Sexy Half Up Half Down Curly Wig Install Ft Klaiyi Hair

Hi loves! This wig got me all the way together for date night. Thumbs up if you would rock this style! xo

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Intro 0:00 - 1:42

Wig Details 1:43 -2:25

Wig Install 2:26 - 4:27

Wig Styling 4:28 - 8:59

Final Look + Outro 9:00 - 10:05

You can't outdo the doer. You can outshine the shinaberry that song is loving, rent free in my head right now, like just the tail end of that song y'all like what I cannot get it out my head. My boyfriend is so sick and tired of me saying that over and over and over again is that stuck in anyone else's head hi, dolls and gents. I am back with a new video on this wig install right here. I love this half up, half down Style with this little bang in the front. I think it's so freaking cute. I want to give a huge shout out for kaleihi hair for sponsoring today's video. I love their wigs. This one did not disappoint, so I am rocking their 24 inch, Jerry curl texture, and this is a lace, frontal wig. It is a 13 by four lace: frontal wig. The lace on this baby looks good. It was so easy to lay this lace down y'all. You will see how quickly I laid the lace in this install. I think this is the quickest I've ever put. My wig on before wig does come pre-plucked, but I did go in and pluck it just a little bit more, but I really didn't have to do much because they did quite a bit of plucking to this wig. So it looked really nice and natural. When I put it on, it has a lot of dips and grooves and the hairline, which is what we want. So if you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, what are you doing? Click that subscribe button hit that Bell. So you're notified as soon as your girl posts, a new video, and if you would like to see how I install this wig today as well as styled it in this cute, half up half down with these little bangs in the front. Y'All know what to do. Definitely stay tuned, so my wig arrived in this gorgeous green box and inside of the box was this goodie bag? It has an elastic band, wig cap, eyelashes and a powder brush wig does come with a plucked hairline, but I went ahead and bleached the dots and I did a bit more pluck talking. You do not have to do this step, but I just did it to make the wig look more natural. When I install it - and here is the natural texture of the hair after co-washing, some of the hair up top did get a bit frizzy because I was plucking the hairline. So here is the inside of the cap. It does have two Wick combs in the front. One in the back with extra lace and adjustable straps for a glueless wear. If that's what you would like, I went ahead and put my straps together and I'm gon na throw the wig on my head and line up that lace with my hairline. So let's go ahead and remove that excess lace. I am doing it in a zigzag motion, so it looks very natural laughs today. I'M gon na lay my lace with the red iben wig spray and I'm spraying this across my entire hairline and then I'm gon na wait for it to get nice and tacky to lay my wig down now, it's time to lay the lace. On top of that Wick spray, once it's tacky and literally it is just gripping that wig y'all, it was so easy to install this wig. Today I didn't have to use the blow dryer. I did go in it with an elastic band, but it really was not necessary. With this wig install, it is going down so easily so now it's time to get that hair out the way. So I'm going to pin it up and then I am going to install the elastic band y'all. This is what gives the install that super flat melted. Look. I went ahead and I did my makeup super beat, but a natural like soft glampy, I'm not even wearing eyeshadow, today type beat if y'all want a tutorial on this. Let me know like this is so simple, so I don't know if y'all want a tutorial, but if you do, I got you so I'm just showing you what a middle parting looks like on this wig. The Parting space is super natural. It does have freestyle parting. So you can part it wherever, on the frontal - and here is the hairline: it's not HD lace, it's transparent lace, but it still looks really nice and you can also part it on the side. But right now I'm gon na go ahead and do like a little front. Bang like two little bangs in front. I don't know if that's what you would call it, but that's what I'm calling it so. I'M gon na pin the hair out the way. While I get that bang together, I'm gon na go ahead and twist the hair and then get it out the way so that I can do like a half up, half down type of style. So I'm also going to pull out two pieces of hair near the ear tabs on both sides and we're going to Define these curls later. But first we're gon na go ahead and get the hair situated so that we can put it in a half up. Half down style, so I'm seeing how much hair I want to section off for my ponytail right now. I'M gon na take a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner and spray it on the top of my hair. So I could slip it back. I didn't want to get rid of the texture, so I went in with this mixture instead of using a hot comb and then I'm using a little bit of styling mousse and I'm going to put that over top and then we're going to go ahead and brush The hair and put it up in a ponytail thank you, foreign! So now it's time to define those bangs. So let's go ahead and take that twist out, I'm going to repart it. So my parting is in the middle of my head and I'm using that spray mixture again the water with leave-in conditioner. It'S actually Kinky Curly, not today leave-in and I'm going to spray it on both sides and we're going to shingle the curls to get them nice and defined. Oh and I'm going to do the exact same thing on the curls near the ear tabs. Those two pieces of hair that we left out over there so we're going to spray it with the spray bottle mixture and then shingle those curls as well and, lastly, we're going to define the curls on the ponytail because those did get a bit frizzy. So I'm just taking the spray bottle mixture and running through the curls, with my fingers just to re-define those curls. I think the style turned out super cute y'all. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below. Would you rock this style because I am loving it? I think it's super cute for a date night or just like going out with your girls, but she's super cute in the front back side. Yes, so my hair turned out cute, I did not want my hair to be like super wet, because I am going outside I'm about to go on a dinner date with my boo. So I wanted to do like kind of like a half up half down style, and this is super simple to do. I love the texture of this hair. If you are interested in purchasing this wig from clay hair, I will have a link Down Below in the description box, for you guys, as well as any coupon codes that they provide me with. I want to thank you all so much for watching my video. I truly do appreciate each and every one of you and I will catch y'all in my next video bye. If y'all have not already watched my latest video you ain't got ta tell me just go ahead. Click the box right here and watch it right now.

makeupD0LL: Hi loves! I added new resell wigs to the website, including this one. xo →

Nia S: Okayyyyy MakeupD0ll is really showing ALL THE WAY OUT with all the new content!!!!

Naima: Girl. I’m loving all the uploads you’ve been giving us! Yes to everything, and I’d love to see the makeup tutorial to this look as well ✨

Kalisha J: Yes on the makeup tutorial because until you skipped it I thought that's what this was. I didn't read the title, lol. I enjoyed the video nonetheless, this hair and style are beautiful.

Marvis Afariogun: You are such a stunner Keish!

Dee Luther: Great Video As Always Super KutE thumbNail Tho Beyond Gorgeous you are Ur Makeup Always Look Good Have a Marvelous Night as well Happy Sunday Too Have a Spectacular Week Ahead Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

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Felita Dexter: YESSSS

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