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Hi guys, I am back with another video. Today'S video is a wig video and this wig is from beauty forever. I'M excited about this wig, you guys. I really am because I've never had a wig like this before before we even get into the Wake. Let'S get into the goodies that they give you in the box, so you have this cute little purple mesh goodie bag and they give you obviously a wig cap, two-way caps. Actually, four. I lied. Four-Way caps, four wig caps, which is crazy. Four wig caps did they give you this now. I am so curious on what this is. I personally don't know what this is. I'M guessing, it's um like tape, so you can or it might stick and then it grips your wig, I'm guessing. I'M a little scared though, but I'm not gon na open it because it's like really sealed so I don't know if I open it, will it mess it up, but they give you this. If you guys know what this is comment down below and it matches my skin tone pretty well, and then they give you a beauty forever band to where we land this thing, maybe two of those this one's cute and they give you some lashes. Oh, I don't wear lashes, but those are crazy. Then they give you this I'm guessing. This is a a brush. Oh, what is this? What is this? Oh, it is a brush. No did I break it. I don't know okay, they give you a breaths. So when you're putting your foundation, you know concealer whatever you use, you know for your lace. They give you that, for that I think I broke it, but it's okay. Now, let's get into the wig, though I'm really excited about something like I really am, but this wig is a kinky curly, 20 inch lace, front wig, but y'all. I never had a wig like this before and I'm so excited. We got four seat edges. I'Ve never had a wig with 4C edges ever like that's crazy and I will hate when like kinky curly hair will have straight edges. I don't know why the wig people, whoever make wigs didn't like, come up with this before like a long long time ago, but it's crazy like look at that 4cs. So it looks more natural, like this hair is already so soft. It looks so cute all right. So let's get into the wig cap construction, so we got obviously the lace and then we have two Combs on the side. Then we have a cold in the back and this band. I love this band. This thing comes in handy. I love it. All. Wigs should have it, then we got a little lace in the back. Also, you know if you want to do a little updo action, so I just want to put this thing on. I already know it's going to look so natural as soon as I put it on. I am so excited for this look at the edges hold on hold on. Let me make this middle part real, quick y'all, and this thing is like: do I even have to put foundation on it? I still am, but like this, it looks like it's ready to go like you just cut the lacer. You literally just go look wow. I am very impressed, like I am very, very impressed. Like I love the 4C edges. I I really do. That'S that's crazy, so I am going to cut this lace right now. So what I do I just get some scissors and I just cut it right down the middle to wherever I wanted to stop at, and I just go as close to the hairline on the wig as possible, and I just kind of chop and then then for The ear tabs like this, I just kind of like look - I don't even like. I could literally just wear my edges out and it will match it will look perfect like that is crazy to me. I know I keep saying that, but I am so impressed. Okay, so for the ear tabs, I just kind of now go a while I'll be eyeballing it. I just kind of do like this, and just for the best all right, you're gon na cut some hair off it's okay. It'S fine! There'S plenty hair on this! Wig see the ear Tabs are cut, so that's how I do it, so I'm going to do the exact same thing that I did on this side to this side. So now for the lace, I'm going to take some of this foundation and this brush, I'm going to just put it apply it all over this lace, y'all watch it watch it just blend all right. Let'S go so I'm just gon na put it all in here like that, get it all on the lace everywhere. Look how good that looks! Look how good it looks like for real look, how good it looks even applied it yet like you can wear this freaking, practically glueless. If you want to I'm going to create this middle part, Define it a bit more and before I actually, you know, lay this wig with you know my stuff, I'm just gon na um style it first obviously shedding is gon na happen. It'S kinky, curly hair. You guys, I'm really not sure what lymph this is. They didn't tell me what length it was um, but I'll have it linked in the description box, so I'll just pop it up on the screen for you guys, but it's really long. It'S kind of it's really cute, then I'm just going to take this wet brush and just brush it. I'M gon na brush it from bottom to top. The texture is also freaking adorable. