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Thank you like dance, like dance, like dance life without you been feeling kind of strange. Well, I see that you doing very well, you looking very well. I miss the way your perfumes smell. I miss the way that you blowed up my line just to make sure that I'm feeling well welcome back to my channel. I am Casey debris and today I'm going to be reviewing this West kiss hair. I am so in love with this unit, like so freaking. In love with this unit, like it's been such a long time since I had some really good, thick great quality body wave hair that I really want to keep and this unit is just bomb like, I really don't have nothing else to say about it, just so Bomb, but I'm gon na get more into this hair when we hop into this video, but before y'all already know that y'all got ta. Stop this video up and also comment down below, and let me know what you got to see next and also subscribe to my channel, because my cash baby's lit I and I saw what yeah y'all. Let'S just go ahead and hop right into this video. When I tell y'all, I literally just took this out the package and I'm gon na be honest. I was not even about to do this hair review like right now I was gon na do it another day, but when I took it out the box - and I realized I don't have to bleach knots to it like the hair - is already curled. I'M just like why not literally, why not go ahead and put it on. This is probably about to take me 30 minutes max, and that is that so let's go ahead and put this unit on I'm so excited to just see how it looks because it already looks great, but I'm sorry, rambling, let's just go ahead and get right into The system all right so I'm about to throw my wig cap on and then we're gon na get started all right. So I have on my wig cap. So now, what I'm gon na do is just put some makeup onto my wig cap and onto the lace of this unit. This is just going to make the lace to my skin color, and this is my way of tinting the lace I like to use a nice powder, that's close to my skin tone, and I just put it all over the inside of the lace. I just flip. It back, as you guys can see when I flipping back like this. It'S just normal. I just pull it back and to me this is just the easiest way to put it on my wig cap and the wig at the same time like dance like dance, they pump all right so now that I'm looking at the hairline this way, I do want To plug it just a little bit on the sides um, it just looks a little bit too thick from my liking, so I'm gon na pluck it a little bit off camera and then I'm gon na come back and then we're gon na lay this thing down. But it's really just on the side over here. I just don't want it to look too thick. You know what I mean and I'm not sure if I'm gon na wear baby hairs with this unit. So it's really important to me that it looks natural. So I'm just about to plug it a little bit and I'll be right back okay, so I'm gon na zoom in for you guys just a little bit and as you guys can see, I did a little bit more plucking and this is more of my speed. I try not to plug my units too much, because if you guys know, I sell my units on my hair, page hair vacation and it's basically a page where I sell all the units that you guys see on my YouTube channel. Because, normally, when I do these units, I don't spend a lot of time actually wearing them, because I have to do the next one, so it doesn't make sense for me to pile them up. It doesn't make sense for me to pile them up in here. I can get rid of them and sell them to someone who actually will wear them and get to wear them, um, so yeah. I don't like to plug my units hella, because I want to have it to where the next person, who has it is able to customize it theirselves so yeah. This is just better for me. I feel, like this looks way more natural. There was nothing really wrong with how they had it. I'M just like my wig's got to be put. If I'm gon na wear it. I have to cut my wig unless it's like a super duper pre-plucked wig. It has to be plucked. So now the unit is ready to be glued down, I'm going to be using my ghostbonna glue. This is the only glue for right now that I use and I'm just gon na flip this wig back and I'm gon na clean off all of this makeup. On my face, because you don't want to have dirty skin before applying it lace glue, so I'm just going to take some alcohol and just clean this whole entire area in front of my wig cap. Now that my skin is clean, I'm just about to apply about two layers of mango spawn glue and I'm going to smooth it out with some popsicle sticks just to make sure everything is laying flat. I don't want any clumpy glue because that creates white little spots up underneath your lace, so I'm just going to use this Popsicle stick and just make sure everything is nice and flat. And even if I was out here, moves no friends, I don't with the fake saying they love me, but one in my place, step in the party. I'M licking the baddest, as you guys can see that first layer is already dried down clear. So now it's time to go ahead and start to smooth out the second layer, and I might do three layers now that I'm looking at it just for some extra security and it is getting a little bit hot for some reason, even though it's the middle of The winter but yeah, let's just do three layers just in case I drop a sweat or two all right. Now, I'm gon na pull this bag down. Just make sure it's in the middle of my head before I do that, though, okay and then I'm just gon na sit each side right on top of the glue all right. So y'all, it's laid it's late, it's late! It'S late! Y'All! All right! Let me go ahead and put all of this hair up and out of the way like that. Okay, now