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Ah, I'm sure you carry her crazy Beyonce. Is that you I look like Cinderella hi guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Omar. If you see this beautiful face for the first time, welcome welcome and in today's video we're going to be styling, this beautiful hair from beauty forever hair. This hair is a kinky coily wig from beauty forever. It'S in the color Urban. So please go to the description box now and click on the link to shop. The hair in this video I'll also be showing you guys different ways. You can style and rock this lovely hair. The hair quality is very, very lovely. The hair quality is superb and it's a wig. I would recommend to everyone and anyone. So please stay tuned to watch this video and plan anything that we want. You think you think that you need it others opinions. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes you won't, but we could be everything anything. It could be anything every day. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes they don't sometimes could be everything everything anything could be anything that we want. You think that you needed others opinions. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it don't sometimes, but we could be everything everything else. I will be showing you three different ways on how you can rock this hair. One last thing: I'm back: oh my God, I'm so happy. This hair is so lovely. It'S so lovely the fact that it's tangle, free, soft and lightweight - I don't. I can't explain the texture of this hair. You cannot understand except you buy this hair. Please hurry now, go to my description box click on the link and buy this hair beauty forever. Please I would give you a plus for this hair. When I tried una, they try, I'm so beautiful that I can cry. I can't cry for my beauty. What did you need in here for beauty forever? You need to go to my description box. Now. Please go. Go go. There now pause this video I'll go to my description box and click on the link shop. Buy this hair. You need to show you need more than one, because how can only one hair give somebody all this beauty? Hey, please let me style it again. I would see what will look like what I would look like you know. Sometimes sometimes we don't see. Is that you, oh my God, hey you guys mean you need to take this beauty in. You need to go to my description box and buy this hair click on the link and buy this hair before it's sold out. I will start looking like eh you should have bought this then buy it now buy it now. Click on my link and buy it now get your discounts. Please buy it now. I can't wait to show you my thought and final book. Please do not skip this video third look coming up log deep! Switching it up, Beyonce is that you say it's giving it's giving everything it's supposed to give believe me, it's giving everyone foreign. I look like Cinderella. I feel so beautiful all thanks to Beauty forever here, please guys, you need to click on the link in my description box. One sweet thing: just one thing I love about this hair in particular - is the fact that I can wear it dry and I can also wear its ways, so it the hair, you need for your vacation, the hair. You need for your wedding for your engagements section. This hair can be worn to any occasion, please. I repeat, I know I'm saying this for people that will still come back later to ask me: click on the link in my description box so buy this hair. Okay. Before we end this video, please, I would also need you to comment below your favorite look, which one do you love the most, the first look, the second look or this last look. That'S the third and final. Look please comment below and with this I hope I've been able to convince you and not to confuse you why you need a hair from beauty forever hairs. So um I'll see you guys in my next video. Please don't forget to like, don't forget to share it. Don'T forget to drop your sweet and lovely comments, that'll be all for TV, bye,

Salle Cynthia: the first look is giving it all for me ❤

TUGBIYELE OMOWUMI: This beauty choke, Asin is Entering my eye that I can’t even close it. Nne you are the true definition of beauty and example of beauty. If you are a brand owner, and prettyomah is not influencing for you yet you are seriously missing ooo kimonnnnn see this gorgeousness nah you ate every look without leaving any crumbs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Asogwa Chinemelum Clara: I love the last and final look

Mary Quaboh: Loved all the styles but if I had to choose, the first one wins. You looked like a queen ❤❤

KuitMJ's world: The first and final look for me You rock in all ❤

Jimmelia Bullah: Wow Here she is again blessing our screens with her glowing face ❤ You are too beautiful for Nigeria IJ❤ I love the last look

Lizzy: Wow, beautiful African queen, your hair looks magnificent and your skin glowing as usual

Priscilla Akawor: The first and the last look so beautiful

Erika Carter: Slaying as always Nigerian princessskin is skinning

JANNY NDIGWE: The hair the beauty is Giving!!! ❤

Wise_King: The final look was

Sonia Castillo: Beautiful IJ you rock all styles very well ❤❤❤

Melodius Thole: Last look is giving ❤

Natasha Eze: beautiful, can’t wait to start collaborating with brands,I love reviewing wigs too❤

Hadiatu Barrie: Always looking beautiful ❤

Tjihuno Grechean: All the looks ❤❤❤

iam_thegodgirl: Omoit's actually the first look for me, but you looked good in all 3 tho. Will shop from them soon!

