Side Part Tutorial + Wig Review With Baby Hair! No Plucking | Beginner Friendly Ft. Geeta Hair

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Hair Details: 26’’ 250% Density body wave 13*6 Lace Front Wig

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Thank you, hello, beautiful people and welcome to the bomb kids TV. So today's video is going to be over this unit that I don't know if it's Vegeta or Gita. Please forgive me if I get this around it's my first time working with him, but they sent over this beautiful unit I'll have all the specs below. As far as the density um the length and everything like that is 100 human hair - and I ain't gon na lie - this was a body wave and then I believe, should not actually bleached them twice, because there are a few pairs in each weft. Sometimes companies send them to where there's like really like one or two hairs in each weft and this one in each knot I mean, and this one had a few hairs in the in the knot, so it took a little bit longer to bleach the first time. I bleached it. I bleached it for about 13 minutes, 13, 14 minutes and the second time I bleached it for 20 minutes. So, to be honest, you can really leave it on there for, like 45-50 minutes, just to be on the safe side, because to be honest towards the back, I still could have let it bleach a little longer. But there's no makeup in my part, there's no concealer. I did the ball cap method and sprayed it with this um lace, tint spray. Sometimes I use it. Sometimes I don't sometimes I do makeup. Sometimes I do the foundation, but I just I was being lazy, so I just sprayed it with the spray. It works. Just the same, and then I did one layer of Touch by Misti and then I sealed it with the got to be um. I did curl it. This was a body wave um. I did curl it and spray it with some of this Tresemme extra hold hairspray um to me the curls still look good. I still have not mastered the whole like curl thing, I'm working on it, but I'm about to go to work. So I was rushing. I didn't really have time to just another tear in my mouth: okay, that was nasty anyways. I didn't have time to really focus on the girls like I wanted to. I curled them into me. It still looks good. It has like a body wave type thing, but it's not a tight curl on a scale one to ten. I give this hair like a nine. It'S super soft. It'S super long, um, I'm 5'8, and this hair is hella long. I don't know exactly what it is. It'Ll be in the description below. If you want to know but yeah I really like it, it didn't have a bad smell. It didn't really shed greater hair emailed me again because it was popping if you want uh, not bleaching tutorial. Then let me know in the comments other than that, let's get into this install all right, um foreign, that Friday you've been keeping patience, pick it up birthday when, where are you? Where are you it's the end of the weekend, but I still wan na turn up. Yeah, I still wan na turn up. All I want is to go again, but you ain't picking your phone up. Why you messing my head up hey at any day. Let me take you away. All I need is just saying: yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, better nights better days when you're here with me, babe cause you're. All that I crave. So I wonder foreign tonight. Thank you. Foreign

Lisa Murray: Hey Morgan Loving the new hair it's absolutely beautiful on you. It looks very natural, and I also love the makeup it's beautiful and I love the eyelashes They are super long and super cute .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Erin Renee: That hair is Gorgeous as always!

Vanilla Queen: Absolutely gorgeous as always... Be blessed boo

Nadina 2020: Mizz ma’am, that doesn’t even look like a unit?! It looks your real hair…whoa?! ❤ that’s super pretty!! I give it a 8 out of 10 for over all look honestly.

Tanya Candia: Makeup and hair on point…PEROID FLAWLESS

Lexy: Oh and something that helps me do perfect curls in my hair is using a curl wand. And use sprits and hair spray

Sharon Robinson: Beautiful hair sis looks nice on you.

Sheila Wood: Love the hair Morgan it's period sis .

Karen Jamerson: Lovely ✨

Glenys Houghton Douglas: Your curls will hold better if you trim or blunt off your ends first before curling. Also too much spray will weigh your hair down as well. I was a hairstylist in Bermuda for many years. Your hair is just too heavy to hold tighter curls. ❤. But the whole look, makeup eyes are stunning.

Rosalyn Love: Please a pluck tutorial ❤️

Dee Luther: Great Video As Always Beautiful thumbNail Tho U DEFINITELY Slay This Look You Looking Hella Gorgeous Makeup Always Look Good Super Pretty Eyelashes Tho Have a Marvelous Week Too Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

THE DIGITAL PRODUCT EVOLUTION: Hey Levi, Here Just wanted to give a shout out haven't said much in a while I have been super busy, but I hope all is going well with your ABNB Business I know last time i saw you did a killer place with your partner for a first property. keep up all the good work wishing you many miracles and blessings to come Ma'am.. ~Levi~

Ursula Garcia: Holi,Guapiii!!!❤

Nancy Matos: ❤️

Fawn Barajas: Music and hair

Nancy Matos:

Kendra Nikole: Hello there gorgeous! ❤️

Britney Williams: Heyy Beauty

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