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Hey y'all! In todays video we're reviewing a unit sent over from in the style Feathery Flow 5x5 Lace Bohemian Style Wig. Down below I'll link a direct link to the wig. Let me know if you enjoyed the video by LIKING and COMMENTING on the video. Also if you want to see more of me go ahead and hit the SUBSCRIBE button. It's free girl! Lol...Another way to keep up with me is by following me on Instagram @tandotson or Ill have a link you can click further down. Other than that...I'll talk to y'all in the next one!



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Welcome to my channel, my name is 10. If you're new in today's video, we have a unit that was sent over from Today'S unit goes by the name of feathery flow 5x5 lace, Bohemian style wig. I think that might be their shortest name for a wig. Yet the cap construction of this unit comes with four combs in total one in the back one on each side in the front and then one in the very center. It also comes with adjustable straps and a security band as well. With this security band, you can adjust it to your liking. The lace on this unit is a 5x5 closure, meaning you get five inches going straight across and then five inches going straight back for The Parting space. This unit comes in 22, inches and 22 inches. Only this unit did come pre-flooked and they did a really good job with this unit on the plucking portion. But it didn't come bleach, which was okay with me, though, because I did decide to go in and bleach the knots myself and I will say that the hair took the bleach really well. This is a 100 human hair unit according to the website. So, therefore, you can bleach it dye, it curl it whatever you want with. I did go in and shampoo condition, and then I let the unit air dry overnight. This is how she's. Looking afterwards, I will say that the texture on the top of the unit compared to the texture on the bottom of the unit, it's still the same, but I just want to say that it's almost like the ringlets are a little bit more defined in the back Than what they are in the front, this is what the unit is looking like online, though, to me, the unit online compared to in real life are very similar, and I can understand why they named the unit feathery flow, because it does seem like a very lightweight Unit the density isn't listed on the website, but I would say that she's about 150 density - it's very lightweight, like I just said, and very flowy. It'S just like really giving me a Bohemian Vibe for sure. Let'S go ahead and install this unit and then I'll come back with my final thoughts about her and that's nuts kindness, tough life. Far away from you tell me what you want to do. Yeah! Yes, thank you, okay! So let's go ahead and talk about this unit from gorgeous I can instantly. Let you guys know that this is in my top five from them. If I ever go on a tropical vacation, I'm probably not gon na wear wig, but if I choose to bring one, this will be the one that I would bring. It'S lightweight. It'S flowy, it's given a very messy look, but at the same time somewhat Tang blue. If I were to go into the water, I wouldn't be really worried about how this unit is going to dry or how it's going to look after it dries. Rather because I know it's going to like turn out like this. So, even if I use a wide tooth comb, a brush or my fingers to comb through it, it's still going to look good. The hair is extremely soft and I've ran my fingers through it plenty of times within this last hour that I've had her on. Thankfully, I'm not getting too many tangles, but I am getting a little bit of shedding here and there. If you are somebody who knows you like to keep your fingers in your hair whenever you wear units, but you don't really like the big poofy looks. This might be the unit for you again. I use the wide tooth comb. I use the brush in this unit and I also ran my fingers through this unit, and this is as big as she's getting which I can appreciate. Don'T get me wrong. I love need some big hair, but I can also appreciate a unit that doesn't do too too too much. The lace on this unit is melted to the Gods. Like you tell me, if you can tell me where the lace stops and where my natural hairline begins. I'Ll wait now, of course, if you were right up on me and also depending on how the light is reflecting onto the unit, you are going to be able to see lace, but for the most part, this lace is Bomb like too good. Most of the time I go in with Foundation or lace tint spray on the inside of the cap, just to help the lace blend in a bit, but I didn't do that with this one. Instead, I just took the remainder of the foundation that was on my brush, my foundation brush, and I went on top of the lace just on the perimeter of the unit and clearly it's getting the job done. The install on this unit was extremely easy because again, this is a 5x5 closure unit. I'M starting to notice that I like five by fives more than I like four by fours, don't get me wrong. Four by fours. Are nice they're convenient, but with the way that my forehead and my hairline is set up 5x5s just typically blend a whole lot better, I'm also starting to appreciate closures more and more because then that means my edges are out, which then, of course means they're protected Because, of course, no glue, no spray, nothing rubbing up against them. We love it because the color of the unit is so close to the color of my natural hair, I'm okay with my edges being out, I'm also okay, with doing a little ear tub. A way that I try to conceal. The perimeter of the unit is by taking some of the hair, that's on the perimeter of the unit tucking it underneath the unit and then tucking it behind my ear and then bringing out some that's behind that piece. That was behind the perimeter that I took and pulling that over in front. I hope that makes it to me. It just kind of helps blend the unit just a little bit more to where it doesn't just scream wig. Now, if the unit was a different color in comparison to my natural hair color, then I don't think I would really be able to get away with it too good. As I stated in the beginning of this video, this unit is 22 inches long when all of the hair is pushed in the back. I want to say it stops right up underneath my like mid back area. I also wanted to mention that there are a few light layers cut into this unit. I don't really have anything negative to say about this unit. I thought I was going to be able to say that the curls are like clumping back together, which for me, I didn't want just because, whenever I think of bohemian in here boho hair, I think of sexy wavy curly messy hair, and this is exactly what it's Giving me so I'm really thankful that the girls aren't clumping back together. Now, if you want the look of the curls clumping back together, I would recommend not using a wide tooth comb brush or running your fingers through the hair but yeah. If you like this unit, let me know down in the comment section below and if you plan on picking this unit up, you can use my code 1025 that should save you 25 off the entire website. If you like this video, please give me a big thumbs up, also make sure you subscribe to the channel before you leave and also make you click the Bell that way. You'Re notified anytime that I upload a video, follow me on Instagram and Tick Tock they're, both at tan Dotson I'll, be sure to have a direct link to tune it in the description box below so make sure you guys check that out. I don't have anything else to say, though, except for I will see you guys in the next one bye. Thank you.

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