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Hey dolls. Welcome back to the channel this video today is brought to you by kawaii hair. All the links to this unit will be down in the description box below. I went ahead and bleached the knots and plucked this unit off camera and it actually didn't take a long time to bleach at all. The lace on this unit is gold, okay, honey. It is the hd lace and it is like perfect. So now i'm about to go in and size this up with my head. You want to make sure that you cut them ear tabs off girl, because this is how you get that seamless and flawless install making sure that the lace lays around your ear. And you know you just don't want to have that excess lace so cut it off. Now, i'm about to um go in and see how i want to install this unit. If i wanted to do the method where i cut it - and i just do one section at a time or i'm gon na go ahead and just cut all the lace off and just adhere it down, so i decided to go with the second option where i Just cut all of the lace off and then i just apply my glue and i adhere it to my head at one time. This has been working for me. It'S different for everybody, some people, you know they really go in on taking your time and doing one section at a time. But for me when i do that, i never be able to put my units back on and i like for my units to be able to come on, come off as simple as easy as possible, so i'm using the boho liquid gold, i told y'all. This is my go-to for all you, girls that have sensitive, scalp or sensitive skin and the lace glue does what it does to me to you use this because it is to die for okay. So i'm just going to apply one layer. I don't even go in with two and three and five layers, like all these girls be talking about one layer of this, letting it dry is good enough. For me, i take the blow dryer and i rotate between or alternate between cool and warm cool and warm once that dry. I'M gon na go ahead and press it down and that's how you gon na get that milk girl. Okay, make sure you do not use your fingers when you apply in your unit because, like i said that is how you get it to look all white and sticky and tacky just take your comb and press it down and make sure you melt the lace into Your scalp and then also as soon as you finish this part, that's when you go into like section off your baby hairs and i like to go ahead and use the nairobi foam mousse. That'S my favorite mousse to use when it comes to doing this because it doesn't have the alcohol in it which is going to pull the lace up from your skin from your actual scalp. So i'm melting in then i'm going to go in and i'm going to section off the little pieces that i'm about to um use to do the baby hairs. I really pulled out small little pieces. This part of the video was actually deleted by accident. So i'm really sorry about that. You guys, but, as you can see, i just sectioned off a couple little pieces. They are small pieces and, like i stated, the smaller you cut the baby hairs, the more natural it's going to look, but everybody has been into those fluffy baby hairs like this video and comment down below. If you think i should do um a tutorial on those little fluffy baby hairs, because i really haven't done a look with it, but i kind of been wanting to try it so with these baby hairs, i kind of just took my time. I wanted them to be small, but sexy a little precise and that's that's really what it was giving. I wanted to give a very natural, very cute look, and it was really really simple, really easy, all right guys. So pretty much. I'M going to tie these edges down, let it sit and i forgot to come back that same day, so this clip right here that you see in is actually a week later. I'Ve been wearing this unit for a full week and the edges are still slay and it's still laid, and i'm about to just show you how i styled this hair. The hair actually holds a really really nice curl, like i said, i've been wearing it for a week and it is dirty and it's still about to curl beautifully. All the links to this unit is down below make sure y'all leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think and i'm going to just let this video play out and show you guys what the finished look look like so yeah hi guys. So this is the finished look. This unit is from kawaii hair. All the links will be down in the description box below so go ahead. Like comment and subscribe, make sure you guys turn on your purse notifications. Let me know what you think about this unit. I actually been wearing this wig this same way. I'Ve been having this wig on my head for a full week. Y'All know i barely wear a wig for a full week, so this unit has been on my head for a full week and i just been kind of re-curling it and touching it up and just going with the flow, but i love it. I love this hair. I love the length. I love the density, it's not too thick, not too thin. It'S perfect honestly, so yeah make sure y'all like comment and subscribe. Let me know what you think and i'll talk to you guys in the next one i'll be running in their pockets. I'M always in these on their favorite topic. These say they choosing me. So you know i got options anytime. I voted. I'M always

Mimi Cole: Hey Lee Lee Love to see you moving forward, business as usual and continuing your grind to greatness! I love it and can't wait to see more of it...Peace and Blessings ❤

Melony Williams: I love this unit. It's so thick and lucious. The simple baby hairs look great. Thanks Queen! ❤️

Angela Murray: Wow !!! you make it look so easy Lee Lee . That is something I would love to wear . The finale look is beautiful and look beautiful on you I love it !!! ❤️

Tab'sCorNer: Hey LeeLee ! I wish I had half of your talents you make it look easy ! Friend so real .. looks good after a week ..

