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hi my loves we have a hair video today!! I show you how to get braided hearts on a lace frontal wig in a half up half down hairstyle, in addition to adding bundles to make the two ponytails thicker :)

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Hey everybody Welcome to my channel. My name is Chris for those of you who are new and for those of you who are returning, hey sis, welcome back so in today's video I am going to show you guys how I got this whole look as far as the hair and all of the Accessories that I use in the hair - I did do my makeup off camera, but my makeup: this is just my everyday um uh makeup routine. So I have a video on that already on my channel I'll, put the link in the description down below and then I just went and added my press on nails, real quick. I just glued them on literally glued them on. So it wasn't even no crazy extra work and then the hair is just the main focus in this video. So if you guys want to see how I got this hair, where I got all of the accessories for this hair, quick disclaimer, these hearts that I did in my hair y'all, I did not record the process just because it was my first time doing. The hearts and I messed up about like six times trying to do these braids. I redid them over like about six times. So I didn't really record because I didn't I kept messing up and I just didn't want to like waste footage recording for hours, because these things took me like about three four hours to protect. I mean whoa not to protect to perfect. I am a perfectionist, so I was not about to give y'all some corny Hearts. I'M gon na go all out and make sure my hearts look official tissue. So that's what I did, but I guarantee you. I did not get it like this. On the first try um, so I didn't record the hearts, but if you guys would like a tutorial on how I do heart braids like this, please let me know - and I will do a separate video just focusing on how to get hearts in your hair. So comment that down below and then other than that, let's just jump right into this video all of the links for this hair and any information you guys need to know will be in the description down below so make sure you guys check that out. This hair is from a company called hysteria hair, and this is their invisible, HD lace, front wig the length I got was 26 inches. The lace size was 13x4 HD lace and the hair density was 250 percent. So this is what the wig looked like. It was very beautiful, so this is my bleaching tools that I used and I'm just gon na bleach the knots, because you know bleaching, the knots just makes the wig look very natural, so you don't want to make the texture too watery. You got to make it thick, it's like that. The bleach doesn't seep all the way through to the actual hair strand. So you do this get the whole thing like exactly like the video and then you're gon na. Let it sit for about like 30 minutes and watch it till it turns I over bleach a little bit. So that's why you see me putting this dark color on the hair strands, just to turn it back dark. So I finally got my two braids for my hairstyle. I literally wanted to try hards. This is my first time trying hearts and although they're not perfect, it's given Hearts. It'S given what it's supposed to give. So I have a really really cool hairstyle that I am going to try for you guys today. This was the first step so now that this is on, let's glue it to my head, so I'm gon na put this on my head first, so I can make sure it's positioned where I want it to be positioned. I think right. There is pretty good go in with my glue all right so now that I have glued the glute has kind of dried we're going to now begin to stick this like so I didn't stick it on the other side. So now, once we have stick that we're gon na push down now, I'm just gon na use my blow dryer just to make sure that this is dry foreign. What I'm gon na do is I'm going to use two rubber bands and I'm just gon na tie this up like a ponytail s, and then I'm gon na take these braids out foreign okay. So I think that looks pretty cool, so you see how it gives it a umph right and then what I'll do is when I'm finished with the other side, I'm gon na just wet the hair that way the curls could like, but so far so good. I'M excited it looks so cute. We literally went from. We literally went from this, so we went from bam to Bam so cute. I'Ve never done like I've never done this before. This is my first time so now, I'm just coming out the hair and now y'all look at this like this is a lot of hair, but it's for a good cause. My baby hairs are not. I haven't done my baby hairs yet, but this is what it's looking like without the man I got, ta do my baby hair. This is gon na go in I'm gon na. Pluck them and I'm gon na cut them more, and then I also just took out some Sideburn, so I'm gon na go ahead and I'm gon na edit, these like put them and um and hot comb them so that they could lay the way that I want Them to lay that before I cut anything more, I'm gon na go ahead and I'm gon na use my baby flat iron and I'm going to do the flip. So I could get those nice curly baby hairs. Maybe here's just giving me a little bit of trouble, but I'm gon na make it work, so I'm gon na use my hairspray and I'm gon na start making them sit kinda! Oh so, for this part of the hairstyle, I am going to be adding some little extra accessories to make it very very pretty so this is the first accessory that I have. These are some butterflies I bought these from Michaels. Then I have these two little pins here that I'm going to use they're very, very girly. Then I have these flowers here that I'm gon na use. I got these two flowers right here, I'm gon