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Length: 18’’

Density: 200%

Lace : NEW 13*6 Front Clear Lace

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New CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

New CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than a regular pre-plucked hairline. They customized this natural hairline to make it melt perfectly!

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Hi guys welcome back to another wig review video. Today we will be checking out a package from XRS Beauty which is supposed to contain their clear lace. Wig. Now, if you're interested in seeing what a clear lace wig looks like please keep on watching this video and guys remember to download the link app. The fast and easy way to safely send and receive money on your mobile phone available. Both on Google Play and the Apple Store also follow them at linkjamaica on Instagram bus boys all right guys. So, as I said, we are going to be checking out this beautiful orange package that matches my outfit from XRS Beauty. Now we worked with them in the past and they have impeccable lace quality, so they went ahead and sent us their 18 inch curly units 200 density in clear lace. So let's go ahead and open this beautiful box and see what is going on now. Of course we have the wig already right here and what I love about. Extires beauty is they're gon na send us stuff. So here we have a wide tooth comb. We have a double edged Edge, brush or double-sided Edge brush. I should say we have extra elastics. We have a set of wig caps and, of course, they sent us some foam rollers. If we want to go ahead and get some extra curls in our wig. Now let us get into the 18 inch curly wig that they sent us and see exactly what the clear lace looks like all right right. So let us get into this beauty from XRS beauty, hair. Now this is a 13 by 6 lace, frontal and again, as I said, it is their clear lace and clear lace for XRS Beauty. Just means are really really clean, hairline. Now, of course, they have their normal. You know additives, they have lace Clips on each side or, should I say, lace, Combs on each side, one towards the back to help fastly to your head. They have one towards the top and then, of course, their bra straps hair to the back. That kind of further helps tighten with your head now, let's do a close-up of the lace and of the texture and quality of this wig. Alright guys so, as I was saying here, is what the XRS Beauty clear: lace, wig in 18, inches 200 density 13 by 6, frontal wig. This is what it looks like now. I love the curl patterns. This is definitely curly hair. As you can see, the curls are really really tight. I have added nothing to it. I just took it right out of the box, the Combs on either side, as I was telling you guys about one in the top one towards the back and then the bra like Clips hair. No, as I was explaining to you guys, clear lace just gives a more cleaner hairline. It is much more natural than regular, pre-plucked hairline and they have already customized it and given you a natural hairline to make it melt into your skin much more perfectly. So let us go right into the installation of this clear lace: wig from XRS Beauty, laughs, foreign guys. So, let's get into the installation of this wig. I'M just gon na go ahead and get my hair to lay flat, probably gon na wrap. It now remember when you're doing like your insulations at home, it's always best to get your hair can rolled or, if you're gon na go to the hairdresser. Of course you know they're gon na cane right, but for the purposes of this video and the fact that I'm not a week early, I'm just gon na get my hair wrapped. So it is flat. So I can show you guys what this wig would look like on your head. If you purchase it now remember you can definitely get your wigs professionally installed or if you are bad on it, like some of these girls that I see on YouTube and bye bye, I mean really really good. You could definitely install this wig yourself, so I'm just going to show you guys the beauty of this wig and how easy it will be to install it with a professionally done or personally done so here we go, do not mind the whole in my wig cap. This is a very thin wig cap and I just really like the quality of it, because it looks just like scalp under the wigs. So that's why I'm still using it, even though it has a hole so guys don't mind that all right guys. So let me just put this curly wig over my head and line it up now. Already I can see the illusion of the clear lace like it almost looks like the wig is already plopped which, like I said they did already send it plucked. So it's looking like it's blocked like you know, some people were saying they plug the wig and send it to you. But that's a lie. Yeah this wig is definitely plucked. I'M definitely getting the illusion of a cleaner, more natural hairline. Let me go ahead and apply a first thin layer. I'Ve got to be glued to this wig and see what we have going on foreign. So I just applied one thin layer. I'Ve got to be glue, I'm going to go in and cut excess lace and then see if I need to touch up some areas with some more Got to Be Goo. Thank you, foreign guys. As you saw, I went in with another layer. I'Ve got to be glue and just blow dried it a little bit now I'm going to remove my melt band and see what oh and see what the clear lace looks like. No, I think I over did it a little bit, but it got to be glue. So I'm just going to go in with some alcohol and just clean up around the edges and then give you guys a closer look foreign guys. So I went in with just a little bit of concealer and some alcohol just like clean up around the edges. Normally, I'm not a pro at this, I'm just showing you guys how easy and how beautiful this wig from XRS Beauty would look when you get it and get it installed. Now, of course, the clean hairline is giving like imagine how much more beautiful this would be. If I could have done it like perfectly, I haven't plucked it, I haven't bleached it, no dyes, nothing at all. This is just how the hairline comes right out of the box. Now, I'm just trying to tease some of the hair that they got to be glue. Kind of made stiff along the natural hairline of this wig, but you guys already see what this 18 inch curly wig from XRS beauty is given. So remember, this is a 13 by 6 frontal unit, so you could definitely go ahead and party just about anywhere. You guys, like so I'm parting it right here, I'm just using my hands to tease the curls a little bit, so they become more full and bouncy. You can also add water to this unit. If you like, a more sleek and Slick look, I prefer, when my units are just like big and full of life. So let me go ahead and adjust a tiny bit of oil to this hair and then I'm gon na flatten the top and we'll see what it looks like foreign guys. So after I press it out in a side part, you know I just kind of flattened the top and added some styling wax stick to just kind of tame the flowers and, as I said, I did it in a side part now. This is definitely a big hair, don't care type of eye, but, as I was telling you before, if you want to have the hair more tamed, you can always go in with some water and just spray it with some water and conditioner mix, and it will definitely Lay back down, I just run my hands through it and I'll keep running my hands through it, so it just keeps getting bigger, because I really do like the look of this 18 inch curly hair from XRS Beauty, but as of right now we're on our Erica Badu type Vibe, if you're a girl who loves big curly hair. This is definitely for you, don't forget to check out my description box below for the link to this wig from XRS Beauty and all the other wigs that XRS Beauty sells. As I told you guys before, this is their clean, clear, hairline wig. That just gives you a more natural look. As you can see, I didn't know baby hair. This is just the wig, with some got to be glue, no plucking, no dying, no bleaching, and this was as easy as ever. Let me give you guys a final look now that is it for this 200 density 18 inch, curly wig from XRS Beauty. Don'T forget: it is a 13 by 6 lace, frontal wig and all the information to this wig and all the other wigs from x-rays Beauty will be in my description box below again guys. Thank you so much for watching this. Video don't forget to like it and share with your friends, share it and Shop with XRS Beauty, and I will see you guys in the next week review video bye. Thank you.

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