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Hey: what's up y'all, it's your girl, the kids me - and I am back again with another video in this video. I'M going to be showing you this different, but really cute lace. A frontal, wig y'all, already know how I do in the beginning of my videos. I like to just show you the unboxing of the hair, so you can see exactly how it came to me, as you can see. Nadula always provide us with a lot of different goodies lashes. Even a robe says like it gets no better than that, but this unit that I am going to be showing you is going to be their 13x4 Kinky Curly lace, frontal wig. I do have this unit in 20 inches and it is in this unique reddish brown color. Now the wig does come with the standard elastic bands as well as the Combs. So if you decided that you wanted to wear glueless, you definitely can, but I'm gon na show y'all exactly how I installed this unit and how I got the curls to pop in formation and of course, I'm going to come towards the end and give you a Full review of this unit so enjoy the music and stay tuned foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign. As you can see, this is going to be the finished look of this unit. Nadula hair. Can we can we get into it y'all? Everything about this unit is it's Chef kiss like I love it. If you're not new to my channel, then you should already know I am such a volume. Curly, hair type of girl, like I do not like flat hair at all. If it has any type of thickness volume to it, it's already a 10 out of 10 and then when it's curly, that just adds the extra umph on it. That I need - and this wig is doing this just that now I showed y'all how easy it was for me to put this unit on in the beginning of this video. If you wanted to wear this unit glueless, you definitely can do that because it does. It comes with the standard, elastic bands as well as the comb, and then this one comes with an extra elastic band. So that way, you have two four one, which I love and with that um, because I wanted to just make sure that the edges and stuff like that was in formation that the wig was actually laying down. Because I wanted the extra security I did use. My freeze spray I'll pop it up on the screen because I don't see it in front of me and that's what I did to go ahead and Tack this wig down. I did also go in and instead of plucking The Parting area, I just went ahead and I used some powder that way. We don't have to worry about trying to manipulate the wig and all of that stuff, because nadula hair literally, is giving you this unit already done like I didn't have to plug. I didn't have to bleach any knots and, as you can see, the color, the color is there okay. This color is like, I would say it's like a reddish brown color yeah, that's the color that I would say. I think my lighting is kind of going in and out you'll see me move certain ways and the lighting will go in and out, but if I'm moving closer it is kind of giving like an orange color. But you can see that my skin is actually lighter right here, so I'm gon na turn the light down and you'll see what I'm talking about and even, as I got closer to my camera, you see how the lighting adjusted. So what I'm gon na do is. I'M just going to turn the lighting down just a little bit hold on. Let'S get back focused, okay, so now I'm focused, but you can see that it's a lot darker than what it was before. I would say this: isn't my natural skin complexion hold on. Let me see if this is it right here yeah. I would say that this is it right here with just a little bit more with the white. In the background, I feel like the it's is keep washing me out, but that's just what happens when you working with certain cameras, certain lenses,

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