na use these then I also have this Hairspray hair paint. Color thing I'm just going to do a chest and I'm going to spray this on. Oh wow, all right guys, so I did a tester. I sprayed one green and now I'm gon na add this flower in here. I kind of wanted to give like a um. Like a tree leaf effect kind of thing, because it's green and the flower is like coming from green or whatever like that right and then these butterflies - they come with this. So I'm just gon na stick this in there and I kind of want it to look like the butterfly is hanging out on the flower, like that, I got one of those like the butterflies off okay hold on I'm gon na. Add this again: it's okay y'all! We'Re literally playing around with this and seeing like what we're gon na create. If I did it like that, and it really looks like the butterflies chilling on the flower. What, if I put this one right here, I think that looks so pretty so I'm gon na take another bobby pin and I'm pretty much going to slide the base of the flower into the bobby pin. This is temporary style. Temporary hold like that. Yes and now I'm gon na unstick this and then I have another butterfly here. It'S like what happened to the Spotify. This butterfly is literally broken y'all. It only has it's broken. It only has like one antenna and so I'm not gon na use that butterfly. So it's a good thing that I have more so I'm pretty much just going to use the pink and fuchsia colored looking butterflies because I don't know if this light pink one. Well, maybe I can use the light pink one from this pack, so I'm just taking the tape off y'all it's at the table. I'M dripping like big okay. So let me see how this look s like this one would have been mine, curious right, wow. All right. I could put it in here like make this butterfly look like um, oh my God, y'all just freaking thing came off all right guys, I'm just gon na change the placement on this um. I think I'm gon na put the butterfly like right here. It'S kind of going like in a line a little bit, which I kind of like that so put this one out. There could probably have this, even though it's the defective butterfly, I could probably still put it in there and let it hang like that right. Okay, so I have another flower and butterfly. So what I want to do is use these three butterflies on this side, and then I have one more pack, so I'm just gon na use. Two of these I should have before I said that I could have did four or one side for the other side, but um you got ta, be careful with these. I got ta be careful with these they're, so delicate. Any little tub could really pull this and break it. Thank you so, for my other side will be that this and start with pink, should I do this color or start with the pink. I think I'm gon na start with the pink, then the flower. What should I do this and this and then have the paint on here? Let'S just do it in pink this first and the pink and the flower, then the butterfly, then this butterfly Indian and we got two of these lands, so that'll be the last one. Then we have two left so I'll probably do pink, hair or um. What is this all right guys? So this is what we have so far. I have this body illuminizing spray. I just want to see if the glitter will make the hair glittery I mean I just want to see if this spray will make the hair glittery, even though it's for the body - okay, I can see here but Loki. It'S turning sparkly do y'all see like it's kind of getting sparkly a little bit. Look you see that right, so low-key, the hair is getting sparkly, which I think is pretty. Oh, my God. I think that looks so pretty it's like a butterfly princess all right guys. So this is the Hair Design. Now I am going to go and do my makeup and then I'll be back to show you guys. I'M excited all right guys. So this is the final look. I went yes, I'm very dramatic added my earrings Barbie Chris Shout out to Sis who custom made these for me. I got my pressed on nails. You already know my girl will be doing my personal Nails. I'M gon na put her in the description down below this. Is the butterflies y'all see I put for this flower since it was bigger? I got my little butterfly sitting on a flower which I think is so cute and yeah. This is pretty much the look, so the information for this hair will be in the description down below. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know you guys thought look at my little hearts. Oh, my God, it's the heart hold on. We got ta, get it close, oh, I hope you guys enjoyed this look make sure to. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below give a thumbs up. I love y'all and I will see you all in my next video bye. Look amazing. Oh, thank you you're smoking. It'S not like butterflies and roses and passion fruit. What I'm sorry slogan, what her slogan! I don't know it's like because we're talking about. I write my own raps. I write My Own lyrics this for the boss. It'S for the Box.

Ariel Williams: Mad cute kryss ❤ it’s givinggggg Nicky everything looks great

Ariel Williams: A lash video would be really good

jacoyia: @krysssv can you do a mullet look thx’s boo!

Jasmine b: I wanna know how long does the wig last, does it shed, big knots or not, is it truth to length and density. Etc please we need more details I don’t like wasting my time and money on things just because YouTubers are getting free stuff.

Deaaron Duncan: ❤️

Jasmine b: Can we please get a wig without being sponsored.. and get more details of pros and cons and how much the cost. It’s hard to believe all sponsors one because people seem to lie just because it was free or if they bought it with they own money people usually lie to get sponsors. Thank you

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