Pt. 5 Wig Reviews Of 2023 | Easy Human Hair Wig Review

Pt. 5 Wig Reviews of 2023 | EASY Human Hair Wig Review

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I'M getting ready to start everything is in the description that you guys should need. Okay, again, I'm sorry, it's like a glare y'all, we're gon na get that together. But that's just is what it is right now: okay, but today we're gon na. Do a human hair wig we're gon na switch it up. We'Re not gon na. Do the one I showed you last night, but I'm gon na show it to you and we're actually going to do one. That'S a tea part wig. I just realized something. Let me fix that and I'm just waiting to get on on the other end and then we'll just start so yeah everything's in the description you guys, let me go ahead and um put it in the chat trying to join now until that gets ready. I hope I made this. I don't think I did so. Let me go in change that hold on one second guys: okay, all right now. That should be good just waiting for this to start. Why did I even hit good morning? You guys sorry, I was typing a comment good morning. You guys welcome to another live. I am so happy to be here with y'all this morning. Let me make sure that you guys can hear me and then we'll get started. Let me okay, that's perfect! All right! You can hear me over here all right. I think we're good to go y'all, so we're gon na jump right into it good morning. Sorry Y'all, Gon na chat again all right, you guys sorry. I was jumping in the chat but good morning. Welcome to today's live stream, I'm so excited to have you guys here and y'all are up early because y'all have been just jumping on here. Y'All the baby's waking up, but his dad got him um. You guys are up here early. So let's jump into it. You guys today, I'm gon na go over a human hair wig and I'm super excited about it, but we're not gon na. Do the wig that we talked about yesterday. We'Re gon na do a different one, but I'm still gon na show it to you guys, um and we're just gon na hop right into it, because we're on here, a little bit later than we usually are we're usually on here a little bit earlier. But that's! Okay, so I'm gon na highlight the wig that I'm wearing right now, this wig, I actually wore and styled for you guys in last night's live so make sure you catch the replay of that. If you missed it here is one of the wigs. We went over two, and so I wanted to start today's live with this wig. Okay, so the way we're gon na do today. I'M gon na go ahead and highlight it is a human hair wig and we're gon na get into the details and we're gon na style it together. So make sure you guys comment where you're watching from and let's go ahead and talk about this wig. So I'm gon na cut my hot comb on because that's the first thing we're gon na do to treat this wig. So this hot comb, I got it on Amazon. I got it a while ago and um yeah. I got it a while ago and it has been working pretty well for me. I haven't really had any issues and I only use it on my wig. So that's what we're going to use it on today, okay - and actually I'm just now seeing something um. So here they have a lot of different like variations of the wig. I'M gon na show you guys so I'm gon na go ahead and grab it and try it on okay, so we're gon na take this one off. I do have those wig caps on the brown ones up underneath and, like I told you guys, my hair is wrapped, so that is that and I'm thinking about swapping out our wig for today, you guys because this one is temporarily unavailable and I think they they Have other colors and stuff, but I don't want to show you guys, a wig that you're not going to be able to wear so what I'll do is I'm gon na grab a different variation of this? It'S the same type of look, but it's actually a curly wig. So let me grab that real quick instead, so you guys can see that okay, so we'll do the curly wig. Instead, my little one's just waking up y'all so he's with Dad all right. So we're going to do the curly version, let me go in and highlight it, so you guys can see it and let me pull up the information, so this one was the first time that I actually tried a um Wig by this brand, and this is a Curly teapot: is it a tea part? Let me get this right. It'S a pre-plucked 20 inch ombre, it's supposed to be a glueless wig to me, it's more like a closure. That'S what it reminds me of so here's the wig. This wig was washed okay. So it's already been washed and all that we're just gon na do a curly hair treatment on it. So I am gon na have to change up a few things, but we'll do it as we go okay. So, let's get into the construction of the wig! Here'S a look at the color, it's supposed to be a four slash: 27. Okay and it comes with two combs in the front. There'S one on each side: it comes to come in the back, an adjustable straps. Here'S a look at the cap and see this is why I say that it's more like a closure. Okay, in my opinion, so what I'm gon na do is take this lace, wig grip cap - and this thing has been really really um a lot of questions. I'Ve gotten a lot of questions about it, but it has lace along the along the hairline and going back to The Parting space. It'S a wig cap and a wig grip. So I'm going to put this on with this wig today and usually, I would just put it on by itself without a wig cap under it um, because it is a wig cap as well. But my hair is wrapped and straight, and I don't want it to unravel, so I'm just going to leave it on okay, so