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Welcome back to my channel once again, if you're new here welcome, if you're not new, welcome back Rubble today, I have a photo shoot at 5 PM, it's actually like 30, something so I have to hurry up and do my hair, I'm gon na do like a Really quick cute Y2K inspired hairstyle for the photo shoot, because the photo shoot is like a Y2K theme. Y'All will see I'm going to bring you all along with me to the photo shoot, but today's video is in collaboration with medulla Hair Company, I'm going to be wearing a deep wave wig from nadula hair company. So let's get into it. This is the wig that they sent me. It'S a 22 inch deep wave, frontal wig it's The Parting space on this. Wig is 13x4, as you can see, and with an adjustable elastic band in the back. You know the regular, I went ahead and I customized it already. Well, I didn't pluck it yet, but I did bleach the knots, so it will be easier for me to just go ahead and put it on and get ready for this shoe. So, let's get into installing this wig, I'm gon na go ahead and put it on for some reason: y'all. I don't know if you guys seen um the last video that I did explaining to you guys why I don't do the ball cap method anymore. I just feel like the ball. Cap method is a little inconvenient. Sometimes it doesn't it's not really necessary for every single install. So I won't be doing a ball cap method. I'M just going to be doing it. They don't like this. The lace on the front of this wig is pretty long, so I'm gon na go ahead and cut it back a little bit. I'M not going to cut it all the way off. So, yes, I'm just going to cut it back just so that I can be able to see, because I can't really see with it like that. You know this is what it looks like first I was like. Should I just wear it down? Should I do like a side part, because I think that the side part will be really cute or a middle part, but I got these little ball leaves from my local Beauty Supply Store. I don't know what y'all call these in your town, but where I'm from in PA, I'm from Chester like we call these volleys when I was growing up. So I got some of these and I also got some of these cute little clips. So I'm trying to decide like exactly what I want to do with these, but we gon na figure it out right so, like I said, I did already bleach the knots of this wig, but I did not pluck it yet. So I'm gon na go ahead off camera and pluck it just to save some time and then I'll come back to install the wig all right guys. So I went ahead and plucked the wig. Now I'm gon na put it back on. Well, you know what I'm gon na take this band off the wig. I don't know why y'all, I just don't like having those bands on when I wear these wigs, because when I go to bed with it on it gives me like a really bad headache. So I'm gon na go ahead and take that off first, and also I'm gon na cut that extra lace off the back and the front of the wig. That would be easy to just put it on tack it down. Now that that's done guys, I'm gon na go ahead and put her on like normal enemies, nothing sometimes everyday foreign, I'm gon na. Let this sit on my edges for about 10 minutes and I'll come back once it's completely dry, so we can get into The Styling love. So it's been about 10 minutes and I feel like it's completely dry, so I'm gon na go ahead and take the elastic band off the dry. I should say yeah it is, and it looks okay, but just to camouflage that lace. We are going to add some baby hair together baby, I'm talking crazy, baby baby, I'm talking crazy, a burger baby, get it together, together, together to me, is going down now. It'S just it's amazing many things. Looking for you, let's get it foreign fire! It'S super cute right. I only do one side so far, but it looks so so so so beautiful all right literally so cute right and it didn't take me, but no time to do this hairstyle guys I am gon na go ahead and Define the curls um wet it a little Bit so that by the time five o'clock comes, you know it's just gon na dry up again, but the curls will be a little bit more defined. I'M just going to go ahead and spray and Define My Curls a little bit more. So, as you can see, the hair is super cute and it's natural safe and it's also even cuter once you wet it like. I love this juicy curly look with the Bobo's volleys, whatever you all call them like. I really love this look, so I'm gon na go ahead and do the other side and then we're going to get dressed. Thank you tell me why you're crying I'm feeling big deal when you gave me something. I don't need you so like. I said this photo shoot that we're doing is making theme and we are going to be doing it at like a corner store like a poppy store type of look, so I'm gon na go ahead and get dressed and come back and show you guys. My outfit all right guys, so this is the finished look. Let me show you guys, my outfit, I got these Big Bamboo earrings from my local Beauty. Supply Store those cute little white, top pink graphic tank top. This is the mini skirt. The booty is out y'all. The booty is out: okay, okay, but this is your skirt um and then I have these white boots and I just put some fur around them. I actually made these boots myself, so I might do a DIY video to show you guys how I made them but yeah. I love you guys stay tuned for that, but this is white boots. I got the white boots from Wendy's and then I got the fur from that's another story for another day, but everything came together. I wish that you guys could see my full body, but I am like in my bedroom is but anyway thank you so much nadula hair company for sending me this wig. The hair came out super bottom. It tied the look together. Everything looks great, so I literally had five minutes to head out of the house and get to the location that we're shooting at um and yeah come on. Come with me, huh see the whole city from this balcony back in 2019. I was outside freely, but now they got it out. I don't care what Friday he was in. You can't offer me, keep dreaming pineapple juice and hard drives full adhesy trying to come the same day as Jack rethink. Y'All need Givenchy, you need Jesus. Why do y'alls? Keep on me I need reasons. Oh I got plaques in a male peak season. Shout out to my UPS workers make a shot receiver. You could do it so believe me, I've been uh. Thank you. Are you ready? Yes, I am. They say he was Superstar. Now I'm down, I guess I am, you might be the man with us unless I am okay I'll confess I am go ahead and get undressed. I am okay.

Nia Jinsu: Sooo pretty! I'm obsessed

Tanelya Barclay: Love it. I actually where that everyday w/my natural 4c. It beautiful on you w / the balls . Got to have the balls. Magnifique

Tanelya Barclay: Your Inner Child is Perfect & the bootie

Ashimary Hair: cute!

jermaine lindo: african (island) beauty girls club n friendships

Tanelya Barclay: Real Life Black Barbie

jermaine lindo: personality ethnicity cosmopolitan deep variations international n race

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