My First Ever Wig Install #Funny #Wiginstall #Alopecia #Wigtransformation #Viral #Wighelp

To all my wig experts out, there help

Chloe Bean: MY FIRST EVER WIG INSTALL I came across this video today that i posted back in 2021 and wow… I remember this was the first human hair wig I ever bought and I was so nervous to cut the lace and how to glue it or for that matter what kind of glue!!

Trudi Byars: She’s very beautiful with or without hair it’s just decoration on the cake

Josie Tanner: I’m literally so jealous, you look pretty with no hair and with every length and style and color. Like you can rock everything

Varceno: I NEVER get tired of watching your videos- you are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Your confidence is admirable. Anything you wear you make it look good- not the other way around. Keep up the great work you are doing and continue inspiring others.

flamingo 🌸🦩: became a gta barber real fast


Jennaleigh monroe: To see her progress makes me so happy❤

Preppyyxo: It’s illegal for someone to look this beautiful with or without the wig

🤍miSS_brooke🤍: Why is she like the prettiest person I’ve ever seem

monkeymomof2: You’re probably the only person in the world that can rock the no hair and then hair. LIKE TF?!?✨❤️

Estephany Flores: You looks so pretty with your wig on. Either way, if you don't have the wake on you still look pretty.

🐮Jewel🐮: You are STUNNING with or without hair

Alex chan: Your beautiful just the way you are, you don’t need a wig❤

Dieselturbo09: You should wear a strawberry blond one it would look so good on you

Jamie Walker: Girl you don't need to change you are beautiful just the way you are and don't need to wear a wig

Devin: I think you look beautiful without a wig and with it on if you like wearing them though you do you!!!❤❤❤❤ Just sharing love

A🌺 :D: Your eyes are gorgeous. And You nailed your wig❤

Emma Scott: You always style your wigs so well

-\Its_Maymai\-_-: I’m so proud to see this on socials me myself has alopica and now feel not alone with this channel

WinterFresh: You did a great job!!! You went into that so confidently like you've been installing wigs since way back in the day lol

Elle54: That wig looks soooooo goood on youuuuu!!! ❤❤❤

Soumaya Rojano: Tell me why she looks prettier without a wig SO GORGEOUS YOU SLAY

A Random frog : You look so good with and without hair, also thats not too bad for a first try

Carlos Bernington: I love it! You looks so good!

Stone Pony: You're absolutely stunning

A440climbingchef: Girl, your lips are on fiyahhh! I wish I had your lips!

Amanda Rocha: Beautiful!!!!! Can you please do a makeup tutorial of this look

Addison Abell: You are literally gorgeous❤️ I wish I was as pretty as you love your vids

P Joshita: Bro you literally look like Barbi so pretty love your looks and the way you are .

Hermione: Ur the wig expert

Annabelle Morris: Your gorgeous

Layla Cronin: OMG your literally SO beautiful ❤️

Kadence Austin: Your so pretty!♥️

pauline guy: do you have a youtube I would love a more in depth on how to put on a wig that stays put.


Tenley Faucheaux: You are sooo beautiful ❤

Robyn Vercetti: Barbie needs to come out with a bald barbie. Cos you are honestly so gorgeous

Mia G Ceja: ur so pretty

Lovemelodyjane: Beautiful

Clayona Thomas: You are beautiful just the way you are ❤

Kim Redshaw: You are so pretty

Caroline Gillett: Pretty lady you don't need hair so so beautiful

Um Yahya: Completely honest you look so pretty ❤

Denise Capewell: Your eyes are amazing ❤❤❤

🐮Jewel🐮: You are so pretty

Luna: U have very nice eyes ❤

Pauline: Its still hard for me to do my edges girl keep practicing tho we’ll get it. If you can it would be cool to see you get one professionally installed

Melissa Adams: I WISH I HAD A HUMAN HAIR WIG!!!!!!

Becky Caffey: Your gorgeous Without hair

That_random_reindeer 🐇: Okay girlie, real question, does it hurt taking wigs off/ putting them on?