I'm just gon na adjust that it has velcro in the back, so you can kind of adjust it, and this just helps me lay My wig better and I don't have to use the Combs when I use this. So even though this is a curly wig, I am going to still use the hot comb. So, let's just get let's just get started, so the hot comb has the temperature low to high thanks for following and I'm gon na put it on like close to medium between low and medium okay. So that's what I have it on. So I'm gon na put this on now. This is made for a middle part. I um don't like super love middle part, wigs, but I think that this looks better when I style it as a middle part, because I think it's constructive for that. So that's what I'm gon na style it as and make sure that it's sitting right all right, try to make sure this lace doesn't roll up on me all right. So what we're gon na do first is the top part and then we're going to go ahead and do a curl treatment. Okay, so yeah hi Victoria, watching from upstate New York good morning. What'S the weather like there today it's March, but it's kind of like been chilly around here, so this is 18 inch with the curls. Now you guys, I am pretty tall, so my neck and stuff is on the longer side. I always have to say that, because wigs always appear a little bit shorter on me and then also this is Curly, so they may mean 18 inches stretched out. You know what I'm saying so to me this is a little bit shorter than the typical, but, like I said, I am taller my so my neck and everything is a little bit longer and it's curly. Okay, our snow is finally melting. Now it should be around 50 all this week. Oh that's good! We can get any snow here this year, but it's all good. I was really expecting any because we don't really get it that often all right y'all, I'm gon na jump on and start with this hot comb. Now I would suggest using a heat protectant. I have one that I like that I feel like is pretty good. It'S in my Amazon storefront under hair products in a red bottle, but today I'm not going to use it because I think this wig takes to heat pretty well because I have put heat on it before. But if it's like your first time or something or you don't know for sure how the wig's going to do, you use the Heat Protector? Okay, so I'm just gon na go up here in the top and just run this hot comb through the root and I'm not going to go all the way down, because I don't want to straighten the wig. I just want to flatten the top okay, and I'm also going to do that in the front and in the crown of the head. If you don't even want to put the comb in there, you feel, like you, might straighten it too much. You can just take the back end of the hot comb and just run it over the top, and I do this for human hair and synthetic hair. Wigs and once you start wearing wigs, you're really going to want a hot comb, because if that wig looks humpy because sometimes even like in the packaging, they can look a little bumpy from being in the packaging for so long you're going to want something to flat. In that wig it makes a really big difference sometimes so that is literally what I got this hot comb for, and that is the only thing I've used this hot comb for majority of the time. I don't think I've even used it on my natural hair. Yet - and I've had this for years, maybe since like 2019, because literally it makes a big difference, especially with your synthetic wigs. Sometimes they might have like filler hairs in the top or something, and you just need it to lay flat. It'S really helpful with that all right, that's all! I'M gon na do for that. So I'm gon na cut this off. Let it cool off what I'm going to do next is take some water and we're going to start this curly hair routine. So I have a little bit of a new curly hair routine. I'M gon na have to pull the product and um and add them for you guys. I'M gon na take one more product which I think I have on here, which is the even um. This is the wax. Stick. It'S a edge Tamer hair Sleek. Stick. It smells really good. It has like a well not really good, but it smells pretty good. It has a um a little scent to it. I'M gon na take this and just run it over the top to help with flyaways, and then I might go back over it with that hot comb, because I really like to put the wax stick in before I do the heat, but I actually forgot. I had it on this carousel, so I just highlighted that, for you guys, it also has like a little bit of a smoothing to it. Okay, so let me fix this really quickly, you guys and then we're gon na start treating the curly hair. This is just what I usually do lately for my curly hair human hair. Wigs. I use combination of two products, so the first one we're going to use is water. Then we're going to go in with this color wow dream coat for curly hair. Okay. So let me grab my water bottle: let's have like a little spray bottle with water in it thanks for following so I'm gon na use the color while dream coat for curly hair first, and I have that for curly and straight hair um, the straight hair. One is in my Amazon storefront under hair products. I use them both on human hair, wigs and they really get them looking good, really really nice and easy to use. Of course, you guys, whatever products, I show you please make sure you go and read the ingredients. So you can make the best choice for you and that's for anything. Don'T just take. You know anyone's word, for it do your own research first, so you can