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Hair Details: Realistic Yaki Straight Bob With Bangs Minimalist Undetectable Lace Wig 12 inches

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Foreign welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl Lindsay and, as you guys can see by the title, I am back today with another wig from Love Me hair. So this time they sent me out this cute Bob, which is bobbin okay. She is definitely bobbin. So we are going to get into some details about this wig because I love her okay. I am a bob type of girl, but this one she's super cute. I was not really expecting to like her as much as I do like I love her. She is cute, so if you guys are not familiar with my Weight reviews, I will show you guys the construction of the cap, then of course I'll give you guys some more details about the wig and then finally, I will let you guys know how I feel About the wig now as usual, because you all know love me, hair is one of my favorite hair companies and I absolutely love working with them. I do have a code for you guys to use that checkout to save you, some points so make sure you guys check the description box for all the details concerning this wig, including my discount code check. The pin comment as well and, of course, towards the end of the video - I will have my code right here on the screen for you guys. So if you are interested in hearing all about this cute Bob wig from Love Me hair, then keep watching to spend time. Definitely nothing for me. Okay, baby, all right! So, as you guys saw from the previous clip, this wig has three Combs. It has two combs in the front and one comb in the back. It also has an elastic band and also has an adjustable strap. Now I love when the elastic band is inside. Of the wig is very, very, very helpful, so let's go ahead and get into a little bit more details about this wig all right. So again, this wig is from Love Me hair. This is the realistic Yaki straight bob with bangs minimalist, undetectable lace. Wig now the length that I have is 10 inches and it retails for 99.90. Now, if you don't want to pay full price, you can use afterpay, zip or Sizzle, which will divide the payments into four payments of 24.98. So, product details, realistic, yakies trade, zero, install skills, beginner friendly lace, top and breathable bangs, protective and comfortable style. Alright. So once again this wig isn't 10 inches, but you can get it in 12 and 14 inches as well. It'S a 100 virgin hair from one donor. It lasts for one more year. The density is 150 percent, hair color is natural, black, it can be dyed, straps is adjustable, circumference is 22.5 inches standard, medium, laces, minimalist, undetectable lace, medium brown and the lace area is two by one. So again, this is how the lace area looks. So I really am loving this wig, I'm gon na show you all the body, because this wig definitely has some body to it. Like look at that, it's gon na be shaking my head all day. I love me. A good Bob that got some body to it. Okay, so the length is nice. You know it's nice. I did put a little heat to it, not too much um. But if you want it bone straight, you can definitely get it bone straight, but I just put a little heat to it in the front um, because straight out of the box, it was pretty straight okay. It was straight for my liking right now, but you can definitely, you know, put some heat heat to it and get that really bone straight look. I will probably wear this wig over the weekend. I'Ll probably put some bone straightness into this wig um, so yeah the bangs are real cute as well see I'm really really really loving this wig, so I'm gon na go ahead and show you guys all around once again. So this is the front the side, the back and the other side, so really really really cute really cute. So I want to thank love me here for reaching out to me and asking me to review this wig. I really really do appreciate it and, of course definitely I will be working with them again in the future. I have a couple more wigs from Love Me, hair that I have to review very soon, but make sure you guys, let me know Down Below in the comments what you think about this wig as far as the length texture all of that stuff, which rock the Swig, how does this wig look on me and you know all of that so, as promised, I do have a code for you guys to use at checkout to save you 23, and the code is my name which is Lindsay so capital L lowercase. I n d s a y, so make sure you guys put that code Down Below in the little box to save you, some 23 okay. So that's pretty much it for this video make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up. Don'T forget to comment down below and of course, share this video with your family and friends, if you're a new subscriber welcome and if you haven't subscribed yet go ahead. Click on that subscribe Button, as well as post notification Bell. So you will not miss a new upload from yours. Truly, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you in my next one.

AyoJess: You are killing that bob

DivaNy hair: Cute bob

Sammy Da Goat: Third Comment Lovely Bob Wig Pretty Face

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