Lillie McCulley: All I saw was Courteney Cox from scream. She Slayy so much and you ate that up slayyyy

Rafnexx: You are so wonderful have a beautiful face just a dream woman !!!!!

Crazie Cat Lady: you have inspired me to start buying and wearing wigs again I wish you would go slower and show more details on how to attach and say where you got some of your wigs

Elawin Jala: I don’t know if you’ve gotten this question before, but do you still have those baby hairs that you’d get on your arms and stuff? The venial hairs I think is the term-? Anyone can answer this if they know-

Camila Garcia: I’m sorry but I’m going to say it for someone bold she is so beautiful !!!!!!

Thatrandomgirl : Girl I have the same issue with my hair I am losing it I have suffered with this since the 4th grade people always find a way to see them on my head so I always get made fun of for it I have tried everything nothing worked out

Diana Fernandez: U look amazing if you ever need help on installing a wigan how to do baby gauss I can definitely show you, I'm a beauticians N makeup artist ❤

David M. Avila: I love it , which products dobu use to glu it ? May i know please

Tammy Verch: What happened is you added to much of the product so when you proceeded to put the wig on you so much the product on, and you squished the edges into the product which made the edges look like that.

RBLX Tati: What was your natural hair color

Zanthe Foster: Your really pretty


Okayoranges&lemons: Your the only person that glues in a wig without 1000000000 steps


LowKeyPreppy🥥⚡️: Love it stay strong

Ahmed Jlil: My first try it would literally be falling of my head but your first try if my best try xx

starving demons: What is your favorite wig-making company/person

Mistie pollard: There is a two sided non slip clear thing that you can order that help keep wig on

Brilliant betsie blu: Try heatless curls On a wig

Soothing Art With Eva: Can u show us ur fav wig ❤❤❤

ZJ Efemini: love ya!

Erica Anderson: bleach those knots other than that this woman is absolutely beautiful

chan's laptop: what's this song?

Hotdogballz: Dude imagine getting to decide how big u want your forehead to be

Lenox Bean: All the randoms not knowing chloe and not getting the joke

alopeciagirle4: Girl I know ur pain


-Tanvi Jain-: Her skin is legit Barbie

Lluna: Alright, I'm new here. Where do you get your wigs

Girl In Yellow: I Think that you look beautifuler without a wig

Lazım Olan Herşey: If your disease is called alopecia areata, I can help you.

Jaachinma Ojimba: I'm jealous because you don't need to shave❤

Anonymous User: I am guilty of the mess with the glue and gel. Never mastered it either.

Mia Wakefield: Love the billie elish musiccc

Molly Koenig: So cute LOVE U♥️

itss morgann: You have too swoop the edges so it’ll look better

Stranger Things: Dose it feel nice not having to shave?

istvan balint: beautiful,but how do u take the wig of with the glue?

Southern Girl: Girl I am So There... I know Nothing....I've tried watching tons of videos but I'm 100% Lost.... the more I learn the more I Am Lost ♥

Maya Vetrosky: U gotta brush the hair back with a comb after u glue it then secure with elastic

Sophia: Your so pretty

Emmy Sandquist: Why does you look *Gorgoes* with every wig! You are even beutiful without a wig.

Hayden: Can you do a ashy pink wig please!!!

rhymes: heyy, just wondering if you can give me some tips to actually start accepting myself

Hesti Kleynhans: How do you install a wig that is not lace front?

Maya Vetrosky: And u gotta cut edges after secure lace first then edges

CUTE PREPPY GURL: I want to ask: does it hurt when taking off your fake eyelashes?

Cutie π: I‘m guessing you tried to glue the fly aways down too, don‘t actually do that start of as you did and then use gel for the rest if you do wanna for example put baby hairs down but in all honesty for me it looks best when the hairs are left alone no glue no gel and then just to style the wig nicely

Hey Pineapple: How long does it take before the glue dries and the tape glue stuff idk what is called

Bailey: Do you have any work done or use filters in all your videos? I’m not trying to be rude or anything, and obviously there’s nothing wrong with either way, I was just curious. Your very very pretty :)

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