get what works for. You always suggest that, because these are, of course just our opinions but or my opinion, but I use it on my wigs and I really like it and I only use it on human hair, wigs, so here's the first side um. Let me go ahead and wet this other side as well, and you can really see the difference now when I did this, I think this is like just after a wash. I don't even know if I actually like styled this. I just know I washed it. So, let's do the other side, and even though I don't really like a middle part, it kind of looks cute in the middle part. This in a longer length - I think, would look really cute too, but I'm starting to buy like more shorter human hair. Wigs because I have so many long ones so when I'm wanting to wear human hair um, all my majority of my human hair, wigs are so long and I'm kind of like more into Bob length right now. So then that becomes a little bit of a complication. So and this wig they have like different variations of this one listed on the product page as well different colors different styles. I just got this one, which is supposed to be water wave and then the color is four slash. 27. F4. Slash 27.. All right re-wet! This out a little bit, I'm going to take my wig brush that I showed you guys last night. I don't think that I um added it to this Carousel, but it's in my Amazon storefront under hair products. It'S just a really good wig detangling brush, which is so helpful, especially like for Reviving wigs like if I want them to last longer. Oh I sprayed my eye. The wig definitely feels more secure with that wig grip cap on as well all right. So I'm gon na go in the first with the first product, which is the Color Wow dream coat for curly hair. Okay, this is like a spray and it really helps bring the curls alive. It really helps make the curls look more defined and last throughout the day, so the wig - I was telling you guys actually wore yesterday out during the day I didn't show y'all, but I talked to you about it briefly yesterday, so that wig as a human hair Wig - and I actually did this curly routine on it like a month ago and the curls on it are still looking really good. I make sure that I wrap it in a net and put it in its storage bag. The little zipper bag that I use from Amazon they're in my storefront under hair products - I don't have one in the carousel, but I use that and then I just take it back out when I want to wear it and the curls still look pretty defined. They, of course, don't look fresh, but when I wore that wig yesterday, all I did was take it out of the um wig bag or a storage bag and put it on. I didn't have to add any product at all, because the curls were still holding, which I was so happy about. So the reason why I'm using a lot is because I want it to be like that with that, like what I did with the um other human hair wig that I was telling you about. I want to be able to just treat it. Wear it a little bit store it and then not have to do this every single time. I wear it so, like the next time. I wear that wig that I was talking about that I treated about a month ago and wore yesterday. I probably would treat it again with this curly hair routine to freshen it up after I wash it thanks for following, but then I won't have to do it again for a couple of wears, which I love all right. So that's the first product now I'm going to take the next one and the next one is the dough mousse definer, it's a texture foam. So this one and this curly hair routine. I actually found on tick tock, but here's the um texture foam. It'S the all-in-one style for all hair types. It helps to find the curls. So while this is wet, I have it highlighted for you guys. While this is wet, I'm gon na go in with the foam, so you can kind of see the mousse. It has a little scent to it too, and I'm just gon na put it all throughout the curls. So when I saw this, a lot of people were doing this with their natural hair like a wash and go, and it looked really good. But I haven't done this with my natural hair, yet I've only done this with my human hair curly wigs, but I do really like the result. Okay, so I'm gon na get all throughout the hair on the left side. I don't want to put too much. I might have put too much y'all, so it might take a little bit of time to dry to the other side. I want to make sure I do it while it's still wet. I appreciate y'all being with me this morning. This is definitely super early. When I got on here, the sun wasn't even out it's still not out, but it's a little bit brighter than it was thank y'all for the hearts all right, so I'm gon na let this dry good product. I can already feel it drying up on this side and the more product you use, the more defined the curls will be. I kind of want mine to be pretty defined because, like I said, I want it to be able to last a couple of wears before I have to redo it. So let's keep moving so we've been up here, almost half an hour that I went by so fast y'all, I'm gon na clean off my hands. If y'all have questions put in the chat and we're going to keep moving. So what I'm going to do is actually show you guys, the wig that we were gon na do today, but y'all know I didn't have a chance to watch that. But it's all good, I'm gon na let this dry and then we're going to um go in and we are going to fix this parting area, which is not bad because I already put powder in it, but we're just gon na revamp it up a little bit. I'M going