Girl Look Only $47?! Sensationnel Butta Lace Human Hair Blend Loose Beach Wave 28"| Ebonyline

Wassup Beautiful Babes! Hope you enjoy this wig install! I loved creating this video for you guys. I left all the links below for you guys. Thanks so much for watching let me know if you have any questions.✨

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Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Butta HD Lace Front Wig - LOOSE BEACH WAVE 28" :

Color : Flamboyage sand


Ebin lace adhesive spray:

Hot comb:


Edge brush:

Elastic band:

Ruby kisses foundation:



Wig head:

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For all Inquires:

[email protected]


IG: @everythingcashmire


Camera Canon G7x Mark ii


55" Phone Tripod, PHOPIK Aluminum...

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Sensationnel human hair blend butter HD lace front wig

Sensationnel loose beach wave 28

ebonyline, ebony line

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Everybody what's up Babes today, I have for you a sensational butter, lace. Wig, you guys know I love Sensational hair. So let's get right into this wig specs the wig is 28 inches and it is the color flamboyish sand. I was really interested in trying out this color, so I'm so excited to try it out for you guys. First off, I just started plucking the wig trying to get it as natural as possible so that we can have a Flawless install the way. I pluck my wigs is in a skip, pluck skip pluck motion, so if you guys would like your wig to look as natural as possible, I would suggest using this type of method. So I'm put you guys onto some game. I saw a girl on Tick. Tock use this on the areas where she hot combed at so I'm like who, let me try it you guys, I feel like this is a game changer. My hair was so flat, I'm like yeah. Definitely tea, look at those beautiful platinum highlights in this wig. I love those pieces of platinum blonde. It really just makes the wig go up a oomph on top of the like sandy blonde color. I really really love that. I think this is like one of my favorite colors, that's Sensational as like put together for sure. So now you just see me applying my lace glue. I put that much on because I like to sleep in my wigs. I know everybody doesn't sleep in synthetic wigs, but I do and I want my hair to stay on for a decent amount of time. Not only do I apply lace glue like real lace glue, I also apply the spray, so I'm using the even spray to melt the lace down and I'm gon na put my elastic band on to make sure that we, you know, get everything all together and I'm Just cutting the lace here now this hair was so like stuck to my head, still melted down that it was like hard to cut. I'M not gon na lie um, but it really did do the job. I feel I mean I'm still getting in the rhythm of customizing synthetic lace, wigs and trying to make them look, as you know natural as possible, but I think this this actually came out pretty good. In my opinion, you guys, let me know on my way any time that I'm melting down wigs. I always go back with my comb and kind of comb and press down the areas where I had cut the lace at just to see if it'll melt into my skin even more and I'm just making sure there's no like makeup residue or anything like that to The best of my abilities - because sometimes you know initially you're not able to really get everything to look 100 like it's coming out of your scalp, because again it is lace, but this is how I was able to achieve it. So I think that you know with practice it'll be even better next time, but I really really love this wig. I combed out a gazillion times and it still hasn't Tangled. I had like a little bit of strands, maybe in the back that were like that, but I'm really really rough on my hair. So I'm definitely thinking that was me, but you guys. Oh look at that beautiful. I love it. I decided to also go back with my makeup foundation. The foundation I use is the Ruby kisses Foundation is like a circle when you can get it from the hair supply store, and I just go around all around the lace and make sure I dab it and press it right into the lace as much as I Can just to try to get that like cast of like lace to like go away? If you know what I mean so yeah, that's what I'm doing here and Bam there. She is look at her. She is fully on and secured I'm ready to go somewhere. Don'T know where, but you know I love this hair. I am like so shocked at how much I do love it. I as like a darker skinned woman. Sometimes I get scared to try colors out, so maybe someone that's my complexion or skin tone might be able to see like how it looks or how it might look on them. I was very, very, very impressed I like how to One Beat and also Fade Into the other colors, because I feel like with my skin tone. I think if it was just from the root that color, I don't know, if I'll be able to pull it off. I might one day try that, but we'll see thanks for watching and don't forget to like, share and subscribe and head on over to and get you one of these wigs girl. You will not be disappointed. Also, do them a favor and make sure you subscribe to their Channel as well. Bye, guys

iamericahellena: You are so gorgeous great video and installation

Life as Chamoni: ❤❤

Life as Chamoni: You did that

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