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How old am I: 22 years (1st of November )

What do I use to film: Canon M50

Where do I stay: Lagos/Ibadan, Nigeria

What do you use to edit: Final Cut Pro on my Macbook Pro

Living my life loving my life living. My life - hey, loves new video here today, we're going to be installing this hair from Oola hair. So it came with a care guide, so instructions to care for your hair, it's curly hair, so I'm quite excited that it came because you need to take care of your curly hair so down to product recommendations to use with the wig or on the wig. It came with that also got a wig cap. I got a comb to use to style the hair and then I got a pair of lashes to use yeah. So let's get into this wig so now here we have the 5x5 HD closure deep wave, 24 inches. Wig, this came in a natural black color. It was love at first time like I love the curls and anything I was looking like it had some like really good volume. It has a comb on the inside of the cap to ensure that it's all secure. Now this closure looked really good, it looked really really good and the hair quality itself was giving. I was just running my hands through it just for fun. So, like I said, the closure has very natural look. The hairline looks pre-plugged, but I decided to do some extra plucking on my own just to make sure it looks better. So I'm using my tweezers and I'm just going to work that through until I'm satisfied. So I pluck and then I would cut out a section and then pluck again thank you good in the bathroom. So it's time for us to wear this baby and let's see how it looks on my head. Okay, so I'm gon na drag this forward, and this is what we have okay. It looks really good. I'M going to have to adjust this center part, because I did it on the mannequin and it does not exactly much like the center of my head so well. So I need to adjust that, but the hairline looks good with the plucking that I did. I don't like the hairline to be too scanty and I like the fact that the hair has good volume yeah, so let's just get to it. So I think I want to adjust the center part first, then I'm going to apply the spray glue to lay it down properly and style the hair. So let's adjust the center part, I'm not even good at doing like Center parts. That'S why I like to buy my wigs as a center part, because, to be honest, I I just be fumbling, sometimes all right, so I think this looks much better yeah. It looks way better than what was there before um. Let me just adjust the down part. I really like the way wigs like give me a different look like I love it, so much how it looks so different. Every time I change my hair, it's quite nice that we girls have that super power. To be honest, so because this is a closure, I'm not going to stress myself to spray it down first, and I want to use very little products one because it's a closure like it doesn't need so much product too, also because I have makeup on so I'm Going to cut the lace off, then I'm going to use some spray just to melt it down. That'S all I'm going to do because, let's be honest, this looks pretty good and I like the fact that this looks like a wig that I can just easily throw on after today. I won't need to like do customization or be laying it down with glue. The hold is very good, so you can go as a glueless wig in case you don't want to do all the whole spraying or using glue. It can grow as a glueless wig. To be honest, so I'm going to start by taking out this side here and let's do the same thing here. I have the side to cut off this side and then the middle get noodle here. So let's take off this one is oh nice. So this is what we have to be honest. I almost can't see the lace so like I said you can decide to wear this as a glueless wig. Okay, so we are all done with cutting, and this is what it looks like now. It looks so good guys I'm just going to use very little product just to melt it down and have that. You know very nice finish. So it looks you know perfect, but if you're someone that just wants to throw it on, you can decide to stop here. I want to drag it forward a bit more because it looks like my forehead is just outside guys. So, first of all, I need to apologize for how the Sun might be moving in this video is a very sunny day and I'm using natural lights to film. So bear with me now it's time for me to spray everything down, I'm going to be going in with got to be spray and also with the comb that came in the package. So just a tiny tooth. Let me put it that way. I don't even know what it's called but yeah, just the comb, I'm gon na use it and I'm trying my possible best not to spray a lot of product. So I'm going to start with this edge here to just spray foreign and then once I spray I'm going to use the tip of the comb to press it down and we continue doing that all the way. Okay, so I'm going to go in with the band. Let'S just cook it: okay, let's just let's just do this for doing sake. It'S not like you really need to to be honest or just to give it a better. Like finish so, let's put the band down, so it holds it together, while it dries - and it is nice and flat - hey guys. So this is what the hair looks like now. This is for, like every day like you just want to rush out just use some glue or you know you can skip the glue, use your hot comb to ensure hair is nice and flat. I'M going to show you how you can touch up here, because you can see where the wig cap is stopping on the inside so just to make it look like you have a more natural pattern, just use your concealer and drag it. I'M still going to do that, but this is what it looks like very simple. I would have plopped the hairline more. I would have loved to plug the hairline more just so it gives a more natural looking front, but it still looks really really good the way it is. This is what the lens looks like. This is where it is reaching me so just here if I'm to drag it to come down to like my waist here, yeah um great, so I definitely love it great. For like simple outing, you know you want to just look Fab. You want some extra home if you don't want to do the normal straight hair, you want some curls, it looks so so amazing guys. So let us continue in this process. I want to do baby hairs yeah. I know I'm not very perfect with it, but I want to add a little bit of extra to it. It looks good, but we can take it to the next level and adding baby hair, and you know making your closures like customized in front of your closure. Has a way of making it look like a frontal, you know, so it gives that more like glammed up effect, even if you're using a frontal a closure. Rather you can still have that frontal look. So let us achieve that. So I'm going to take my baby hair for the end of the closure is good because it helps to cover up any. You know like this thicker tracks you have here and also if the West is showing, but the wefts is not really showing here living. My life, okay, so the baby has have been done, I'm not the best. Okay, let me just put it out there that I'm not the best with baby hair, but I did try to do something um. The one by this side definitely is it's always better because, like my left side, because I'm left-handed is usually my better side, even when it comes to makeup, my left, brow most of the time, looks better than my right bra, yeah um. So this is what we have now. Okay, I like it. I like it so much. Let me touch up on the frontal here, so you don't need a lot of concealer on your brush and then just drag it to the front. But this is literally all you need to do. I'M going to take some to the back to define the pattern. Hey guys, so this is what the hair looks like on me. I absolutely love it. It is so gorgeous. I love the volume I love the curls, like I didn't know that I needed a curly wig until now, and now I'm so happy that I have one this one from Ula hair is everything and more the texture of the hair. It feels really good. It is soft, it was very easy to style if I want to make the hair a little bit like the curls will be more defined I'll just go in with water, but to be honest, um, I love it this way. I think I'm more of a big volume, hair kind of girl, um yeah. So this is it. To be honest, let me just show you guys the length, let's begin yeah, so it just Falls down perfectly and I want to know your thoughts on this another thing. I want to do is style the hair differently, so I want to try a side part and I want to do an updo with the hair. You know you know, I'm all about rocking one thing in different ways: from hair to clothes. Everything has to be rocked in different ways, because that's how you get the most value out of it right. So let us restart this baby. Okay. So I'm going to pick this side for the side part, so I don't want it to be too side. So I think here is fine, okay guys. So this is the side part. Now I I love it. I love it, but I think I fed the center. Let me know which one you guys prefer in the comment section: um yeah it looks gorgeous. So even if it is a closure, you can wear it either center part or a side part, and still have that frontal look. Okay, you just want to make sure that your side is not too side, because you know the wefts will start to show if it's two more to the side and then, of course, add some baby hair. Just so, it looks like a frontal yeah, so you now know how to style your wig in different ways. We have one more style that I want to try out, which is the updo. I'M sure you've seen it on social media, different people trying it out. I'M going to try to attack like one or two pictures here, but that's what I want to try and do with this hair, because you should be able to achieve it with curly hair so and it's to bring my center part back but yeah. This is what the side part looks like um. Let me know what you guys think about it. It'S gorgeous. I know my life guys. So this is the final hairstyle. Definitely it looked easier online, but yeah I was able to achieve it. I definitely just love how this adds some extra home okay to the hair, already um yeah. So this is nice. If you're kind of going for a more dressed up, look okay, it's giving you know glammed up, gen Z. Let me put it that way. Yeah! I like the half up and then half down and how hair is nice and flat. I love the fact that, even though the hair is Curly when I use the hot combonates here came flat really well and currently it looks really good. I'M going to add some hairspray just to you know, set the whole hair together yeah, but you guys should. Let me know which look was your favorite or is your favorite from all the three different styles, I'm going to leave a direct link to this hair in the description, so you can check it out and check out other wigs from Oola hair. I love it. So much like now, the colors are like so pretty, and this hairstyle too, is so pretty. I think I'm going to call my mom after this video and show her my face. I say hi Mom. I look so pretty what you think about this hair. I just want to hear a reaction to be honest yeah, so you guys should give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure you subscribe for more videos like this and I'll see you guys in my next video bye,

