Sensationnel Butta Lace Human Hair Blend Hd Lace Wig "Blowout 16"#Sensationnel #Buttalace

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Hello transformation. Welcome back to my channel modest transformation by Celeste. I want to say thank you guys so so much. We are at 2, 000 subscribers and I'm so excited, I'm so happy that we are on this journey together and you guys also have helped me to build my confidence and my tasks and my confidence to be creative, and you guys have shown me so much love And I want to say thank you and I also I want to say thank you to my haters as well. You also you guys also give me confidence as well, and I thank you guys so so much um, but my transformation team you guys are the best. I thank you guys so much. My channel is all about fun and growth and just exciting things um. I just love to create and this this Channel with doing my YouTube, it gives me that push to show my skill set and to just be creative and doing what I love to do. I'M a little talking to my modest transformation supporters. I really do. Thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart. You guys just don't know and um we're gon na continue on this journey together. So it's a celebration for all of us, so I'm so happy and um we're going to continue on growing. So, let's get into our video for today welcome back so today's video, you guys I am so in love with this line, I'm so addicted, and it's really sad, but I love it and I love to Showcase it to you guys, because you guys just this is Part of my transformation, so so today I have a gift which is butterflies, it is the blow out 16 and it is a human blend, and this is the style of it and it do comes in different colors. It comes in the jet black off black dark brown, Balayage caramel Balayage, chocolate, Balayage gold, which I wanted, but we're sold out Balayage Hazelnut and they have the mocha, the Auburn, the flamboywich blonde and mocha and sand. So I have this unit in the number two. So this is the unit. I think the sheet is pretty. I love it. I'M taking it off, you guys, look at the parting, no plucking at all and then look how it looks so natural and bouncy. This is my moon. I used to get my hair curled. All the time, oh I love it. I love it. I love it, so I am going to be right back. Okay, we back guys and I'm gon na put this Beauty on. I wish it had a band like the other one, but it don't so. I'M just gon na put her on and gon na style, her okay guys, so I fixed her up. I didn't put no powder in yet, but I wanted to show you guys how the hair looks. I know how it looked before, but I love it back and I just want to say that I love this look. I love this style, it's a nice length not too much, and I can't wait till we get the Balayage color. I'M gon na get it and wear it on here. So you guys can see. I love this look here, so I love it and it is this here. This is the stock card and I am wearing the number two, and these are the colors that it comes in and um all. I have to say. I give this wig, I'm gon na, give it a 10 out of 10. Just to be honest because I run my hands through it. It'S not shedding like most of the hair usually does. But - and I love this look - it's more sassy, it's more sexy. You can wear it as the everyday wigs or you can wear it. When you go out, you can dress it up, you can have a pinch and we can wear it to the side like that, have a cute swoop. So I love it so Sensational. This butter lace is getting really good. I love it and um I'm excited so you guys tell me what you like, like it or not, or you know, comment below and um. Thank you guys again for 2 000 subscribers. I love you guys and um. I can't wait to this Journeys, can't wait how to the end of this year will be so. Thank you guys and don't forget. Please like share and subscribe bye.

Rebecca Brown: I need a couple. I love the curls; it looks so natural.

CJMacN1990: Yo go girl

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