Trying Cheap Amazon Wigs On My Bald Head!

Hi thanks for watching me try on this budget friendly hair haul.

In this video I try on and show off cheap wigs I got on Amazon. All the hair pieces are below the $30 price range. Did you have a favorite look?

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Lime green wig:

Black wig:

Blonde wig:

Purple wig:

Short big curl black wig:

Foreign like comment and subscribe baby: let's get right into the video, so today I wanted to review and try on some cheap wigs. I got these all on Amazon and they are less than thirty dollars, so let's get right into it. So, for the first one I love her so much she's, giving Mike Wazowski she's, giving lime green. I actually bought this four. They had a what was it Shrek Fest? There was a Shrek Fest over the summer, and I thought this would be perfect to wear there. Uh, I really like the length I love the curls. It looks kind of synthetic, but at the same time, since it's such a vivid color, I think it also looks pretty real a nice thing, so a lot of the wigs they have this type of netting. So it's really breathable and you're able to actually itch your head. If your head is itchy another thing it has these adjustable straps. So let's throw her on, trim it and do straight across bang. So there's not such a huge texture change, because this is all very texturized and then The Fringe is very straight, so I feel like it would just come across more natural if it was straight across bangs but she's so cute. Now this one I've tried on - and let me tell you I was so shocked on how terrible it looked, because it has a lot of good stuff going for it. It has like a fake scalp, the same build on the inside and it's really nice because it matches the color of the hair, but again scratchy scratchy. But I don't know if it's the length or what and maybe it's just a me thing. Maybe it would look really cute on someone else, but it's just not it on me. I will say this lighting is really good and it's definitely doing me Justice, but I don't know it's just it's not it. We had high hopes for her. Maybe it's not. For me, maybe it's for you, but that's her, so I'm thinking these all actually have the same, build now that I'm thinking about it, because again we have the adjustable straps, the scratchy scritch, all that good stuff. This one is very similar to the last one, but I think just a few extra inches makes such a big difference. So this one, I think, is really cute, but the bangs are just a hot hot mess, and here are some of the solutions that I have thought of so number. One oldest easiest wig trick in the book is a good old hat, just throw that baby on. She looks really cute and I got ta say the texture of this is incredible. Just it's so nice to run your fingers through and this length. This is a really great wearable length because I've had longer ones, but the thing is is they could get tangled and nasty? Really quick where this, I think, is going to last you a really long time. So that's a quick fix, oh another thing that I want to try. I'M kind of scared, though, because it's a synthetic wig and I've never used heat on one before, because since it is plastic, it does have the possibility of melting. But I think if we just rolled them like that with a straightener y'all, maybe another time, I'm scared, so I'm gon na put this on a low temperature setting. This is this is really truly what this channel is about stumbling into success, being afraid and doing it. Anyways, I can already smell the heat off. This thing say: 250 degrees um. I don't think that really did anything. But honestly, I just liked her with a hat. That'S a dead giveaway that you're wearing a wig, but it was cute. Oh no! Try your best and you don't succeed, this one is by the same exact person as the last one which she looks like. I think she looks really real. I don't know if I showed you on the last one, but on this one as well. There'S another fake scalp situation, uh. I really like the colors of this one. They try to give baby hairs. Oh that's not it! Oh, my goodness! Okay, um um, okay! Well, there's that, but I think this one probably looks the most realistic out of all of them. Tell me if I'm wrong, please, like please comment and let me know, but I think if I saw somebody wearing this, I would not clock it as a wig. So for these bangs you could go back with Old, Reliable and hit him with a last, but not least we got this one. I wanted it to look so beautiful and elegant like a cute little pixie cut and it just it just looks like little boy, but it was eleven dollars, so I can't be super mad about it. Also a nice thing about it. Let'S give some compliments. It'S ventilated. It'S not let me inside out it it's not the camera, you could scratch your head, but they gave us some little Combs to help secure it to your Noggin, but we don't love how she looks on. First of all, this part here it covers the top of your ear. So I'm trying to maybe that's. I thought it was just going to give elegant, but it's giving uh. I don't know what it's getting it's giving boyish charm. I don't hate it as much as I did when I originally got it, but definitely don't love. I don't know I'm very conflicted about this one. I don't know how I feel, but that's this one, and that concludes all the wigs that I have I'll put. The links for all the wigs down below and maybe I'll do another wig video soon, because I have a ton of wigs, but some of them have just gotten so long ago. I don't even know where they're from what they're called any of that information, but it would still be fun to do a little try on bye,

sofi giannaras: For heat use it between 210° and 300° and spray with a water bottle before hand. Anything above 300° will melt. You’re gonna want to let it dry before coming through it after heat. Hope that helps! Also let me know if you want me to trim the bangs to your face!

Jane Katherine: That second wig was giving Edna modeeeee!!!


Blonde Bliss: A few extra inches does make all the difference lol wink ♡

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