NJINGI FRIDA: All the looks are beautiful❤❤❤❤

Agoi Obunso: Goodness me you kill it absolutely stunning love the colour

Kofoworola Oyinkansola: The first and d last look is giving

Shasha sheriff : Will definitely get this. Thanks omah

Tabinyangha Ruth Bessem: Wow! All the styles just giving So cute De first look is my best bb

Cassy Okeke: 1st, 2nd and final look for me. Nne you look sooo fineeeee❤️❤️❤️

Erica Bonnie world: The final look is a sweet

BelleKingz Tv: That hairstylist has mad talent 6:26

Asogwa Chinemelum Clara: Omah's hair is on fleek

Tina_love ♥️: Looking good

Chinenye Emeghara: You look fabulous ❤

Itz fantish: So pretty ❤❤❤❤❤

Martina Makoga: Okay when I saw the notification I thought it's our baby girl Chinenye Nnebe❤️❤️ looking very beautiful

Chisom Nsude: Beautiful Oma ❤

Orukomienor Zino: So beautiful ❤️

sannies_empire: Pretty mama♥️ You look so stunning as always Your beauty no be here

Ginikanwa Igbolekwu: I am Mesmerized by your Look❤❤..OMG Now i see the Reason why the Baby Boy came for you❤ Nne you are beautiful in all Aspect. And i give it to your hair stylist, the guy is trying ❤ i guess he is (Smart) right?? Well to me, in as much as you keep to your 3Cs, you will keep Achieving Greatness ❤. You have been persistent and Hardworking, so therefore my dear Enjoy the Goodness and Love of God. I Love all the 3 Looks, you are indeed beautiful, and thanks to Beauty forever for choosing you as their Influencer❤... More deals to come, like i said earlier, this year will surely be Your Best of the Best.... Just Get out Abeg, you too Fine❤❤❤

Atee's hustle: You are very beautiful Aunty IJ The hair is really giving!!!! Your skin is skinning as well

Chuma Florence Tembo: Oh my God I could barely recognize you You look so beautiful ❤❤❤

Empress Tolly: So beautiful

Elizabeth Yaa Darkwaa Ackaah: Chai this ones is omahyonce periodtt I love all the looks❤❤❤

Jennifer Shima: Hottest 042 hair baddest brand influencer omah Nnebe your beauty and gorgeousness looks they enter eye abeg. i cant stop grazing at this beautiful, elegant,classy really rock this hair abeg pls keep giving us more of this ravishing look . it really giving omah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Okorefe Helen: Wow you look pretty ❤

Amaka Faith: You look good dear and the hair is lovely

Fatou Sanneh: Your hair look beautiful

Joy ogeleka: The second look did it for me

Favour Williams: Ever pretty omah❤

iam_thegodgirl: Mami you're sooooo beautiful❤

Amina Fondo: Wow

Priscilla Akawor: Awww so cute

Ercharu Philemon: The hair is so fine.... pls dash me whenever you're tired of itcos i know i can't afford it now

Wise_King: ❤❤

Ismail Sharifa: I am in Ghana but l will visit ur shop soon so that l will look beautiful like u ❤

Florence: ❤❤❤❤❤

Atugonza Recheal: All are beautiful

Eunie Flowers: The background song

Itz fantish: I love all ❤❤❤❤

Joy ogeleka: Where do You get all these nice songs for your videos within getting copyrighted

Green bile: Wow you look cute

Alapo Salume Rita: mai Omah❤

mukesha feston: I want this hair how can i get it am from Malawi

Milly Takyiwaa: Beautiful omah❤️I love you ❤️

Lyzy Ki: U look dashing girl. Beauty wey dey shock infact chop kiss for there

mukesha feston: On a second moment I thought it was chinenye ❤

Erika Carter: All❤❤

Abi gal♥️: Aww Pretty omah

Oribayo Zainab: Pretty mama love you more

Fatou Sanneh: Final look

Ugochi Cinderella: Who is these beautiful princess u look like cinderella indeed

Qwin becky: Omo see beauty i could not even recognize you Omah ooo opor god dey create ooooo , ❤️❤️❤️❣️well in addy congratulations to 63k subscribers ❤

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