Isee Hair $140 Mongolian Kinky Curly 22" Frontal Wig! Ft. Amazon

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ISEE Hair 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Mongolian Kinky Curly Wigs Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Natural Color for Black Women (22" Lace Front Wig)

I am wearing this unit in the color #natural.

0:00 - Intro

0:20 - Unboxing & Knot Bleaching

1:30 - Hairline Plucking

2:15 - Lace Meltdown

3:00 - Defining the Curls

4:00 - 5 Styles

4:50 - SPECS

5:20 - Hairline

5:55 - Density

6:25 - Curl Defining Products

7:25 - Cap Size

8:15 - CON

8:45 - PROS & Final Thoughts





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Y'All, it's been a minute since I did an Amazon wig. This car is a pop lock and dropping girl like girl. Look at the curls are curling. The curls are curling cut my check coming for the neck. Take what I want cause. I'M in my respect. I be the connect expect to get left all right. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign, hey you guys and welcome back to have big hair reviews, I'm Angelique if you're returning, as always thank you so much for tuning in and if you're new to this channel, just make sure you smash that subscribe button hit that notification Bell. So you can be notified when I upload new videos weekly. So today, I'm coming to you guys with a unit from Amazon. This wig is from the Amazon store. I see hair. I know that that's an individual vendor, but I got it from Amazon instead of direct from the vendor, so this is from Icy hair. This is the Mongolian Kinky Curly and I'm wearing it in 22 inches. So let me just pop it in the specs of this one for you, so this unit does come with four combs in total, two of them in the front one in the middle one, comb in the back. It also comes with adjustable straps. It comes with 13x4 parting space, and it also has additional lace in the back, which I kind of feel like is a little bit meaningless, because the way that they sewed the tracks on the back, you can't really get a natural look, but nonetheless it does come With the lace in the bag as well, it's not really pre-plucked. I had to go in and pluck it myself. So let me just come in and show you guys with the hairline looking like on this one. So, as y'all could see, I didn't go all crazy with the baby hairs, just because I wanted you to be able to really see what the hairline looks like it's not as realistic as I would like it to be um, I'm me so I didn't pluck it Out crazy, but I did definitely put some work into it, so this is a human hair unit. It did not come with bleach knots or anything like that, so it did go in and bleach the knots and Knots what this is looking like, I feel like it, took the bleach pretty well, the knots are still kind of there, but um bleaching. The knots definitely did help that out some. The density on this hair is really nice. You guys this is all the hair to the front. If you guys saw on the clips when this hair dries out, it definitely does get big big. The density seems like it's around very minimum 150 percent, especially when it's wet out like this. The hair does have a little bit of weight to it, but it's not heavy on my head when it's dried out, it's definitely given like 180 to 200 density. It'S definitely a lot of hair. You guys it has the super tight, pretty curls, which I really really love, you guys to define the curls honestly. All I did was just go in with my spray bottle right here, which I just have some water in two different types of conditioners shook it up and then spritzed it through the hair to just Define the curl slime. I did also go in with a little bit of my a lot of body milk and honey refined me curl, defining mousse to just kind of Define the curls out and I feel like it does definitely take products super well, the hair itself, the quality I feel Like it feels pretty good honestly, it feels better than I thought it was going to be super super soft. You guys, I'm not sure if this is going to be a super longevity type of unit. It is on the lower price side, so I'm not really expecting for this unit to last forever. But honestly, as it is right now, I feel like it's super pretty. This will at least be a good in between wig. I feel like it's. It'S really pretty, and it's given, especially for the price point for the length for the density for the curl pattern for the quality of the hair. So far, I definitely feel like it's given what it should be given as far as the capsize on this one. You guys this one is definitely not coming off big head friendly for sure it's coming off small all in medium-ish, head friendly, my head is like 22 to 22 and a half inches in circumference, and it's fitting my head, like it's just just fitting my head. If you get what I'm saying, I haven't adjusted the straps or anything like that, there is no stretch to the calf, so if your head is any bit bigger than in between 22 to 22 and a half inches honey, this will be an issue for you. I was able to stick it down with some manipulation, but I'm positive. If my head was any bigger than this, that would be an issue. This hairline will be slipping and sliding back. So definitely just keep that in mind. You guys. I wouldn't necessarily say that this is beginner friendly, because I definitely did put some work in, especially when it comes to the hairline. So this is not one. That'S going to be straight up ready to go out of the box if you like that, like natural hairline type Vibe, so definitely just keep that in mind. So let me just pop right into the cons and the pros of this unit. The only con I can say is just because I'm me and I'm very particular when it comes to my wigs. I just wish the hairline was plucked out some more, but I feel like for the price point, it's kind of worth it to put the work in to make it look the way that you want to look. That'S why I don't think this is the most beginner friendly just because there are definitely some customizations that you're going to have to make for yourself to get it to sit and look the way that you want it to sit um yeah. So my only con is probably going to just be specifically particularly me. I just wish that the hairline was plugged out a little bit more but other than that. I feel like it's all Pros girl. I feel like it's hitting 22 inches, like I said, of course it's 22 inches when it's stretched. I like the look when it's dried out, not super super dried out, because then it is giving like afro Vibes but um. I do like how it kind of looks when it's dried, like I said it takes product. Well, it's taking the water. Well, the curls bounce back super quick, um didn't get any tingling. I got some snags here and there, but of course it's kinky curly hair like it needs to be moisturized, but as a whole. I feel like it's a super cute unit density is nice. Hair quality is nice. Curl pattern is beautiful. Price point was really really great for some human Kinky Curly Mongolian hair, I mean as a whole. I feel like it's good like this. Is me trying it day, one I'm gon na? Let you guys know how it holds up for me, but I feel like as a whole right now. I wouldn't be too upset if it doesn't last super super long, because I feel like you get what you pay for um price point. Wasn'T super super high for this one it was definitely affordable for sure. That'S pretty much all I could say about the scene. I hope you guys found this video helpful if it was just make sure you give me a like give me a subscribe comment down below, and the units won't pick up in any of the colors honey and until then I hope to see you guys soon. Bye foreign

Love Yourself: Happy Wednesday This is really pretty, and I love the kinky curly texture. It's nice and full and has a nice length. Have a Blessed Evening “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”


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