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My first time trying a kinky curly wig! Enjoy! #alipearlhair


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Q: Where are you from?

A: Zambia

Q: Where do you live?

A: Between the UK and Zambia currently.

Q: How old are you?

A: 24 y/o.

Thanks for watching! Xoxo

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What wig, what wig this is my herb. That'S my hair period, pretty young girl from Zambia, hey guys, welcome back to Welcome to my channel hi. My name is yamba and I create YouTube content which you should subscribe to. Okay, so welcome to a new video today. I will be reviewing this hair that I have on I'm literally feeling myself: okay, it is from Ali Pro Hair and thank you so much Ali Pro Hair for sponsoring this video. I would just walk you through my install and you will see how it came out. Looking this fire - okay, okay, don't forget to thumbs it up, share with somebody and, of course subscribe, and all the hair details will be in the description box down below okay. So this is what the bag looks like. The package looks like it's such a pretty pink color, let's open her up. What comes in the bag is obviously the hair, and what is this attached to it? Oh lashes, we have wig caps as per usual. Oh my gosh. I'Ve started adding more things. This is super cool. This is just an adjustable band for the wig if you need to get it adjusted. This is one of those bands to Sleek it down. Basically, I'm about to open this one up. It might be the same thing but like Silk yeah, I was right, it's just like a silk band and we have an edge brush a pretty pink Edge brush. You guys. I'Ve never bought one of these because I'm always like. No, I don't need it. I'M just gon na use a toothbrush, but like I'm so glad they sent this. So. Finally, I have an edge brush. Look at her. I'Ve actually already done my edges for the day, well, not for the day but like to lay the wig all right. So let me take the hair out - and this is my first time getting like a kinky curly wig and all the details will be up on the screen. Okay. So this is what the wig looks like fresh out the packaging and it's super scrunched off, because obviously it's kinky curly hair, otherwise it's 16 inches. This bulb that you're seeing siren. Let me just fluff her out a little bit after I put on my head. Is one I'm gon na? Do you know proper hair care, but for now? Yes, we all look at that definition. Her and I want to say the lace is pre-plucked, because it's not looking too shabby. If I do say so, myself there we go. Obviously, it's not bleached or anything but yeah. Let me try it on First and see how it fits and then I'll see how I'm gon na customize it. Okay, okay, it's actually giving my own hair, like it's actually giving my own hair. This is actually so cool. All right from here on out I'm just gon na voice over this, because I cannot multitask okay, so I can't do my hair and talk at the same time. I went ahead and put the wig on and adjusted it to where it felt comfortable. I then tied it back with the silk wrap that came in the package, just so that I could properly work with the lace without anything. In my way, I then got my lace glue and dotted it across my forehead right, where I wanted the lace to sit. I just found it to dry, but if you're looking for a quicker method, you can use a blow dryer on the cool setting. I then repeated the process one more time. If you want your wig to last more than a couple days, I would say: do like three to four layers of glue. I only did two. I laid the lace down and put on the elastic band so that it could lay as flat as possible. I waited for about five to ten minutes before taking it off and cutting the lace off. First with a scissor, then, with this razor thingy, I put some concealer on The Parting to make it look more natural than went on to do my baby hairs foreign. I don't know how I feel about them honestly, but whatever whatever, oh my God, it looks so ghetto. It actually looks so good I'll get out anywho. So now I'm just going to fluff out like the actual hair, I'm going to use water and I'm not sure if I have leave-in anywhere I'll, see vinyl water and mousse for sure then yeah, laughs, foreign. What wig does my herb? That'S my hair period period. Oh, it looks so cute. I actually was not sure how this would turn out on me, but it actually looks pretty cute. If I just say so myself. All that's left to do right now is fix my face and I'll be right back, so that is it. You guys I've just been feeling myself like who Am I, who is she? Who is she period? I hope you like this video, don't forget to check out alipro, hair and check out this unit, specifically, which is their Kinky Curly unit and yeah, thanks again to Ally Pearl here for sponsoring this video I'll, see you guys next time bye. Thank you.

Chandrinah Mwango: And I’m already in love with the hair girl !

Faith Mwansa: I love their packaging ♥️

Ali Pearl Hair: Gorgeous! Thanks for trying our hair

Sherry Muleba: Yass girl !!❤❤ You are and left no crumbs.# Tembo Tuesday

Chanda Malama: It's definitely giving

chungu nsakashalo: I loved the hair ❤

Elite Zozo1302: Love it

KayxTee: Get it girll

Florence Chafilwa: Cute ❤

Mercy Chiudzu: Aweh you look nice

Towela Makashi: Gorgeous .

AGNESS CHIBESA: You look cute girll

Chuma Chisela: Slay

Faith Mwansa: And u look so ♥️ hun

Chandrinah Mwango: First comment boo yesss!!!

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