to show you what I use to fix The Parting space and wigs, how I do it while we let this dry, okay, okay, all right! Let'S clean this up a bit put! This wax stick up all right, uh, I'm gon na add one product before I just let this go and that's going to be the Garnier Fructis leak and shine. I showed you guys this a while ago, and I was telling you that I use it on my natural hair, sometimes just a little bit to add a little bit of shine. So I'm just going to add a little bit of this and a one pump goes a really long way. You get a lot of product and I'm just gon na lightly - just put that throughout here to add a little shine. So it's not dry. I'M gon na take a little bit more to the other side. I like to do it while it's still wet, because once it dries, I don't really like brush it that much or run my fingers through it that much especially up here in the top. In the back, all right so done with that I'll move that out the way all right. Let me wipe my hands one more time and let's go over a few products so, like I said I was gon na, do a straight wig this morning, but um we switched to curly. So I have my flat iron on here. I'Ll just show it to you guys, because I'm not going to use it on this, because the hot comb did what needed to be done. So I will just show it to you guys, so here's the flat iron did. I use this yesterday. No, I didn't use this yesterday because we didn't put heat on anything I missed. I don't think I even showed it to you guys, but here is the um flat iron that I've invested in got it on Amazon. It works so well and I actually got it for my natural hair, but I've been using all my wigs too, because it curls really well - and this is what it looks like it is um one and one fourth inch um. It has the exact temperature from 300 to 465 degrees, so you can get the exact temperature, that's so important when you're styling like wigs, because you don't want to burn your wig and you don't want to have to guess the temperature. So I wanted to get one that I could actually have the exact temperature on um. This is what it looks like it's really quality in my opinion, and I really enjoy. It has a little lock on it and I got this last July. So I've had it almost a year, so like half a year, I guess ish a little bit more half a year and I really like it. So that is what that looks like and, like I said, I've used it for my hair. I'Ve gotten silk presses with this before so I went ahead and bought one myself and my hair is super thick and it's also um pretty long. It'S past shoulder length, so I needed something that was going to work well and really get my hair flat flat. When I wanted it to be straightened at home, I didn't want to have to go to the salon every single time when I wanted my hair straightened. So I got this and I really enjoy it. I love that the temperature is exact and I haven't went up to 465 because it gets very, very hot once you go higher up honestly, I stay between 300 and um 340.. I usually don't go over 340 unless it's a wig, but I I really don't go that High um. So I like that, I have the option, but I really don't take it that high. I just stick with the 300 to the 340. I think the highest. I may have went was 380 and that's because it gets considerably hot there, not too hot towards like scary, but it does get hot enough that I feel like okay, it's doing what I needed to do. Okay, so that is that we're not going to use that because we don't need to so I'm gon na go to the beginning of the Stream and um. I'M gon na show you guys that wig that we were going to do that. I showed you last night, but there's people on here that weren't on here last night, so I'm going to show you guys again. So this is the wig I have to wash it y'all. That'S the reason why we didn't do it, and this is a human hair. Headband wig, I think it's going to be so cute, I'm so excited to do it. I just need to make sure I give it a good wash treatment first, so here's the wig, it's a 14 inch headband wig body wave. It has like a mixture of black and brownish to me. It looks kind of like gold like a highlight. It has um three combs in the front, one in the middle one on the side, one on the other side and a comb in the back and adjustable straps. Here'S a look at the cap. Okay and then the headband is actually a Velcro. Has two little velcro strips there and then one long velcro strip on the other side? Okay, but I think this is going to be some good hair. It'S really soft, and this is straight out the pack I haven't done anything to it, okay, so that is that I think I ripped this net, so I might have to get a new one, because I'm pretty sure I ripped this on the velcro. I think I pulled it. Let me get this together, move this over. Okay, all right, let's see I did want to show you guys. I did I've been getting a lot of planning things and I've been doing some planning and stuff. So I did get a wall calendar that I wanted to show you guys. This is what it looks like. I actually got two, but this is the one I'm gon na show you guys today, it's pretty big. Oh my gosh, my lighting completely changed over here. It looks so much better, that's weird, but anyways here's my wall calendar that I picked up. I think it's really cute. It comes with the hook. I have a highlighter for y'all. It comes with the hook, and now I'm just going to show you guys a few things I picked up until we get over here and finish the wig um, but I wanted a little