My (Mostly Amazon) Lace Front Synthetic Wig Collection 2023

Hi! Thank you for stopping by! This video is my wig collection, mostly from Amazon, mostly lace front! Down below, I have linked the places I got them from! Some are out of stock, but I did find some that are similar! Happy Shopping!

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Purple wig:

Pink wig:


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Green wig:

Harley Quinn wig:

Dark Brown w/ bangs:


Black Bob wig:


Khaleesi wig:


Long Black wig:

Mykie x Bellami wig: unavilable

Blonde Bob:


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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, I'm Auntie Amber if you're new here today, I am going to show you my wig collection disclaimer. I know nothing about wigs, but I'm gon na show you mine and um. Tell you where I got them. So if you like them, you can find them too, because they're all kind of good um. There are a few that are kind of bad uh ones from Amazon, but they're good prices and it's better to buy them on Amazon than it is to buy at any Halloween store. So first one we got this one, it's a lace front from Amazon super cute. Don'T think I paid over 40, but if I find it again I'll link it below, so you can check it out, love it definitely um. Don'T think I cut those right, but I think it looks pretty natural kind of. Maybe you guys. Let me know what you think. Let me know your favorite too super cute. I don't know how long this one is. I bought a bunch of these wigs um, so I could have a cute Instagram like when it comes to like the Makeup instagram. So these are super fun to play with next. One is how about this purple one is the next one got this from an Amazon. I love this one I sent belong if I'm sniffling through this like whole video, I'm so sorry I just had covet for the first time um actually the week I was moving here. So that was fun when I felt like my back was killing me No Lie this. One is definitely a very good one, because it's like super thick compared to like the ones that Halloween stores are like so thin. I actually have one that kind of looks like it's from a Halloween store, but really it's from Amazon next one, this one is from Amazon as well. Most of these wigs are like around 40 50. I believe there's only one that I spent a lot of money on which I'll show you later they all save that one for lost. It'S, not even my favorite, but this Leon, this one's the lace front, the ones I've shown so far have been all lace front. This one I feel like doesn't like that bad light. Pink. You got some blonde highlights, so I think the highlights make it look normal or like real, but maybe I should wear this woman out like we could always add some here we go. I have some humans. Okay, any guesses where this is from, I feel like this is actually looks like a kid wig hey. I was like a cone. A clown show, but no that's not what I was thinking. I was thinking more so The Fifth Element, my natural hair, would probably end up looking like this. If it were short, uh, okay, next one always had this and they'll add. Well, obviously, the ones with bangs don't have the lace front, but also from Amazon. I'M not that crazy about the color. However, this is so cute. I think this is more so bomb because it's shorter in the back longer in the front. I'Ve also always wanted this haircut, but again, which maybe I should just suck it up and do it and if I don't like it I'll, just always wear it up like I do anyways. If you want to cosplay as an elf from Zelda, it used to be one of my favorites, but then I feel like it's not really my color at all, which I feel like a lot of them might not be when I come there. But it's okay, because you can always added it. It'Ll make it look different, okay! Next, I guess like if he pins this right. I wonder if anyone actually has this as their hair that'd be cool. You a badass yeah, so this one's from Amazon too yeah. So I didn't like this one when I first bought it, I kind of like it now. That'S super like it matches this outfit, so wow. Let me know which one's y'all's favorite, whether you like it on me or you guys, would totally buy it. I wan na know don't make me feel like I'm talking to a wall. I guess I'm gon na start saying that in every video okay, next one oh wait wait! This is so like what is it? 2. 000 early 2000. Look maybe, except just like a little longer and like covering there's my email. Look, I'm having too much fun with this using camera doesn't look too bad like it needs to be clipped for sure. It doesn't look right and definitely this was the worst one - that I've cut, there's like a lot of, like short hairs, this one's from Amazon too. So what do you think? Should I cut my hair? Maybe we should evolved yo. Should I keep my long hair? Just drop it off, I think I could I should do it. I mean it's not like it's growing healthy anyways, so it used to be a swimmer and then in the military. You know you have to well, at least for me when I was in, I had to always wear it in a bun and then put a cranial on my head and so that just held my hair, so bad so ever since then, I'm like, I can't put It up because it's just it keeps breaking um. I also only wash my hair like twice a week because curly hair problems, you know I got ta, keep the moisture as long as possible. Okay, let's go to the next one. This is my mother of dragons wig. It'S the longest one. I have it's touching my butt. Oh, I mean there was a point in everyone's life where they just wanted to be Khaleesi right, or is that just me now, I'm like Legolas Legolas, what's his name from Lord of the Rings like us, Legolas like legless, Orlando Bloom's character in Lord of the Rings? Okay, give me some ears, I think pointy ears are so cute like. If you have big ears, that's cute, don't ever be ashamed of that, even if people make fun of you that says more about them than it does about, you don't be a bully, I'm so gon na dress up as an elf and post a picture laughs. Oh, that sounds fun. Do I look good as a blonde? Maybe not this one, but okay next one next one is my mama's hair. This is also from Amazon. I don't know what to do with this part. I don't know. What'S going on. I don't know. What'S going on, oh that last wig was the one that shed the most and it was also the thinnest one. Oh I'm on the first floor and my windows open. Oh whatever judge me, I don't care wearing wigs is the flip. This one's super thick. I feel like I could do a little plucking, but I also don't want to mess it up even more, not that I messed it up before, but that's that what do you think of this one say this is from Amazon it's gon na also be you know If you want to be The Grudge for Halloween, this is perfect Grudge or the ring. The ring was actually the first scary movie, I've ever seen. Okay! Next one do you know where this is from. Should I sing this song it's from Mikey. This was the box. It came in, I wanted all of them, but they were a little expensive and by the time I was ready to buy the other ones. It was like, because I didn't really like this one at first, but in the camera it looks really cute well. This was like Laguna Beach right here, I'm Kristen, Okay, so I really wanted that red one. It also came with a stand which was pretty cool. It came with the stand and that brush and a little bag. This was all the rage wearing your hair. Like this, I feel like I look like a country bumpkin in this one, I'm from Houston. So actually so I was born in Santa Cruz, California, and then, when I was 10, we moved up to Houston. However, I am half of half I'm half of both, because my mom was from Texas, my dad he's from California, as I say that in a super country accent, I also used to be actors before the Navy. I was in the movie. If anyone wants to go see it it's on Amazon for free, just know that was late, 2014.. Okay, let's, let's bring it back like there we go. This is normal! Here We Go Again made by Bob's. I love it. It'S so soft and like I've had a really long time, and it's still like pretty straight also, I'm like purposely doing it like that. We have 12., and that is my 12 wigs. I still definitely need to get a red one, so that is my wig collection. Tell me which one's your favorite and which one's your least favorite and which one you think I look the best in I think like I said. I think this looks better when it's turned a little bit the side part. Also. Let me know if you would like to see another shoe video, because I seem to be really popular. I'M thinking about going shopping, okay, guys um subscribe like, and I already told you what to comments so see you in my next one. Oh, my God, this one is so tight. Oh my God! Oh my gosh

Victoria Pratt: The purple was so cute! ❤

Dee Perez: Girl, I don't know how to put on wigs I love these

Stephen Parsons: Love this video you are brill I still hope you will do a revving and driving video in heels with pedal views

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