My Beautywithin: Hi LeeLee. The unit looks fantastic! Stay encouraged and be blessed

Ganelda Sparks: Love you LeeLee, the hair is beautiful and you look flawless as usual girl!!

IAmSierraDenea: I love it!!! I’m ready to drive to Chattanooga to get my wig made and laid on my head! ❤️❤️

Flawlezz Capricorn: Yes thanks for the gem because I been trying to find a good clue for my sensitize skin❤️. Plus love the unit it looks flawless on you.

sweet dimond: This unit is beautiful thank you for the video beautiful

Kwintina Files: GORGEOUSNESS♡♡ Great install ♡♡♡♡

Patsy Clark: Lee Lee, your hair is beautiful! And your makeup as well! Thanks for sharing this information!

Neytiri's place: Looks amazing girl !!!

Fefe Nicole: U always slay your wigs ‍♀️

Malynda Davis Carr: Hey Leelee I miss you and glad you uploaded this video And yes please try the fluffy edges love you girl

Paulette Earley: Hey sis always my pleasure to watch and support you. Very nice install and pretty . Blessings always sent.

I Am Dynasti B.: Hey Leelee girlll them baby hairs is life. That glow is also amazing

Robin Haynes 💜B.💕: Hi sis thanks for sharing this beautiful vlog Gorgeous as always must order this unit ♎️

Denise Tompkins: All right Leelee you go girl Flawless as usual peace and love

PrincessArmy: Notification squad aye Another hair slayed by Leelee I'm loving these installation videos

Meeka Meeka: You be slaying your hair.

Chyna Doll: Love it

CALLINDA KNOX: Good morning! I love your videos… so informative! GOD Bless Love it!❤️❤️❤️

Ashley Osborne: Good morning LeeLee I love the unit beautiful curls yes can you do a video on the fluffy baby hairs

Inunity: Beautiful

Stefanie Servance: Love you're units they be looking too bomb slay of course

S&L's Life: -Good Morning LeeLee Loving the Uploads Especially How To Get these Beautiful installs You Be Having Cause Yesss MaamLove Ling Also Where can You Find your Glue You Use?

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klassy K: Leelee you look gorgeous ....that hair is Layedddddddd!!!

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Takara Johnson: Work leelee work ❤️

Jozy C33: Just Beautiful I L❤️VE LEE LEE........ # TEAMLEELEEPERIOD!!!!!!!!!

Babe B: Beautiful …

flossay 1: Good morning doll I love to see you with a pop of color looks good on you black It’s cute as well

Candiblue: Hey lee lee she’s so cute!! Love it

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Sharon Keeble: Good Morning Ms. LeeLee!! Have safe and wonderful day!!! Keep your head up,lol‍♀️

Jacqueline Thomas: Okay I like that one. It was giving scalp

Kimberly Kyles: Hey LeeLee it’s Good seeing you Sista Sista an I love the content yasssssss come Thur Beauty & Brains & Boss Lady Okayyyyyy An ik this look going to BITCHIN BEAT LOOK BLOOPPPPPPPP keep on Manifest. Peace and blessings

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Who wants to know ?????:

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Debbie Currie: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Lynn Porter: Hello lee how have you been doing? Stay bless and safe


flossay 1: I love you see you with pop. Of color looks beautiful on u

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Caroline Pugh: Stopping by to show some love .

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Queen B: You just be trying to get a quick dollar and it shows I wish you’ll put effort into making a good video not just thrown together also show us the hair out the box

who spilling the facts: Hey Lee Lee

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