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Hey y'all: what's up welcome back to the channel? Welcome if you are new, hey girl, hey, I'm really excited, as you could probably tell I'm obsessed with this wig spoiler alert. Okay, I just got to tell you right off the bat I'm obsessed. I love these highlights. Okay, it's so pretty! Let'S get into it! We'Re going to be reviewing this wig today we're going to be doing some styling and things so, let's get into it. Yeah foreign, hey y'all, so today's wig is brought to you by nadula. You already know what their packaging looks like: they always have the little goodies inside, but let's get into the wig. Do you see the frontal is frontaling? Okay, it looks really really nice. This is the 13 by 4. Blonde highlight frontal wig and the highlights are also highlighting okay, but this is the 24 inch length and the highlights really do look nice. This is the body wave texture and the wig is just your typical construction Combs on the side combs in the back, adjustable straps and an elastic band. This has the elastic band that goes from one side to the other, so yeah. This is just what the wig looks like I'll, be back after our collage, hey y'all. So this is what the wig looks like after it has been co-washed and air dry. I don't know why. There'S like no curl pattern up here at all, and it's only at the bottom, it's kind of low, A vibe though, but like I was very surprised when I was watching this wig like. Why is this part not curling up like what's going on, but um yeah? This is what it looks like after it has been air dried um. I think I might run the blow dryer through it just because I really plan on doing like a lot of crazy layers in this wig and a lot of voluminous curls. We'Re not voluminous but like just like loose curls. I should say I don't know why I said voluminous but yeah. So I want it to be kind of like straight and it still kind of looks a little like the wet look, and I don't want it to look like that. So yeah. I think I might run the blow dryer through it, but yeah we're about to get to started with this wig. I love this color. I love the highlights in it. It'S so pretty. I'M like on a highlight wave right now, like I'm loving my levels, you know. I got the magic for you. I'Ve got the package for you, okay, so it is the next day and now, I'm about to just literally cut the lace off and then put some powder on the top side of the part and then we'll be done. Okay, so the part not straight - oh man, now I'm gon na have to go. Oh, my God, the part is not straight. I didn't straighten apart. I love this. It'S my kind of wig baby. That'S my kind of way. Yeah! Okay, I'm obsessed, I'm upset. I love this. This is my kind of wig. Okay, but first let me tell you. I did not part this wig in the middle correctly, like it's more to the side, and I didn't realize I went through the washing because when I wash my wigs, that's when I part them and I went through the whole washing process and all of that and The Styling, like I showed you me, curling a wig and everything with the parts just crooked and never even realized, but when I just put it on - and I lined it up by, you know, using the Combs to navigate and then each ends of the lace to Navigate and it was not in the middle and I'm just like - oh my gosh, it's too late, though, because I already cut it curled it everything according to this being the middle, so it just is no turning back. So I kind of have my wig shifted a little bit over to the side just so we can keep the part in the middle, because I'm just I can't how did I do that? Somebody please tell how did I do that, but forget about that. I'M obsessed with this wig, I love this wig. Let me tell you a couple of things. Okay. First of all, I love the highlights, because I was just I don't know. What'S going on, I'm in a highlight phase, like I'm loving, highlights that's the first thing right, but then also a lot of the times with like wigs and wig companies. You look at the pictures on the website and it has the wig look in a certain color. A certain kind of blonde, a certain kind of this, a certain kind of that, and then you get the wig and it's too brassy or it looks just the color just looks nothing like the picture. This looks exactly like the picture. They got the highlights right on this one baby. Okay, they did that. Are you crazy? This is so pretty also, you know the type of girl I am. I don't feel like doing the most, although this is a 13 by 4 frontal, it has the frontal, but it doesn't require you to do a lot. I literally put some foundation on the underside of the part, and then I put some um Foundation powder and eyeshadow on the top side, and that was really that on that, like you know what I'm saying and that's just my kind of wig, I like it nice And easy you know, I will say, though I thought that this wig was going to be a little bit Fuller. Now, I'm not mad at the density. I like the density, but, as you saw I'm trying to like fluff it up just to give it a little bit more something because for one I don't have any hairspray, but also because, like from the photos it looked like, it was going to be just a Lot Fuller and it's really not again, I'm not mad at the density. I'M not like this wig is too thin. No, I just was expecting it to be a little bit thicker and Fuller. Now, I'm not mad at it. Like I said I like it, but if I had some hairspray, then that would have really like did it, because I just want it to be like a little bit more like you know, and because it's a more like um, silky kind of a texture like as Far as like it being like kind of like silky straight well, technically, this is a body wave wig, but you know what I'm saying like it's just like a little bit more flat and I haven't really been wearing like wigs. This texture like a more silky texture. So you know it was just kind of like. Oh, I only have a little flat head wig in a long time girl, but the color is everything I love it like. I love the curls like it just came out so cute here is The Parting. Like. I said I literally just added some Foundation to the underside and then I always like to go in with a lighter, like this light eyeshadow before I go in with my Foundation powder just because sometimes this could be a little bit orange and it doesn't really look Like my scalp, as you can see like right here, it's kind of white, whereas, like here's where my bronzer is at so it could just kind of look a little off sometimes so I like to go in with the almost like white and then go over top Of this, because it you know, makes it look like my scalp, but listen, I I'll say, run to the internet right now and get this wig. If you love the color, because I feel like as far as the construction, the length and the texture of the wig. That'S not really anything special, no shade, it's not really anything special, but what makes it special is the highlights in it like they got it all the way. Right with these highlights, it looks beautiful. Also, this wig is big head friendly. I have the adjustable, strap, adjusted. All the way to the other side, and then I even have the adjustable straps that start like embedded in the wig cap um adjust it a little bit. I don't have them adjusted all the way across, but I do have it adjusted a little bit. So this wig is big head friendly for the bigger head growth, but yeah y'all. This way it gets two thumbs up for me. I say like go and get it. Okay, if you are interested all of the links, will be in the description box for you to check it out once again shouts out to do with hair for sending me over this wig and collaborating with your girl on today's video be sure to give the video A thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you are not subscribed and I'll catch you in the next one enjoy the rest of your week your weekend, whatever it may be, peace and blessings bye, I'm feeling so cute, like I'm, really not even about to play With you like, I feel so cute in this all right, bye for real

shai 2c: Love the color

TheReal1_p3: That smile said it all!

Dewana Johnson: Ok highlights Beautiful Unit Now that was different, just curls at the bottom when she was wet. I will say look like she holds a curl. Very very pretty.

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