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for this wig. I don't know if you guys can tell I don't even know if I said it enough. This is how the hair looks when it's just sprayed with water. Look how poofy it is. Oh, my cute really really poofy, but now it's time for me to lay this lace, I'm just going to flip this up now, honestly, with b and lace fronts. If the wig feels tight enough, I don't even mess with the sides like if I'm not doing an updo or anything like that. I'D rather go a lot of you guys. I do not mess with the sides. I just mess with this general area right here. I'M actually going to use this combo. This combo is really good. You know, because I don't have any lace glue at the moment, but this combo is really good. I got they got to be glued Ultra glued gel and then the freeze spray. So I just take a little bit of this, and just rub this on my forehead, like that, you don't need like too much but just get like a thin layer, a layer, that's good enough, just like that, and then right. On top of that, I put the freeze spray you guys this combo is is literally like this thing is not going any just let that and I just let that sit for a little bit. You can take a blow blow dryer, but I don't have a blow dryer at the moment. You can take a blow dryer and just blow it, but wait till it gets a little tacky. So that's what I'm doing, I'm just Fanning, fan or fan and fan in it. Okay, so it doesn't take long to get tacky, but mine is tacky like touch it and you can feel like a little resistance or whatever, but I'm just gon na put the lace on there. Now I'm gon na grab it make sure it's not folded over. I love lace fronts. You can make how you can make your forehead, how how big and how small you want it. Okay, I'm just going to lay that there I'm going to take this rat tooth comb and I'm just going to press it down like that and then I'm gon na then I'm going to take the beauty forever band that they gave me lay that, on top of There just like that, and you want to these elastic bands - are really good. You can also just use a scarf whatever, but these are really good because it's just focusing right on the right on the lace. So if you just want to lay this on for 10 minutes or so or until it's fully dry okay, so it should be fully dry. I sat there for probably about like 10 minutes flat. That is, I even got the edges. Okay, so I'm gon na. Let this down I'm gon na she's gon na just like comb up these edges. They got caught in the glue, I'm gon na spray. A tiny amount of Godzilla got to be spray right here and on the other side, if you don't have like a hot cold like me, this works. I don't have a hot coal, but it does the same thing. Look at that part, though that looks really good. Okay, so now I'm about to style this, so I kind of just wanna I love to have my hair pushed back. I don't know about you guys, but I really do I love to have it pushed back like this. Now I want to do my edges, but I'm going to take some of this mousse and I know this isn't styling mousse, but I like using mousse better than gel for on wigs, especially on wigs. It'S a little crusty right here, but that's fine. We can just give it that way. A tiny bit of water see crust is gone but, like I said I like to um use mousse on my edges. I don't know it's just it just makes them softer and not hard. You know 4C edges yeah, look at them, curling up, okay, so these are the edges. I'M just gon na put this back on and they just leave it there all right guys. So this is the finished. Look like look how natural that is like I love how the edges curl up. Also like I really love that this is the finished. Look super cute super cute. Now I think honestly, I'm just gon na leave the edges as they are. I just want to show you guys what they look like Style, I'm gon na just leave them. You know whatever just leave them as they are hey. This is my hair now sorry but yeah. So this is the lace up close just fascinated. Thank you. Beauty forever. Hair, if you want this, go get it from beauty forever hair. They did an amazing job on the edges and I sat 4C edges set kisses Chef kisses, but I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Everything about this hair will be in the description box down below. Like comment subscribe thanks for watching bye,

S D: Loved this video so happy for you on your new style you found that matches your natural hair! Looks good girl Great Job!

Jahleesa Shenay: Yessss this hair screams MONAE

Tiffany Hudnell: Love the hair

My 7 wonders of the World !: Great look

ben Collison: ❤❤❤❤❤

Chris Tolbert: Mona'e nice job on the upload

Leelee Renay: Can we pls get another vlog

mia j: hey strager miss seeing you

It's Yuh Girl Brooklee 😍: First

It's Yuh Girl Brooklee 😍: Hi

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