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Ruby kisses 3d face creator foundation #14

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Got2b insta hold spray

Bio silk serum

Ion interchangeable curling wand

Hot comb

Pencil small flat iron (edges)

1.5inch flat iron

Curling iron

Erickaj hold me down spray

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Thank you, hey guys, welcome back to my channel today's video is nadula hair medulla, hair Samuel with this 24 inch curly wig. It is 180 density and it costs 361 dollars. It'S currently on sale, but I am gon na have a coupon code in my description box. If I do have one it's going to be in my description box at the top, so make sure you guys take advantage of that this is their skin like real HD lace. As you can see, I I use absolutely no glue on this wig and it is absolutely beautiful and we love protecting our hair. So if you don't have to use glue or spray, this is definitely the way to go. So I'm gon na have this wig linked down below, so you guys can check them out and also I'm going to show you the stuff that came in the packaging. So it came in this bag. It comes in the the standard, um plastic, but they did put a robe. They did put a robe in here, a nice little silk robe, because if you want to part it it's their 5x5 closure wig. You can put this right in the part and it will make it look like skin. I did go ahead and bleach the knots and stuff, so I didn't really want to use that, and also I'm not doing a part today. So I'm just doing like a flip over type of look, so I did not need that at all. They also come with some lashes, two skin, like wig caps. I absolutely love these wig caps they've been having recently it's very, very thin, and also this. This is a brush, so you can put on the foundation on the lace and a band that says on it. So that's all the stuff that came in the packaging today, I'm going to show you guys me installing it this. I literally had this wig on, for almost tomorrow is going to be a week, so today is actually a week. So I take. I took it off two times already and washed. The lace well not really wash the lace but like I wipe the lace because I use hairspray, but today I did not use any spray at all. I just had it on like this, so it's like glueless and I absolutely love gula's waist, because I could just take it off and throw it on and it's amazing. So if you guys are interested in how I got this look and how to protect your edges stay tuned to this video, you guys, so I already did a video putting on this wig and everything like that. But I did use like spray, and today I just want to put it on ghoulas, so I can finish this video because I really been procrastinating and it's not okay, so this is an adula hair. This is a curly wig, and this is how big the closure is. The lace is super seamless, so I'm just gon na put it on, so you guys can see how it Blends. I'M gon na apply some of my Foundation to the bottom and I'm not going to be using glue or anything like that to put this on today. This is how the inside looks. It does not come with an adjustable band up here, but I do have one in the back, so I'm gon na put that as tight as possible. So I can get the best melt, especially if you're not using any adhesive. You want to make sure that you have it as tight as possible, so this is gon na be really quick. When I washed this wig yesterday, I feel like this wig when it's freshly washed. That'S like the best. That'S the best, the curls look. Okay. So this is it no glue, no nothing and I just like flipping it side to side, but you can do a part. This looks so pretty already. All I'm gon na do is the edges, and I'm gon na use some gel for that. I'M gon na just put a little bit of my Foundation right on the sides, because that's where it's not really melted like that, I'm gon na be using my Ruby kisses. I always use that like we know this is the staple product I'm gon na. Just put it like right here at the edge and then I'm gon na go ahead and put some of the gel foreign foreign foreign, okay guys. So this is the end result. This is how the hair turned out. This is how seamless the lace looks, and this is glueless literally. I did not apply no glue. This does not even come with an elastic band, but it's very secure and if you want to add in if you want to push the Combs into your braids, it will let it stick even better guys. Before I end the video I just want to. Let you know that this hair has absolutely no product in it. I just wash it with shampoo and conditioner from Aussie moist, and that was it. I left it to air dry. It'S really good. I feel like this. Hair does really go with no product because when it has product, it kind of is hard to run your fingers through, and I like to fluff out the hair and have it feels soft. I don't like it to feel weighed down and when it has no product. It'S perfect, so I did not put any product in this hair. This is just the natural way that it dries but yeah. This is the final results from this wig. Don'T forget to check out natula hair. I will have all the links down below, including this wig and the specs and I'll definitely see you guys in my next one bye, foreign

Cynthia Patton: I love when freshly washed..It's so pretty!!!

Leona Alexander: This wig looks like a must havewhy it is so cute, but I’m sure it won’t be this fire if it wasn’t on the Queen herself Zell background music be hitting all the time

Laquida rush: Wait this a whole closure wig… damn you could’ve fooled me because I thought that was a frontal. It looks really good. ❤❤❤❤

Christie Rose: The unit is adorable!

MissMadam: Very nice wig looks good wet and dry that lace is giving

Uniquely Dara: This Playlist is a VIBE! Just been dancing

Gracie Edeh: This is literally scalpIf you resell your wigs I would be interested in buying

OHoneyPot: Sheesh this is amazing on you♥️♥️♥️

PrettyShay Mua: Sis we need a new makeup tutorial video

Nessa Pariss: ❤❤❤this makeup look!!!

Cream 7180: I LOVE this wig . But why are these companies not bleaching knots on $300+ wigs...

Laquida rush: I love curly hair ❤️❤️❤️ and I love it on you beautiful ❤ this hair is really giving… but I’m broke lol

Cinnamon Cyrus: The curls are perf that smile is joyful and hey what camera do u use? Zel God has blessed u gently ur fire

GiGi Mobley: Very pretty per usual. Your makeup....gosh be the best.

Shakayla Jones: Omg the lace is giving scalp

Cinnamon Cyrus: Zel I think u helped me find me dream job BTW u did help me find it

Cinnamon Cyrus: This is nice zel plus I know your just amazing Who does not like u? Your just the kindest I've met since I saw u I realized I've found a new friend

Maylissa E: Zel îs EVERYTHING FOR ME!!!!... where is your lashes from? love you girl!!

Rickisha Wynne: I would be in Grenada end of month .. would this be available for purchase or any wigs for giveaway???

Diana Simone: This the one. Let me go ahead and do the 4 payments. Lol

Leona Alexander: How much is this wigI want it

Simone: did you straighten it?

Anastaisia Whalen: Wanted to know how it came? Did you pluck it and bleach it??


Cinnamon Cyrus: Your voice is friendly I can relate To u zel How are u and ur husband ?

Nessa Pariss: Also what camera do you use it’s

Syrettexo: The installation lmk when the lashes are back up for sale

Cinnamon Cyrus: Your cute zel Ummm... do u do skin routine?

Cinnamon Cyrus: Zel zel umm do u do skin care?

Cinnamon Cyrus: Zel aren't u a darling

Cinnamon Cyrus: Wanna be friends?

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