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Foreign, hey guys, welcome back to my channel so today in this video girl, I got a new wig to share with you. This is the brand right here, Brenna's hair girl. Now this one is 100 human, hair and girl. Wait! Do you see this unit? This is a full cap, human hair, wig with a bang. You know I love my wigs with bangs these days. I just love a full cap unit, but this is how you would find them on social media Supergirl. Let'S go ahead and get into this unit. Okay, so inside of the box, we have the unit itself. They did include some elastic for added security. Then you would have to sew that in yourself we got a pack of wig caps and we got a pack of ooh really cute lashes bro. These are super nice, okay, push through lashes, super nice, okay, but let's go ahead and look at the unit. Now this unit is a beautiful, highlighted, blonde wig with a bang in 22 inches, it's definitely 22 inches. Now all of their information will be linked Down Below. In the description box, so don't skip over it. Look at these highlights this is so cute now this is my first wig like this as it pertains to having a bang and human hair. Yes, she is super cute, and this is standard Cap Construction. You have Temple cones comb in the back and adjustable straps, so nice, I'm gon na go ahead and cut this little tag out and we're gon na put it on now. I love these you because they're just so quick and easy, so quick and easy just effortless. We don't have to cut lace, we don't have to use glues, tapes that thick sticky gel. I I just have a problem with that got to be glued Gel really on my skin. I could not stand it I'll do it, but I don't like it. I like the way it looks when the girls do it. I just don't really like the way it feels, but look, let's just look at these colors such a beautiful, color combination. I love this. I love this now. It does have like a Tiny, the tiniest bit of lace at the top, so it has that swirl top, but the hair feels great. It looks great, let's just put it on and see how it looks. Okay, so we have our human hair wig installed. Of course now we can't leave our bangs this straight, so we got the bump them a bit. I have my curling arm what my flat iron going right now, so I'm gon na first of all shift his wig a bit it straightens out on my head and now I'm gon na go ahead and comb her out a bit, get her looking nice and presentable, And then bump these bangs up there. Now some people like that that look, they call that what a Chinese bang I'm going to bump it with it. I may even go in with the scissors a bit break up some of that bluntness, because I don't really like them when they're um just cut straight across and it's all you do just snip snip snip in there. So this is not so once cut upward foreign. Your wig doesn't look so cosplay like if that makes sense, but nonetheless I'm gon na go ahead and grab a comb run. The comb through it and I'll be right back with my bangs bumps, okay. So I'm back from bumping the bangs um I'm trying to determine how I like the color on me. I do like the unit itself. I just wish the bangs weren't so blunt cut, but I get it. That is a style um, but I think I think overall, it's cute. I like it. I guess I'm Gon na Keep It on for the rest of the day, like I said she is 22 inches super nice, I'm gon na show you the bag. I got a little more cutting to do with these bangs. Like I said, I don't like a blunt start, a cross cut all right. Let me show you all the hair, I'm back 22 inches. It'S nice, I'm actually really liking. It um not too thick, not too thin. I do enjoy the density now that the link will be down below in the description box, so don't skip over so that you can check it out for yourself, okay, she's cute. I like it. Let me know what you think of today's unit from Brennan's hair. How did Miss Brenna? Do it's cute? It'S it's definitely cute. I love fast effortless wigs, and this is definitely that human hair. So if you want to tone it a bit to take out some of the brassiness, you definitely can because, like I said - and I keep stressing - this is indeed human hair, but the wig itself is super cute, but yeah girl. That is it for me. Thank you. So much for watching make sure you subscribe to my channel hit that notification Bell so that you don't miss any of my uploads until next time. I will see you in my next video and there'll definitely be another video bye, foreign foreign

Patricia Williamson: Beautiful unit Mesha! Thank you for sharing

Patricia Johnson: That’s a cute wig. ❤️❤️❤️the highlights in it.

reddpurselady: That is very pretty on you!!!!!!!!!!!

p m: Ok blonde looking amazing on you beautiful mesha

Dewana Johnson: Ouu Mesha I love this color on you.

Dreykini: Pretty, Very Tina Turner in a good way

Carol-Ann Collins: ❤

Tasha Hall: Ok Meyonce , cute wig

Sori Yazz: No I don't really care for it

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