Tip Tuesday: Cutting The Lace On A Brand New Human Hair Wig

The wig in this video is from Debra's Enchanted. Here is my review of a few of her pieces including this one: https://youtu.be/3vNTvT4HDL0

Scissors I show: https://amzn.to/3LMWqYq

Alligator clips: https://amzn.to/3JVTyr2

Here are my videos on cutting the lace on a wig:

► Cutting lace on TWO different types of lace using a mannequin head and pinking shears on a ready to wear synthetic: https://youtu.be/_-9eT-_oqWM

► Cutting lace on an extended lace front ready to wear: https://youtu.be/mJk8a39iIhs

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My measurements

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○ Temple to temple around back of head= 14.25

○ Hairline to eyebrow= 2.5"

○ Hairline to tip of nose= 4.75"

○ Hairline to bottom of chin= 8"

○ Neck= 4"


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Produced and Filmed in 2023 by Hey Wig Sister and Denise Sheets


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Hey friends, I'm here with a tutorial, I would like to show you how to cut the lace on a new wig. I have a video on YouTube showing how to do this. I actually have a couple of different videos out there, but you guys have told me over and over that repetition is super important to you. It really helps you to to get these Concepts and learn these skills. When you can see it done multiple times and I have a brand new wig, so I thought okay, I'll cut this on video and I'll put it out here. For you guys to see now the wig on my head is from Deborah's Enchanted. It'S a human hair. Wig and I'm actually partnering with her to bring you some information about her and her business, and I have two of her wigs to show you in two different cap Styles which to me that is gold, because it's so hard when you purchase human hair. Wigs and there's really not a lot of reviews out there. This will help you, if you're looking at some of her pieces to understand two of her different cap styles, all right. Let'S and this wig has only been air, dried, I've, washed it and I've air dried. It I have not styled it yet, so this is air dried and they do air dry, wavy and she says all of her wigs air dry fairly, somewhat wavy, which I appreciate so much. I love a a wavy air, dried look on wigs, it's just my favorite. All right stay tuned for more information on all of that. Let'S talk about cutting the lace. First of all, I want you to see what I mean, so this is a wig, and this here is the lace that you have to cut most human hair. Wigs come with lace that needs to be cut, not all there's always exceptions, but most of them come with lace that needs to be cut. One of the reasons for that is it allows you to cut it the way that you would like it. It allows you to follow your own hairline and cut it, so it mimics your own hairline. If you have a Widow's Peak, I don't have a Widow's Peak, so I'm going to cut it straight across at that section. If you have a Widow's Peak, you might cut it a little differently to accommodate for your widow's peak. So keep in mind a lot of wigs that you purchase that are human hair will need the lace cut. Also, some budget friendly synthetic wigs often come with the lace needing to be cut. It'S the more major retailer major manufacturer, synthetic wigs that generally are considered ready to wear and come with the lace already cut. You don't have to cut it, but even in that case, I simply sometimes find I need to cut my lace because I can see it and so in a video on YouTube. I show you the different types of lace, there's, there's kind of different textures of lace and some tips and tricks on cutting that, depending on what it is, this type of lace here and what I have seen on most human hair. Wigs is a very stretchy, flexible lace, the lace on ready to wear synthetics, often the ones that come pre-cut are a lot more structured, a little bit stiffer uh and and so, and they feel a little bit that this is super soft and flexible. Where sometimes those can feel a little rough and and stiff, and I cut those differently so, if you're watching this and trying to apply what I'm going to do today with one of those types of wigs, I encourage you to watch that other video. Let me know if you need me to send you a link all right, so I don't know how to make these videos short. I have so much. I want to educate on all right, so um I like to use these little tiny scissors. I find them to be very easy to use they're, not bulky. This is kind of detail work, so it's nice to have something. That'S not bulky and they're very sharp, and I will link this in my bio in case you want. I just bought it on Amazon, they're, not expensive, but you can use any pair of sharp scissors that you already own. Some people will cut the lace on their head because it allows them to follow their hairline a little bit better. I'M not a fan of that personally, so I'm not going to cut it on my head, but what you would do if you wanted to cut it on your head, is you would take the hair and you would clip it out of the way, regardless of if You'Re doing it on your head or somewhere else. It is super super important that you clip this hair out of the way. Um don't skip this step. It does make it so much easier and you can avoid cutting inadvertently cutting some of the hair because it slipped in the way. So I just take alligator clips. You can take claw Clips, whatever works for you and I pin it up all out of the way and then another way that makes it a little bit easier is to cut up the center get to the hairline. And then you can start cutting the lace from that point on on one side and then on the other side. Again, I'm not going to do this on my head. That'S not my preference, but I wanted to give you guys that as an option, because it's an option - and I think you should know all the different ways and then you find your own way and what works best for you all right. Let'S cut it, I'm going to take it off my head, put it on the counter and we'll get cutting okay. So in my video on YouTube, I actually show you how to do this on a mannequin head. That can be a really uh nice way to do it. I'M just going to do it here on the counter, because I find it I'm a little more experienced and I'm pretty quick at it when I do it this way, instead of setting up the mannequin head, but, like I said, I've got all the hair pushed back And so now I'm just going to follow the hairline, and if your scissors are sharp, you will make very quick work of this now how much space you leave between the lace front and the hairline, I'm not as quick when I'm trying to talk is personal preference. I like to cut very, very close to the hairline. That'S my personal preference. I don't usually leave a lot of lace, but some people leave more lace, maybe a eighth of an inch so that they've got room to trim it later. If it starts to fray another tip - which I should have done - and I didn't you could spray this with water - that will really keep that hair out of the way just follow the hairline and that's it the lace is cut. I may need to do some cleanup on some sections that maybe I left a little longer than I prefer, partly because I'm looking through my phone to do this uh, but that's it's as simple as that. If I were you, when you first start leave it long, you can always go back and touch it up, but as you're learning don't make the mistake of cutting too much because you can't put it back all right and that's it. It was as simple as that and as quick as that, so now the lace is all cut and I'm ready to wear it. So hopefully that helped you again go slow leave it longer than you really think you need, as you start to figure it out. You learn what works for you and have fun thanks for watching foreign

GypsyNurse25: That hair color looks fabulous on you!

Nancy Taylor: This hair is gorgeous!! YES to repetition!!!! There could something in one video that will “click” that’s not in another video…I always try to find several videos to watch if I’m going to alter a wig. Your videos are the best…thank you

Larna wright: Thank you Denise, that was very helpful✌

Clara: Yes I think repetition is invaluable what do you wear underneath to secure the wig and do you glue the lace down? Thanks Denise

Michelle Diekman: Good info! I had to learn through trial & Error Hugs❤

ChooseHappy Mc: I did exactly that, but my Debra’s lace front curls/doesn’t lay flat :( I love the color and the cap is super comfortable. At first, I cut it to about 1/4, it curled/buckled/not lay flat. Next, I cut to about 1/8, still curled/buckled/not lay flat. Not sure what I can do about it. :( poop

sue pelletier: Those clips are great! Where can I buy them?

C.S. M.: Thank you!!!

T2the_heyy: Just watching this gives me anxiety. Denise, a little while ago you posted a video of you cutting the lace on a synthetic wig and you used pinking shears. Which ones are best, do you think? The serated or scalloped?

Eloise: Thank you so much for sharing these inforation and advices!! I tried to contact you in facebook, but it did'nt work.

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