wall calendar to hang. I think this one is cute. It does go into 2024, I think I'm not mistaken yeah. It goes into 2024 as well, a few months of that. So this is what it looks like so cute and then um. I really like, I said, been into planning. So I'm sure you guys the planning that I have, and these are the ones that I'm using like currently, but I have like different planners for different things. So these two, I really like. So I'm going to show you one, that's plain, and then one that has a little pattern. So the first one, that's plain is just this little black planner, which I think is cute and it looks professional okay thanks for following Sherry, I think it looks professional and um, it's so small that you can just like drop it in your bag and it wouldn't Take up a lot of space, so here's the first one it has the month and it has the week and then it has like the I love when Planters have like little tabs on the side, so it has the entire month. Okay, then, it has week by week - and I love the week by week because I like to put down my goals um for the day I like to put down my professional to-do list and then my personal to-do list. So so I have like what I need to do professionally and then what I need to do to take care of myself. So that was really small and cute, and I have another really small and cute one, but this one actually has a pattern to it. This one has like a little um sleeve in the front, so you can actually change this out. If you don't like this little pattern, but on the inside it has the pattern and then it has a little folder pocket. So you can hold some stuff in there. It also has the tabs on the side. I love that for the months it makes it easy to find. So I'm just going to jump to may we have the weeks and then we have the pattern in the top, and then we have the entire month. Okay, so same concept, just a different cute little look, so those are those tubes um and then I have two books. I'M gon na show you guys so one I picked up is actually I have three books, but I have to grab the other one. The first one is an interesting book. I haven't started reading it yet, but I do want to show it to you guys it's called becoming free. Indeed, and it's a um book. It says my story of just disentangling Faith from Fear. Here'S what it looks like this book has been so popular, so I want to show it to you guys, as this is a hardcover copy. Okay, it's a cute, look as well. It'S got like pink and tan and super cute, so that is that um I haven't started reading like I said I bought a lot of books, so I'm still working my way down my list, but I wanted to show you guys this one and then the other One is a cookbook, so this one is called the pasta Queen and it just looks so interesting. It'S called a just gorgeous cookbook with a hundred plus recipes and stories. I have bought a cookbook um last year and it was really interesting. It'S based on um a tick tock star and it was like showing pictures of her family and how she celebrates all these different holidays, and I found it so interesting. So I invested another one. This one's called the pasta Queen so we'll see how it goes. Okay, but it has lots of pictures and interesting recipes, so I wanted to show you guys that, and that is it for the books. Let me highlight it um now I have a couple of hair things. I want to show you guys, which I should have used. Um one of them, but I didn't the hair - is drying down nicely y'all very nicely, all right, so um. The first hair thing I want to show you guys is: I picked up the temporary root cover up by L'Oreal have y'all seen this have y'all used this. Let me know - and this is used to cover up Grays - it's a temporary gray concealer, but I'm not going to use it for that. I'M going to actually use um It For The Parting spaces of some wigs where you need to add a darker root because I feel like I know. I won't use this all the time, but I know I'll be happy. I have it when I need it, so you guys have probably seen the videos of like different wigs um, where they take the rat tail comb, put it over The Parting space and then spray. You can do that to add a Dark Root and you can also do that if you over, pluck your wig. So that's what I got this for. I have it in the color dark brown and then this one has like a pointed applicator tip, which I think is going to make it a lot easier for me to aim. When I use this and, like I said um, I won't use it every time, but I'll be happy to have it when I need it, because when you over pluck your wig, you definitely need something to cover it up, and sometimes makeup can look a little bit Too dark for me in my opinion, so I'm excited to have that in the actual color dark brown. Okay. So I also have these hair clips that I was actually going to use. While I was styling my Straight wig, but we switched to curly and curly is just like a little bit less maintenance. It'S a little bit more low maintenance, a little bit easier because I didn't even have to take out any hot, any flat iron and all that stuff. But this is the um little hair clips that I picked up. They feel quality. In my opinion, I've been using them for a couple months and they're. Just the alligator clips. I needed a good clip to separate the hair, because when I curl my hair and stuff, I need it separated um. I use this on my human hair and on my wigs and they have lots of different colors in this. I just picked up the purple and