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Foreign, what's up y'all welcome back to another video, oh my gosh, my hairline is receding yeah. I just had another wig on that's why it's looking like this so don't mind me, but today we have a wig from ashy Mary hair. This is the first impression I want to say that I've never worked with this company before so we're all gon na get my raw reaction to how this wig is. It is a 26 inch, 26 inch dark brown, deep wave, wig y'all the curls are curling. That'S all, I could say the girl's, a girl, yeah um, because it is a brown wig I'll show y'all she's a cutie cutie so because the wig is a different color. I didn't have two bleach the knots. Thank God. I love that. For me, that is a process we're literally just gon na pop this on and while I'm talking that's for knotting baby. I love me some good knots that just pull out quick another, but I feel like that's beginner friendly, okay, like if you watch people attention I've been saying that it's beginner friendly I like to give points when it could be beginner friendly. This is what it's giving so yeah um. I just feel like when you don't have to pluck the knots or like it's not hard to pluck the knots one. It is very one one. It is very easy to over pluck. So if you are not experienced, go very slow and I mean slow, like I'm, not being dramatic, it's super easy for people that know how to pluck it's the wig here's the inside this cap is giving a little a little big, but lace wear lace. Wear. I did plug the knots, but listen. I I had a pro now so before I put some stuff on it. They sent me this bag. Here'S the bag, it's very ASMR, it's like a little toe. Would I wear it? I don't know depends on my outfit. I guess boom, I can't wait, so I didn't even wash it so. This is like just brushed out curls and I like it like this, I'm not saying I don't know how it looks when it's wet, but I'm assuming like it's curls, come on now be real. Let'S be real yeah this, this wig cap is huge, but it's gon na fit my head perfectly, because my head is also huge. I might just do a middle part running my fingers yeah. I liked it. Oh, I just want to do it like this. Like do. I even have to do a style I might not low-key like if I could pull this off. All I got to do is like do the edges, because I'm still iffy on. If I want to do the edges or not, but if I do the edges, I'm definitely just going to push it back. I wanted to go for a more natural look but, like I wasn't gon na, do no edges, but I don't know it's like I just I I feel like I I feel like I have to now boom. Oh, this is so cute, like I could style this. So many ways, foreign a little too high, listen! I love me some contacts but it'd be hurting my eyes early drying, my eyes out. Oh my gosh. It'S really drying my eye out got ta turn that down ain't no way. Oh yeah, I'm gon na have to do edges. It'S gon na look cute though I ain't dripping. Oh my gosh. These curls are just so. Oh look. I can't look at that. Oh, the sun, coming back out, thank God that little second of just like no sun just be like uh. Just do so much. I just I don't know what else to say like. I would just do a lot. I'M gon na go with sides and then cut the top. I meant cut the top yeah. Thank you. Okay. Now we're going to spray the top thank you got ta plug in my little flat iron flat iron, why I say it like that flat iron flat iron flat iron. What am I saying a funny flat iron flat iron? Okay, let me say it normally flat iron where's, my flat iron at I'm, trying to like say it normally to see if I sound funny, I plug that in because, as soon as we're done cutting we doing something foreign like this. Sometimes I do this and if it doesn't work I'll, just go back and use the spray, but it looks like it's working. Oh now, it's time for the edges. I know this video is like mostly voice over, so I hope you've been enjoying my voice unedited, because I refuse to edit my voiceovers yeah. I want to show you this Edge brush. They sent me because I'm about to use it, it's pretty cool. I just have the camera because I go do some business y'all, but look at this, so this side's regular right, but then this side y'all what so cute like I'm gon na brush my whole head out with it, but yeah we're gon na do the edges. Now all right foreign foreign, it's time to Sally, I'm so excited so I'm gon na back up, because I got a lot to do and I only got a little bit of moose left. I feel like moose would look so good in this. In our I ain't got nothing foreign foreign. It'S always a little longer to do a long wig, especially if you really want to style it like. I didn't do too much. I just think think like I didn't do a lot, but it's still really cute can't wait to take some pictures, because you know that's what I'm about to do and yeah this is it 26 inches dark brown, deep, curl, 13x4 bad Beach yeah going behind the ear? Oh, like I was thank you to ashy Mary here, I'm pretty sure it's Ashley Mary. I hope it is but um. Thank you to Ashley Mary here for sending me this wig. If you want to match me, the link will be down below as well as all the other information to their company will be down below, and I think that's it. Thank you guys so much for watching give this video a thumbs up, make sure you follow all my social media at the end of the video and I'll see you guys next time, bye, y'all, good

Ashimary Hair: Sooo cute! Thank you,honey!

Yup, It’s Tatyana: , love the back to back videos

Cupcake🏳️‍🌈: Will u do more vlogs I love when you do vlogs I love watching your day to day live

Dejuan Mcgowan: It was cute I think the edges would be to much

Tootie0105: Hi Crissy❤❤❤


Yeashan Banks: The company name is throwing me off. I hope it has a different pronunciation


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