Faux Locs Restyle Tutorial | Starter Locs For Little Girls | Step By Step | Elfin Hair #Shorts

Come on dolls let's learn how to restyle faux locs for your little angels? Ok mommy you are definitely killing!✨Subscribe our channel for more inspiration & leave any idea below~

‍♀️Credit: tiktok page@avo_dreadlocs, follow her for more locs hairstyles~

Click link for more hairstyles: https://www.elfinhair.com

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Silly_Rav: This looks so uncomfortable for me and I’m grown smh but it’s beautiful tho ❤

Nicole Graves: I will never understand why they feel the need to add weave to these babies hair, let the hair breathe long or short. No need for it

Gigi Bieber: Ooh I know that hurt her scalp poor baby

Angelina OseiBonsu: The little princess is in pains .sorry sweet little girl ❤

Saint of The Lord God!: You dont see the baby hair TOO TIGHT!

Tagauki Masumi: Huge no... poor girl. Clearly its too tight and she a baby, what does she need extensions for.. her hair is probably so pretty on its own.. smh. Some individuals be so ready to ruin their child's hair

Sherry Martinez: It's really cute but I wouldn't do that on a child this small

Priscillaq Wilson: Unfortunately little black girls HAVE TO GET CONDITIONED to "too tight" styles. I'm not for it but in my lifetime I just see it over and over again

Shy Uchiha: She's crying☹️

Ivykkittie: So beautiful

Phenomenal_mother_of_3: Yea that’s too tight and poor baby won’t have any hair by the end of the week scalp just red

Tina Wright: Beautiful but 2 long

Anacaona Manzè: OMG ! Please.

eli ッ: Too much tension in that baby’s hair.

Anacaona Manzè: How can you be so stup….This pour little girl is close to be bold .!

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