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Hair Info: 22 inch body wave HD lace frontal 13*4 wig 180% density

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Foreign I've been loving it no baby. Hair looks so that's what I'm gon na do if you're new here, don't forget to like comment, share subscribe. If you return a subscriber, hey, bestie, hey and let's get into this video. Thank you damn right, we take turns it's so crazy, please we always all of this loves me for me. That'S right! Emergency yeah! Really she is go back. Don'T worry!

Ali Pearl Hair: Gorgeous! Thanks for trying our hair

Princessa Bianca: It’s cute sis love it!!!! ❤

J Jenny: no edges lookalways slay!

Key: Thank you for sharing this video with the world

Baby Doll Layla: new subbie here

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