we're going to take a elastic band and then we're going to tie this thing down with some, even wonder lace, because this is gon na melt. The lace - and so I'm just going to spray this all around the hairline that I'm going to tie down with this and then we're gon na get it to The Styling, which is going to be very, very simple, so yeah and then I'm gon na. Take this hair down and see where we're at with things. I know that it's gon na get a little bit frizzy, because I did plug this unit a little bit, which means that all the hair that I plucked out is still in there. So I'm gon na have to go through and comb through these curls. I guess we'll see together how you know. They'Ll react to being combed. Oh they're not proven up okay, so I'm combing through the hair. Let'S see, oh, it's not even getting frizzy what y'all! This is crazy. This hair really came like pre-curls. This is wild. This is crazy yeah. This is this. Is I've never seen nothing like this before, and I've reviewed a lot of wigs, but I've never seen this before, like ever ever. I'Ve never seen this before. This is so crazy to me, like it's crazy, I'm about to go through and flatten this unit out, and then I think, that's literally going to be all that I have to do like literally I'm gon na take some hairspray and my hot comb, and then I'm Just gon na button at the top of this unit, and that's it literally you, take this band off and I'm gon na dry it a little bit without the band yeah. I'M just gon na cut this lace into a few different parts to make removing it a little bit easier for me. So I'm just gon na cut some slips and I'm gon na be cutting my lace today with a razor just because I want that really rigid line be super duper careful with this, because you can cut yourself and which I have before, but just be super careful. Like damn she at home, like damn, she lit got money too, like damn attempts. So this is what we looking like so to get rid of this ashiness around my lace and just kind of spray, a little bit of this stuff on my finger and I'm just gon na kind of massage it into the edge of the lace. This is literally gon na make it's so invisible, and I like to use my finger because I have better control with how much I'm putting in each area - and I like to not put too much of this stuff and then I'm going to tie it down. One more time or just a couple of seconds, not even a not long at all to do some really quick baby hairs, all right so y'all. This is the finished look of this unit. I am so in love with it. I still have not curled it. The curls are holding up so freaking good. This is a body wave wig, so you know the girls are supposed to hold good, but for the curls to come like this they're holding great, you know what I mean I didn't have to do anything except for flattening out this unit. I didn't I didn't bleach this wig, but I did pluck this wig and I just threw this thing on straight off the box like what who you know yeah yeah, but I'm gon na, come back to you guys tomorrow, because it's super late, it's 1 40. In the morning, so I'm gon na come back tomorrow. When I have on makeup - and I look a little bit better, so you guys can see the finest the finest the finished result. I'M gon na try to preserve these curls and we're gon na see how they hold up. I'M not gon na try to style it or do nothing. We'Re just gon na see and yeah I'll be back well for y'all in a couple seconds, but for me tomorrow. So yeah peace out, okay, y'all, I'm not even from the lot. It'S been several days later and do y'all see my freaking hair. I am in love with this hair. Like can y'all see this Escape. It is just so good. It just feels so natural I haven't had any issues out of his hair, like it has done me so good some days I just I don't even brush it. I'Ve had in this hair for about a week or so, and literally it's been so low maintenance that it's like crazy and another thing that I noticed about this unit is that it holds a curl, really really good. What y'all see in this hair right now is some loose wine curls and they hold so good they hold for days. I'Ve done this twice since I had my hair done since those curls that y'all saw fell and when I tell y'all it has held up so good. I am like in love with this hair. I'M not gon na sell this unit. I am too in love with it. The density is so good. It just feels really good. I could just tell this. Is some really really really really good hair and I really stand by this unit. I really don't have anything else to say about this hair other than it's just super good quality hair. I enjoy doing this install I've enjoyed wearing this hair. I'Ve got so many compliments on it, so yeah y'all. This is how pretty much the hair came out. Um, if you guys want to purchase this unit, I would have all the links listed in my description box as well as a coupon code. So do not forget to go down there, but yeah y'all. That'S pretty much it for this video If y'all enjoyed it. Please do not forget to give your girl a big old thumbs up and also comment down below, and let me know what you guys see next and also subscribe to my channel, because my catch baby is lit. I'M waiting. If you subscribe to you, Google, it too, and that's on what hear me: okay, yeah, so yeah yeah I'll, probably be keeping in this hair, probably about like another week, but yeah I'll, see y'all in the next video bye.

Myshea Grafton: Thats so pretty and it looks wonderful on you I love it

West Kiss Hair: You look soooo pretty,babe Thank you for sharing~

Ashleigh Roberts: Love this!!

The Sabri Kaoir: Yay consistency

Jasmin Riccio: It's a wig use your own hair be natural

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