black okay. So that's another thing I want to show y'all next I wanted to get into um this melt band, which we were gon na use, but curly wigs. I don't always glue them down because I feel like they're, less Wiggy like you have to do less to them straight wigs, I'd, probably if I was going to do the one that I had scheduled for today, I would probably glue it down. So that's what we have this on here for, but these are some melt bands that I picked up that seem to be good quality they're. So stretchy y'all, look at that and then not only are they stretchy. The Melt band part is um kind of thick and it's soft and the velcro is pretty strong on the back. So even like me pulling it pulling pulling, it is not detaching, so it's pretty strong um and if you don't know what a melt band is. Basically, this helps you when you glue down your wig like this is a somewhat of a closure wig. If I were to glue this part down, I would put the glue there. I would take the Melt band, wrap it around my head and then strap it in the back and let it just sit. It helps it to adhere to whatever you're gluing your wig down to and it helps it to stay in place. So you can do that while you do your makeup or some people do it. While they take a shower, some people wear them today to keep them glued down, especially if you have a frontal on, but I personally don't wear my wigs to bed currently because I like to be free. I, like my scalp, to be free. When I go to sleep, so that's just me um so yeah. That is that and let me see we already went over the um. We already went over the wig Lace, Wig grip cap, okay, but I will show you guys one more hair item and this I picked up y'all. This is something that I have never bought before, but I found it so interesting, so I bought it because I wanted to show you guys it and it is a wire hair extension. Okay. Now this is not uncommon, but it is uncommon for me I have not ever had a wire hair extension. I have not ever used a wire hair extension, but this is a thing, so I bought one and we're gon na look at it together. So if you're here on Amazon, I have it highlighted, so you guys can see it or see the listing for it. Okay, let's check this out. So this is a invisible wire hair extension in the color Ombre Brown. So here's what is looks like again. These are little bags. I used to store the wigs to have labels and label holder in my Amazon storefront under hair products. I don't have any Carousel today, but let's take a look at it, so this is a wire hair extension in this. Does it say it's synthetic hair yeah? It says the synthetic hair. It definitely is in my opinion, but look at this y'all. This is a hair extension, okay, here's the hair extension, but it's on a wire. So this is like something I've seen, but I've never tried. I wanted to I'm not gon na wear it personally, but I wanted to see it. The only reason why I'm not gon na wear is because it obviously does not match my hair texture at all um and that's why I'm not personally gon na wear it, but if it did match my hair texture, I would consider it, but here's what it looks Like y'all here is the wire extension. I wanted y'all to see this, because this is something I was super curious about, so I figured you guys might want to see it too. So here's the wide Stitch it is so thin of a while. I mean the wire feels like it's not going to pop, but it looks so transparent. Like look at this, it looks so transparent and basically what you would do is section off your hair, like you would leave out. Instead of a clip in, you would put the wire on your hair and then put your hair over it and blend it in so it's kind of like clippings, but no clip a wire and it's not pieces. It'S just one strip. I found that so fascinating, but here's the wire extension you guys, I just want y'all to see it because some of you it may match this texture and actually be interested in it. But this is what it looks like these come in a lot of different colors um. I just picked up one um. I just got the ombre brown, but there's supposed to be no clip extensions. Okay, but the hair is synthetic you will have to like detangle it. A bit and that's where those good detangling brushes really come in handy, like the one that I showed you guys yesterday last night in that line, you can do a lot when you have a good detangling brush and you have the right products. So on that I would probably use um, probably the detangler, that I showed you guys last night on the simply styling and that's in my Amazon storefront under hair products. Okay, so I just want you guys to see that let's get into um fixing this - it's not really messed up, because I've already done it before, but let's update this parting space. So I'm going to take the powder that I normally use, which is the Maybelline Fit Me powder, that's what I use to blend the hairline and the lace and The Parting space of wigs. So let's take this and let's figure this out. First of all, I'm gon na take this angled brush and I'm going to add some powder to this parting space. Honestly, it looks really good because not only did I already have powder in it before, but I have the lace, wig grip cap underneath so it's making it look a little bit more realistic, I'm just going to dab inside of this and then I'm gon na go In here and just um just a little bit of powder honestly, I don't want to put too much here because I don't want it to have too much makeup and that's