press the lace into my skin just for a better melt. But once I'm done doing that, I will tie my edges down with three cools: elastic band and move on to styling. The rest of the hair, so one thing I love about this texture - is how easy it is to maintain it to style and detangle the hair. I am just spraying the hair down with some water and I'm going to apply a nice amount of my foaming mousse. A clamps, I don't know once I brush through all of the hair, and it is fully detangled I like to scrunch the ends just to really help those waves and curls pop. So now, with an eyebrow razor, I am going to cut that lace off and start sectioning out my baby hairs over and over again the house, I'm so unseen. That'S so funny to me, like you know what you get is so, while my baby hairs are setting, I am just going to take some concealer and go over this zigzag part y'all. This part was so hard for me because I could not see what was going on at the top of my head, but listen. I was able to clean it up with an alcohol pad, and I mean I think it turned out pretty cute everything baby with you. So the hair is about 90 dry. I'M just going to use my fingers to fluff it up a bit. Y'All know I like big hair but yeah. This is pretty much the final look, you guys. I am in love with this texture. It is so soft and flowy, and just really really cute, so thanks again recool for sponsoring today's video y'all make sure you check out the description box below for all the hair details and maybe there'll be a little coat down there for y'all, but yeah. Thanks again recall and everyone else for watching make sure you like comment and subscribe, and I will see you in my next video bye foreign

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