Big Hair Energy! Slove Hair 200% Density Curly Hd Lace Wig Install

[OPEN FOR DETAILS] Hey loves! Thanks for tuning in! =) I received this 200% super thick curly wig from SLOVE HAIR and it was love at first sight! Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments! XO.

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I'M on my volume, what's up guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I am gon na be installing a week from slow hair um the weekend in this beautiful black box with the magnetic opening, and it also came with a lot of goodies that which I'M showing right now, maybe not. This is the hair. I am going to be installing today. It'S an undetectable Swiss, HD lace, frontal curly, wig came in a 13x4 lace front, HD lace, frontal in 26 inches it's very curly. It has 200 percent density, which is a really really thick for curly hair, and you guys are gon na see how thick this hair is gon na look in my head, so the first step, I'm gon na do is of course, start with some Foundation to tint The lace - this is a very important step. You have to make sure the lace matches with your skin colors, because I'm using liquid foundation. I also went ahead and I dried up. I dried it with my blow dryer a little bit before putting it in my hip. The next stick, of course, is gon na be to start with the installation I like to start by cutting off the extra lace on the sides, so the wig can fit perfectly around my ears and the perimeters of my hair, and it can be all comfortable. This wig fits perfectly, so I didn't have to like really cut extra hair, and all I had to just cut is the extra lace that comes on the sides, but sometimes you might have to cut some of the hair out in order to make sure it fits Around your hair, so for this wig I did bleach the knots and I plugged the wig a little bit before the installation, as you guys can see, and I divided the hair in three sections. So it's easier for me to go ahead and install it. I remove some of the hair in the front because I over bleached it and to be quite honest - I just didn't - have the energy to start fixing the over bleach. So I just decided to cut that part so to install this hair. I'M gon na be using eBay spray and you guys already know that's my favorite adhesive adhesive adhesive for my wigs because it's it's durable, it's easy to wear. It doesn't make me break out and it's easy to remove in case I need to film another video I like to do about three coats or four coats of the eBay spray and I do dry it between layers. I use my blow dryer, but I have the air in a cold setting and I like to start with the middle section, because it helps Center the wig in the right place after I'm done, applying all the coats of eBay spray that I feel like I need. I'M gon na take a red tail comb and I'm gon na start pressing down the wig. I'M also gon na use my blow dryer in a cold air setting, so it can dry up the lace and the glue and melt everything together into my skin and then I'm going to just go ahead and repeat the same steps in both sides of my head. Oh man, oh yeah, you don't wan na get with me. This hair is literally so pretty the curls are so so soft. I'M honestly was so impressed with this hair, because the curls were very soft. The lace melted, pretty quick and pretty easily. I didn't really have to do much, but the regular smegler but, like I was saying the hair is super thick like when you think about 200 density, 200 density in a curly wig, that's insanely thick. The hair was super thick. It did not disappoint at all and I was really excited to try this on. Although I looked pretty serious on the video, but that's my normal face, I'm jumping and I'm excited on the inside, which is the important part so loud. So now that I'm done gluing. The wig I'm gon na make sure everything is completely dry and I'm also gon na go ahead and start cutting the lace. Like I mentioned in a few other videos already, I like to cut the lace before putting the elastic band, because I feel like that's how I get less lifting. Usually when I put the elastic band before cutting the hair. By the time I have to cut the lace, it just lifts the lace a little too much, but by cutting the lace beforehand, I ensure that I get minimal lifting and whatever lifting I get after that, it gets pressed down with the elastic band. The next step, of course, is to press down the wig um. You don't have to do that. I know people that love their wigs to be fluffy and thick on the top when it's curly, but me personally, I, like my the top of my wig to be flat and I decided to do a side part. So I am making sure everything is pressed down correctly. I'M using wax stick in my hot comb to make sure everything is pressed down. I'M not I'm pressing down in smaller sections to make sure everything is flat, as I like it pretty little young foreign, how it looks when it's wet and when it's dry my spray bottle broke. So I had to go. Get my wet my hair wet in the bathroom, but this is a side-by-side comparison of the hair when it's dry and when it's wet - and this is the full head of my hair - completely wet. This is so beautiful, even when it was wet. It was still full of volume, it was so it was so much hair. I just loved it. The curls are very beautiful. I did use a little bit of conditioner, not too much, though leave-in conditioner, it's just so beautiful and defined and yeah guys. This is everything for this video. I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I have all the details, all the links and information on the description box for those interested in this beautiful unit. I will see you guys on my next video good

JJ's Decor DIY & More: Omg those curls are popping buen trabajo and tfs guapetona . Btw new sub here ❣️❣️

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