all I'm gon na do. But of course, if this was the first time me styling it. I would go in with this a little bit more. Okay, all right. We already went over the wax. Stick, I'm going to show you guys, one more hair product and I'm going to show you a few makeup things. So the last hair product I'm going to show you is the even lace uh glue something hold on. Let me see even Wonder: lace Bond. I haven't used this in so long. You guys - and I actually forgot about it, because I've been using something else. But this is the Wonder: lace, Bond, adhesive spray, and this one I kind of like using a few months ago because of the fact that I didn't have to apply heat to it. To get it to glue down, so this is one um that I could use with this wig, and I would just put it right: I don't do a lot of glue, so I would just put it right here where the hairline is showing, because this is like A closure style wig, and with this I could just use the Melt bed and I don't have to put heat um, there's nothing wrong with using the glue that you have to add heat. It'S just. I personally sometimes don't feel like it. It'S a lot of the plug in the blow dryer and I don't have a blow dryer. I have a blow dryer brush the blow dryer Brush by Revlon. It'S in my Amazon storefront under hair products. That'S what I use to blow dry, my hair. So I don't necessarily want to be holding the brush up here, just to get some heat, but this you don't necessarily have to have hot air. You can have cool air or you could just wait for it to dry, which I like, if I'm remembering correctly, which I, like I remember using this with the cordless um cool fan, dryer type thing that I have from Amazon. Again, that's in my Amazon storefront under hair products, but um I remember not having to use hot heat air with this, to get it to dry and for me that made it a lot easier. I think I did have to use cool air a little bit or weight um, but the fact that I didn't have to use a blow dryer really helped. So that's what I would use if I was actually gon na glue this down, but I'm not gon na glue this down today. So I'm going to show you guys my wig stand and my wig head. I added this because I was going to add. I was gon na put my um headband wig on it, but I just showed it to you guys. This is in the style, 23 inches. Okay, and these are two separate products, but they do um match. You can put this on here. So I have the wig stand, highlighted right now, which is right here. It'S supposed to be 55 inches tall. I did try this in black and I didn't so much like the quality in black as I did gold. So I just stuck with the gold one, because I did like the quality and it took me a while to find a really good wig stand, but I'm gon na highlight the wig head really quickly. It comes with like a wig making set. It comes with the wig cap, a hair net thread pens and it also comes with a wig uh stand, clamp, which is like the little handheld one that you can attach to a table which will hold a wig head up as well. So it kind of comes with a whole set, which I think is really nice. So, let's um get into these. I have two makeup items to show you guys the first one is a lip color and the second one is the foundation. So we'll start with the lip color and this one is the Maybelline Super Stay matte ink, and this is the only pink shade that I have and it is in the shade artist, and it's really pretty you guys. I think this one is one that really stands out to me. They have so many colors and I have so many colors by them. Actually, this is not the right one. I think I just pulled pulled the wrong one. I'M actually supposed to have composer. Let'S see if I can find it, I'm gon na switch that y'all. It looks. They look so much alike on the um product page that sometimes it's kind of hard to it's kind of hard to see it from my phone. So let me go and get the right one. I'M gon na check the timer too y'all, and I've got to update this because I got these so long ago, like I don't even know what year and the fact that I got them so long ago is like I need to update them with which ones I Have I think I have like 15, but they need to be updated because I need to know exactly which one so I'm going to just show you guys this one, which is called believer, because the fact that I know exactly where that's at so let me um. Let me show you guys that one instead, all right, this one is like a deep, plum color. It'S really pretty! It'S definitely one of my favorites. So here's what it looks like the packaging and these have a pretty good, long, long lasting on it. For me, like, if you're going to go somewhere, where you're going to be eating a meal um drinking from a glass or something these last pretty well as far as the color and they're also pretty pigmented. So this is like a deep, plum purple. It'S so pretty y'all, so pretty I really like it. It looks literally like the color of the packaging, okay and then I wanted to show you guys this infiable Foundation. I found out about this one on Tick Tock as well, and I have two shades in this. I have Golden Sun and hazelnut so for the L'Oreal foundations. Hazelnut is my shade if you're near me - and this is what it looks like this - is a pretty good powder - it Blends in pretty well - and it also is pretty close to my shade, which I was really shocked, because I'm not a powder foundation type of person. I'M more of a um, a liquid foundation, that's just what I use mostly, but