Alma Asinobi: I’m not even a wig person but this is givinggggggg!! *adds to cart* because this entire package is so thoughtful

Vivian Eze: Wow! This wig is giving!! And it suits you so well

Simply Atolani: You look absolutely GORGEOUS with this wigg, you ate and left no crumbs!

Emeldamorah: I love the final look❤️

Chinonso Okoronkwo: You slayed this wig

Tuoyo Ede: Love it! Especially the updo, it's very glam❤️.

Princess Sos Christopher: Love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

OGOM’S SERIES: The wig is wigging❤️❤️❤️the closure is giving too. Looks beautiful too.

Nimi Crystal Amachree: YEYCHI is finishing this beauty something o !!!!!!!

Lulushadex: oh my, i love the final look.

Ije Awele: The last look is my favorite ❤️

Gbemisola Shodunke: Loving this lookkkkkk❤

Ije Awele: This wig is giving

Emmanuella Ifeonye: But ultimately loved the last one!

LYDIA MEGGISON: Ouuuu I can see the hair and the look is already giving

Jariatu Boyle-Feury: Gorgeous

SHESMIMIE: Would definitely shop this

Sheree Bent: Tres beautiful

Ceejay Ikpeze: I love this hair so much

Jessica Eneh: The last style is giving

bello hamdalah: This beauty

Stacy: ❤❤❤❤

Nimi Crystal Amachree: Yeychiii, you’re givinnnnnnn

Jane Theresa Wright: Nails

DrOluchii: This hair on you Ouuuuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Eneh: Nwa bu beauriiii

babydeeeeeeeeeeeee: This wig is so giving

Nimi Crystal Amachree: You look so beautiful

Tochi Anozie: Thumbnail is serving

Emmanuella Ifeonye: Preferred the sideee!

Tochi Anozie: Baddie

SHESMIMIE: It’s givinggg

Iwinnie: First person here ❤️

Toochukwu Kenechukwu: The last one

Just greyce: I'm the first here yieeeeee

Mariam: Okuurrrrrr

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