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This is my second time applying a lace front wig and I can say it gets easier every time. This hair is so beautiful, tangle free, no shedding and so soft. It is pre-plucked with baby hairs and lightly bleached knots. So worth purchasing 

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Thank you, okay, so I want to show y'all exactly what it looks like before. I even do anything to it. This is how I came in the back. Of course it came to box y'all and all that, but this is how the bag looks. So cute has their logo, their name 100, human hair y'all. So it came with a two-piece Deluxe wig cap and it came with the wig okay. So I have a nice and packed up for you: 22 inches natural 13 by four body, wig and y'all. This is how it's looking just for right now, I'm going to show y'all, of course after I get it washed because actually doesn't have any smell, and I've purchased a lot of hair online, but this one doesn't have a smell at all um. It is also already supposed to be um with the Bleach knots. Is that lightly bleach allari has the baby hairs. So that's good for somebody like me, four cones, lace, front and I'll be back stay tuned. So where are my manners? Y'All, hey, y'all! It'S our page! Welcome to my channel welcome back to my channel if you're new, definitely don't hesitate to hit that subscribe. Button hit the Bell, so you don't miss out on these notifications of your OG. Well, welcome back our fam and we're already getting this started. Oh okay, then y'all! So today, as y'all already can tell I'm going in with this lace front wig y'all um. If you've already been following me, you already know this is my second time doing a lace front, wig y'all. So please don't come for me. If I'm not doing something completely correct um, the results turned out decent. I definitely think the results turned out really nice, I'm gon na play around with it a couple more times to try to perfect it. I think I know a few tips now that I could have did a little bit different next time. I probably won't even do the ball cap method, although this time that's definitely what I'm doing right now, y'all as y'all can see, and I'm really just gon na go ahead and let y'all watch and see how this is gon na turn out kind of not do A whole bunch of talking, because one I'm not an expert at doing lace, front wigs y'all, I'm definitely not I'm still learning myself, but I definitely think that this turned out pretty good. To only be my second time at that y'all, since this video I've actually done it again and it turned out even better than this video and I'm going to try like I said one more time just without the ball cap method. Definitely I'll put all the information about this wig down in the description box, the link, the Amazon link and everything where you can go purchase. It is actually a sale on these wigs as well. They come in all different lengths and I was definitely loving, loving it y'all loving the texture, loving the hair, it doesn't really shed, it didn't come with a smell. It'S like so many pros. This lace front, like somebody that really loves wigs, would have definitely definitely love getting this type of hair or this type of wig y'all so definitely go check them out and show them some love on Amazon. Thank you so right here, all I'm doing is straightening the hair. You can leave it with the body wave look, but I was definitely willing to go for more of a Sleek look and that is what it's giving y'all. So definitely I was feeling myself. I was enjoying the hair loving it. I love how natural it looks and y'all. I know if I was better at doing lace fronts. I could have slayed it a little bit better, but your girl is working on it. I'M gon na get there. Definitely one of those people that I always like to perfect stuff, so definitely y'all. This will be the last you'll see me doing wigs until next time. I hope you all enjoyed this video definitely go check them out. The link is below in the description box. Bye thanks

Melissa Copeland: You did great for it to be your second time .... looks good on you

Frankie Wynder: Looking good!

GC TEER: I think you did a great job! You did better than I ever could because i know absolutely nothing about lace fronts.

Airica Golden: Great Job!

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