I wanted to get a powder because I wanted a powder to like finish off a makeup. Look or if I wanted a full face. Look, I feel, like a powder on top definitely looks good. It is looks kinda more finished, so I wanted to have a powder in my makeup collection. So I got this one and this one Blends very well in my pan, like definitely up to the height. So let me go back and look you guys, but I think that that was everything, but let me double check because y'all know, as always - and I just saw something that I missed so we went over the two wigs. I showed you guys this I started. This live with the wig that I wore yesterday. I showed you guys the human hair headband wig the calendar, the planners. I found two things I have to show you guys um the two books, I'm going to show you guys my Bonnet again I'ma stop adding this Bonnet because I'm not wearing it in the beginning of the live like I planned to, but here's the Bonnet that I Picked up from Amazon y'all, it's reversible. I hope it's gon na be a good body. I have to wash it so I can actually start wearing it. I went over the temporary gray concealer the clips, the hair clips, the hair extension wire, the Melt bands, the lace, squid grip flat iron, the powder that I use on the lace, the wax stick, the foundation, the wig stand, the wig spray glue, the wig head. That'S behind me, the hot comb, the wig, the two curly hair products and the Garnier fruit tea. So I have to show you guys um two other things I had to show you a book and yeah, so I'm gon na have to grab that y'all. So I need y'all to give me like 15 seconds and I'm gon na grab it real, quick. Okay, all right, you guys that's a blessed in 30 seconds, so we got this um that was gifted to us and I think it's so cute. We have it dove into it yet because we have another one similar to this, but we have a children's book. It'S called dream big little one by vashti Harrison I think her books are narrated, not narrated, Illustrated so cute. Here'S what it looks like and like I said it was gifted to us and I think it's adorable and it says um that it has an extraordinary Role Models. Your little leader will go to sleep inspired, so it has stories of extraordinary role models in history, and I just think it's so cute. This is a board book. So I'll just let you guys see a little bit of the inside. I just think it's adorable and it was gifted to us - and I love it, so I wanted to show you guys because it is available on Amazon, all right y'all. That is every single thing we were up here for almost an hour. I wasn't even planning on being up here that long the hair is done y'all, as you can see, the curls have kind of set here's what the curls look like. They'Re, nice and um defined look a lot better than when I first came up here, because they were super frizzy and I had worn it multiple times and hadn't treated in a while. So those are the products that I use for my curly wigs currently, and I think that it looks really good and I'm very happy with the result. So this is what I'll be wearing as my wig for today, and I hope you guys have a great Monday. Thank you guys so much for being up here with me. I so appreciate it if you guys have questions put it in the chat. Everything is listed in the um product carousel. On my on this Amazon live and then also everything is in my Amazon storefront under each list, so this is under human hair. Wigs the makeup is under makeup. The hair products are under hair products. Everything is there for you, so make sure you guys follow me on Amazon. I love you guys so much. I hope you guys have a great Monday bye, guys all right. You guys, I just ended the um Amazon live and now I'm just strictly talking to you guys over here on YouTube. So I appreciate you guys watching. I know it's like super early when I came up here um and I appreciate you guys watching last night. So I put in the chat this hair, not this hair. I put in the chat the link to everything that I went over. It'S on my Amazon storefront in that Amazon live, so the link is in the description of this video and it's also in the chat. I'M gon na put in the comments once I end this live and yeah. I appreciate you guys being here y'all. It was definitely tired this morning asking the Lord like do I need to get on or can I go back to sleep because I was so tired. Y'All, but I'm glad that I got it done so um yeah. I think this hair turned out really cute, and this is the I have like three wigs. This color two of them are straight and one is Curly. This is the only one, that's curly and I think it looks really good. I like this length as well y'all I've been doing a lot of like shorter, mid length, um hair because long hair - sometimes I just don't, go places to wear it. So sometimes I just kind of like the mid length to the bob style, because it's just more manageable, so yeah you guys. I hope you have a great Monday. My next live is not scheduled until Wednesday, Lord willing so um. Hopefully, I will see you guys there, but the link, like I said, is in the description, so you can shop all the products if you're interested or just get the information on it. Save it to your cart for later, it's up to you and then um. It'S also in the chat. Okay, if you're watching this as a replay make sure you comment replay. So I know you stopped by and I love you guys so much. I hope you have a great Monday bye, guys

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