Watch Me Get My Hair Slayed..Hd Lace Wig Ft. Ulahair

  • Posted on 18 September, 2021
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous


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Got a bond and they can't break it. I was made for you. I took a chance and ran with it. When i made you, i risked my life down to the white cause you dead and poor foreign foreign um, so oh foreign do um, so do. Thank so me, me me, so you

Alexis: Been patiently waiting on a video your hair is gorgeous

KYA Q: You always slay with the natural looks

Virginia S. Soto: Looking gorgeous Zanadia❣ She did a wonderful job.

Rachel Lehcar: She definitely did her thing Zanadia✅

Erika: Your hair is niceShe did a Good Job!❤❤

Ty’s PretTY Life: Good job on this video, you’re a great young mother! I enjoy watching you & I’m super excited that I just started my YouTube channel.. I wish you all the luck in the world for your channel to keep growing

Felishia Armstrong: Beautiful,absolutely love it

Shawanda Norfleet: You look pretty hun she did a good job..

Loyalty.2: I'm proud of you!

Carlene Bacchus: Your hair looks beautiful

trena Reynolds: Hey girl hey you are so beautiful and your hair stylist did a great job love the whole put together look❤❤

RTE CAKE TV: Your hair look nice Sis, Stay safe and God bless you and your beautiful babies

Lovely Lady: Your hair is beautiful!!!!

Brenda Jones: You look so beautiful! Nice job

Deyna Broek: I always love to see your new videos. You are always shopping for the babies... I think you should let your Subscribers send you clothes to model and than you choose your favorite.

tubetimingg: Beautiful!

Sidoney Small: Loving the video. Hope to see more content from you soon

BEVERLY Mccall: You look beautiful ❤️

Ms Nicole ♥️♥️: Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous ❤❤

🦋Timileyin Destinee🦋: I was literally just thinking about your channel when I got this notification

Cheryl Horne: Beautiful

claudette pearson: Beautiful Miss y'all

Melisaa Taylor: She reminded me of the younger version Jada pink Smith especially the one from set it off

Sanai Johnson: Beautiful ❤️

A NecoLady James: Hey!!! You look Amazing PrettyGirl

simone rios: Just beautiful

kalia Hendricks: Beautiful

Bertha Mupupa: Love from Namibia ❤️

Beady Pough: Beautiful

welcome 2 Vonas world: I love your hair .

Erika: ❤❤

tramia coleman: I like it ♥️

Sonya: Love your hair happy Saturday

Sharon Heller: Hey girl was wondering what u and the children were up too. Hope all is well.

Taylor Prejean: Heyy Girll I miss you soo much was wondering when we would see you again ❤️❤️I hope everything been well and I love you soo much ❤️❤️

Jacquarious Moses: Oh my God we ready for the next YouTube channel

Keter Auguste: She was sleepy the whole time getting her hair done

andrea knight:

Angelin Young: Hair bomb

anivea lauryn: Favorite Youtuber ❤️

Rudina. M. Vicks: I )ove your hairstyle

Arionna Rhome: ❤️

cierraa babyy: noooo cause where is that boy that used to do your hair

Ariana Johnson: ️

Niterria Grant💍💍:

Tanika Miller: HEYYY ZAY!!!!!

Roshawdon Jefferson: Really pretty!!! Girl were you been

Nesha Maria: Should’ve lwt tht dude so it cus he b slaying

Tee Wanna: We miss you beautiful❤

IIamwaltavya: FIRST

Itss_ Tay: Hey ✨

We Do Recover: What happened to the guy that use to do your hair

Devon Lewis: Fourth

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